The Real Heroes Of Telemark

The Real Heroes Of Telemark Aims to show how the success of a vital World War II mission depended on survival skills

  • Title: The Real Heroes Of Telemark
  • Author: Ray Mears
  • ISBN: 9780340830161
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aims to show how the success of a vital World War II mission depended on survival skills.

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    1 thought on “The Real Heroes Of Telemark”

    1. That ferry sinking and the innocent livesa small price for the world to pay but I can't help thinking of the loved ones.On youtube there are survival vids that trace their stay on Hardangevidde - nothing short of miraculous: youtu/qYF7GZ8AaE4And here is the atomic bomb details: youtu/eBEKhpGQTYc

    2. I had hoped for two more components in this book - firstly, given that Ray Mears [survival expert:] is credited as author, a bit more of the how-to of the amazing feats of the Norwegian SOE agents' survival under harsh winter conditions. Secondly, the book was produced in conjunction with a BBC television series where they re-enacted parts of the infiltration and movement across the Hardanger-Vidda [high altitude plateau in Norway:], but no discussion of that appears in the book (though some pho [...]

    3. An incredible true story of bravery and endurance by several young Norwegian men with extraordinary survival skills - operating in extreme conditions in the Hardangervidda - one of the most inhospitable areas in the world, during Nazi occupation of Norway in the early 1940’s. Their heroic efforts resulted in a successful mission to destroy critical material required to develop an atomic bomb which Hitler wanted to destroy London - and was instrumental in determining the result of World War II. [...]

    4. I never knew the Norwegians saved the world from Nazi atomic bombs. They did! This enjoyable story will tell you about it.

    5. Well written (and narrated). A thorough coverage of events, survival and modern recreation handled with respect.The war threw up many great stories and this one is no exception even with Hollywood's earlier attention. Well worth reading.

    6. In 1965 Hollywood released the film, The Heroes of Telemark, which served to entertain and educate many about the WWII events involving the production of heavy water (an essential element in the development of the first atomic bombs) in Norway and the successful actions to deprive the Germans of this important substance. However, the movie was inaccurate, incomplete and misleading. Mear's title of this book purports to put the record straight and it does so with exactness and a sense of respect [...]

    7. Ray Mears's review of the mission behind halting Hitler's atomic bomb programme is jam packed with references and insights that bring it to life. The 1960s film that many will be familiar just isn't a patch on the book and could easily form a modern day film on its own. Whilst the subject does have a military background, its story of survival, man vs elements and the reclaiming of a country from oppressive forces is an inspirational and interesting read at the same time.

    8. I read this excellent history of the raid on Vermork whilst ski-touring across the Hardanger Plateau. Perhaps this leant the book an extra relevance, but this is certainly a very well researched, entertainingly written and informative read. A must for anyone interested in adventure, survival and stories of heroism.

    9. Wow, non-fiction! Got this for xmas and it is a fascinating story told very matter-of-factly by Mearo. The Norwegian partisans show those Nazis how it's done in the snowy wastes, while they attempt to foil Hitler's atomic bomb project. Apparently Kirk Douglas played it all wrong in the Hollywood version, who'd have thunk it.

    10. A true man goes on to the end of his endurance and then goes twice as far again.That has become my philosophy for life.Pretty good story, pretty well told actually.Norwegian resistance.

    11. sensationalist history is bad history, no matter how much the author tries to increase the threat of nazi nuclear weapons i knew it was never a thing.

    12. Pretty good. True story of Allied attacks on Norwegian heavy water plant in WWII. Short, not a full book really

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