Myth and Magic: The Art of John Howe

Myth and Magic The Art of John Howe Artists the world over have attempted to capture the essence of Tolkien s Middle earth the passion and heroism of the characters the heart stopping drama of the action the mythic grandeur of Middle

  • Title: Myth and Magic: The Art of John Howe
  • Author: John Howe PeterJackson
  • ISBN: 9780007107957
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Artists the world over have attempted to capture the essence of Tolkien s Middle earth the passion and heroism of the characters, the heart stopping drama of the action, the mythic grandeur of Middle earth itself, but few have succeeded Pre eminent among those who have is John Howe Now, for the first time ever, a portfolio of than 250 of his paintings and sketchesArtists the world over have attempted to capture the essence of Tolkien s Middle earth the passion and heroism of the characters, the heart stopping drama of the action, the mythic grandeur of Middle earth itself, but few have succeeded Pre eminent among those who have is John Howe Now, for the first time ever, a portfolio of than 250 of his paintings and sketches has been collected together which celebrates the breathtaking vision of one of the foremost fantasy artists working today Myth Magic takes the reader on a journey through John Howe s work, from his early days as a student to his most recent paintings, and features a number of previously unseen pictures All of his Tolkien work inspired by The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and The History of Middle earth is included, and this is complemented by a dazzling array of the many works of art that he has produced, ranging from books on dragons and myth and legend, children s books that he has written as well as illustrated, to a wealth of cover paintings for some of the biggest names in fantasy John Howe has additionally provided an entertaining and informative commentary which gives the story behind his work Myth Magic also boasts contributions from Tolkien expert and author of The Lord of the Rings Movie Guide, Brian Sibley, and top fantasy authors such as Robin Hobb and Robert Holdstock, features a revealing insight from Oscar winning actor Sir Ian McKellen into the challenge of becoming John Howe s Gandalf , and includes an exclusive Foreword by Peter Jackson, the directorof The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy From the beloved painting of Smaug that decorates The Hobbit, and the world famous Gandalf picture which is synonymous with the one volume edition of The Lord of the Rings, to the spectacular images which adorn best selling novels around the world, this sumptuous gallery will delight all fans of Tolkien and fantasy, as it takes us on an unforgettable tour through the imagination of one of the finest artists in the world A tour through the realms of Myth Magic.

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    1 thought on “Myth and Magic: The Art of John Howe”

    1. It's only fair to remind everyone that John Howe did the original UK covers for many of the Robin Hobb books. So I do come to this work with a very personal admiration for the man and his work. I will freely admit extreme prejudice in his favor.And as I contributed text to this volume, in a sense I am cheating and giving myself a five star review. But anyone who reads only the text I wrote and does not linger far longer on John Howe's art has missed the whole point of this book. Skip the part I [...]

    2. Another great find on my travels and at a fraction of the cover price. This is an amazing book which I am glad has carried on the tradition that Paper Tiger started all those years ago. The book is generously illustrated with many of John Howe's works although they are predominantly based on the worlds and works of Tolkien many of which are now famously linked to his work have become in many cases (Gandalf) synonymously the de facto image everyone knows.However to say that Mr Howe is a Tolkien i [...]

    3. John Howe RESPECT!!!That's the only thing I want to say about this collection of his artwork.It's absolutely STUNNING!!!

    4. John Howe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, has a knack for art. He seamlessly knows how to connect reality with fantastic elements, almost as if his works could be real someplace, sometime. 2/3 of this book dealt with all kinds of LOTR-related lore, which I adored. 1/3 was a variety of cover and illustration artwork for other titles, which I appreciated deeply as well, but which did not have the same effect on me as the illustrations for Tolkien's works. This is definitely a worthy addition to my [...]

    5. Although Howe's vision of Middle-Earth occasionally offers an unwelcome filter for my inner eye (in fairness, I have yet to encounter an artist for whom that is not at least sometimes true), his art in the main is stunning, moving, wonderful to behold. Faerie he has certainly seen, Logres, Newford, and many other worlds besides. Howe's insistence on research, on basing fantastical imagery on the real, serves all fantasy lovers well.

    6. An excellent book with excellent artwork from an excellent artist. It's truly marvellous for every fantasy fan or for those who generally indulge themselves in brilliant art.

    7. Fantastic portfolio of artwork by John Howe. I've had this since around the time that The Return of the King film came out, however only perused the Tolkien section. Recently, I went cover to cover. I heard of John Howe, as well as Alan Lee, thanks to The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. There is also a Myth & Magic poster collection too; which features I believe 8 poster-sized images from the book. There is a vast array of varrying material included here. Tolkien, however, receives three se [...]

    8. “Myth and Magic: The Art of John Howe” by John Howe, Peter Jackson (Foreword) Fantastic artwork and descriptions by John Howe.I wasn't aware of The History of Middle-earth series.“ I love dragons for the incredible pictorial possibilities they offer. It's hard to imagine another family of mythical creatures so multifarious.” (p48)“I've always loved Arthurian legend; no other myth cycle covers a millennium of history, from the Mabinogion to Mallory, from the Celtic precursor of Arthur t [...]

    9. Considering this book is so light on written content, and - at least the edition I have is so misleadingly packaged - this is a real delight.Without knowing the artist, my first exposure to John Howe was the 1991 J.R.R. Tolkien calendar, which I loved. At the time, as a 13/14 year old, I was valiantly trying (and failing) to read the Lord of the Rings and, in all honesty, I much preferred just looking at Howe's artwork than slogging through Tolkien's torturous prose.Frustratingly, there isn't mu [...]

    10. This book is a must for Tolkien fans. It was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed seeing illustrations that I never knew existed. John Howe has his own style and after a while you can recognize the feats. A great book to completely get absorbed in fantasy worlds. Also words and praise from writers, filmmakers etc, which completes this book nicely together with Howe's own words and even some scenes of Howe roleplaying authentic costumes to get a feel for the characters he is drawing. Absolutely ama [...]

    11. Anyone familiar with the Lord of the Rings movies probably knows of John Howe and Alan Lee. Howe was instrumental in many of the creature designs, scene concepts and armor designs. This book also includes cover art for other works, sketches (several previously unpublished)and pictures from his own stories. He also includes anecdotes throughout, and Howe has an engaging writing style and a very dry wit. His work is simply amazing. I love it how he says he does color sketches poorly. Yeah. I wish [...]

    12. This book is absolutely beautiful. From LOTR to other fairy tales, general fantasy, and even some science fiction. Howe's representation of Rivendell in particular is stunning. It's like seeing the movie long before it was made. I want to read all the other books he illustrated now.

    13. Amazing artwork and wonderful words to go along with it. I only wish there were more words and stories and if possible even more pictures. They were so stunning. I recommend this to any aspiring artist or fan of John Howe or Lord of the Rings.

    14. John Howe and Alan Lee are the masters of "Lord of the Rings" artwork. And this is a fantastic compilation of Howe's artwork, of all kinds. A great deal of the book is devoted to Tolkien's Middle-Earth.

    15. Very cool art book! Howe has such a neat style. And OMG, I had no idea he did some of the illustrations for the Enchanted World series! That was so cool to find out! This is a nice collection to have, and I'm so glad we spotted it over at B&N.

    16. The art is what I expected: lovely to look at. The bits written by John Howe are delightful.I could have done without the bits written by not-John-Howe.

    17. A beautifully illustrated book! John Howe is definitely the master of Middle Earth's art. I loved every single page, every single painting! Highly recommended to Toklien fans!!!

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