The Allnighter (a short story)

The Allnighter a short story What s better than staying up all night Be careful what you wish for From the anthology collection CONFESSIONS OF A VELOUR SHIRTED MAN

  • Title: The Allnighter (a short story)
  • Author: Stuart Connelly
  • ISBN: 2940011228124
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Nook
  • What s better than staying up all night Be careful what you wish for.From the anthology collection CONFESSIONS OF A VELOUR SHIRTED MAN.

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      111 Stuart Connelly
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    1 thought on “The Allnighter (a short story)”

    1. This is a short story about a guy that cannot sleephe hasn't slept a night in his whole life.he meets up with another man he knows that has the same problem and belongs to a group called the "Allnighters".'s all about the consequences of not taking care of his problem when he had the opportunity to. It was a pretty good short story that actually caused me to feel really sleepy because I really enjoy my sleep and hated that he couldn'tYAWN.

    2. This was a pretty decent short story about a man who never slept. It's very well written and made me appreciate the fact that I can sleep. Very happy to not be an "Allnighter".

    3. Tight little horror story about the underground life of a man who cannot sleep. Great language, believable dialogue.

    4. Very enthralling story about a group of people called The Allnighters, who have never slept because they don't need to. The main character gets a dumbed down science lesson from his fellow Allnighter boss regarding the damage to the human psyche if sleep and dreaming (or those chemicals involved with the act of dreaming) are not present. I really enjoyed this story and found it extremely entertaining. The only thing I would've liked better is if the author had included more descriptions of the A [...]

    5. This was my introduction to Stuart Connelly and I look forward to reading more of his work. The author definately had something here, I just wish it was longer. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, the concept was great. I loved this story as it was but feel that the ideas were so good, such as imitating dreams, that it could have ended as a great novel instead of a short story. It was definately worth the download and I may have found a new author that I have to read in the future.

    6. This short story packs a punch! When a man can't sleep, he gets up and drives a taxi all night. That is, until he happens to pick up his boss and discovers there are others who can't sleep. They're called Allnighters. Does he keep driving a taxi? Or does he listen to his boss? His decision and the consequences are alarming. Very thought provoking story.

    7. This was a freebie on 's about people who have a genetic disorder where they can't sleepey're allnightersdifferent and kind of scary what can happen if a person goes without sleep for too long

    8. This was a free short story on my Kindle!!! I really thought that the main character was going to have some kind of supernatural powers, but nope; the only thing different was that the main character just didn't sleep. The concept was good, but just not developed; wish I had more!

    9. It was one of those stories that made you pause and say "Waitwhat if?" Definitely a short story with details and development that could be more, but satisfies with what it is.

    10. This was a quick read. Not the best short I've read. It was engrossing and appealed to my insomniac tendencies.

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