The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is the story of an unusual woman Agnes Sparrow No longer able or willing to leave her home where she is cared for by her long suffering sister Griselda Agnes has commit

  • Title: The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow
  • Author: Joyce Magnin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is the story of an unusual woman, Agnes Sparrow No longer able or willing to leave her home, where she is cared for by her long suffering sister Griselda, Agnes has committed her life to the one thing she can do besides eat Agnes Sparrow prays and when Agnes prays things happen, including major miracles of the cancer, ulcer healing variety alThe Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is the story of an unusual woman, Agnes Sparrow No longer able or willing to leave her home, where she is cared for by her long suffering sister Griselda, Agnes has committed her life to the one thing she can do besides eat Agnes Sparrow prays and when Agnes prays things happen, including major miracles of the cancer, ulcer healing variety along with various minor miracles not the least of which is the recovery of lost objects and a prize winning pumpkin The rural residents of Bright s Pond are so enad with Agnes they plan to have a sign erected on the interstate that reads, Welcome to Bright s Pond, Home of Agnes Sparrow This is something Agnes doesn t want and sends Griselda to fight city hall Griselda s petitions are shot down and the sign plans press forward until a stranger comes to town looking for his miracle from Agnes The truth of Agnes s odd motivation comes out when the town reels after the murder of a beloved community member How could Agnes allow such evil in their midst Didn t she know Well, the prayers of Agnes Sparrow have to do with Agnes than God Agnes has been praying to atone for a sin committed when she was a child After some tense days, the townsfolk, Griselda, and Agnes decide they all need to find their way back to the true source of the miracles God.

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    1. If I met Agnes Sparrow in person, I probably would ignore her. And that's exactly what makes Joyce Magnin's novel so captivating. She brings Agnes to us, plops her in our living rooms, and weaves the magic of her story so delicately that the weight of Agnes' body disappears in the weight of her soul.I plan to read everything Joyce writeseven if it's only a grocery list. Her quirky, charming, and truly refreshing style is a gift.

    2. 2 sisters in a small town in Pennsylvania in the early 70's. Griselda spends most of her time caring for her older sister Agnes. Agnes is around 700 pounds, home bound, and spends her days praying for the town - maybe even a few miracles have occured due to her prayers. I was hoping to find a charming small town story- maybe like the Mitford (Father Tim) books. This was not to be. Agnes is manipulative and demanding with her sister, basically expecting her to sacrifice any chance at a normal lif [...]

    3. This book was slow at first -- I almost quit reading it. It sounded too "folksy" and simple-minded for my taste. But I am glad I kept on with it. It has some surprises and some redeeming qualities. Found myself looking forward to reading more of it. The book is written from Griselda's POV as she dutifully cares for her sister, Agnes, who is a 700 lb. invalid. Agnes has a reputation in town for praying for folks -- and very often her prayers seem to be answered. But when a mysterious drifter come [...]

    4. I very much enjoyed this book, which was my second to read by Joyce Magnin. She creates wonderful characters and they keep me reading because I WANT to know what happens next. :)This book did take a rather surprising turn 2/3 way through.I didn't see it coming!Before even finishing it, I had ordered the rest in the series.

    5. I really enjoyed this story of two sisters, because that is what it is really about - sisters and what they will do for each other. The tales of Agnes' miracles are just a side story for me. I liked hearing of the going ons of small town Bright Pond, and I was surprised by some of the revelations made. I couldn't decide if I liked the way it ended or not, which is why it received a 4 star rating, but I did enjoy it and would recommend it.

    6. This is quite possibly one of the odder books I have reviewed this year. Right off the bat, in thefirst chapter I am caught off guard. The central character in the book is Agnes Sparrow (as the title indicates) and we meet her immediately through the eyes of her sister, Griselda, the narrator. We see how she is the primary caregiver for Agnes who is 700 lbs and can't get around on her own. In the opening pages Agnes declares to Griselda that she will no longer leave their house, its just too har [...]

    7. Agnes Sparrow is a morbidly obese woman (700 pounds) with a secret. A secret she keeps for years. A secret which causes her deep guilt and a desire to 'redeem' herself she prays. She prays everyday for everyone who asks and/or anyone living or passing through her town of Bright's Pond. The community of Bright's Pond loves Agnes for the miracles they have received through her prayers and are constantly working toward honoring her through billboards and statues. Griselda, the narrator and sister o [...]

    8. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow by Joyce Magnin is a masterful novel about the power of unconfessed sin. Griselda has devoted her life to taking care of her obese sister, Agnes. Agnes has devoted her life to taking care of the town of Bright's Pond. Her prayers have become so famous for bringing miracles in the small town that its residents are preparing to erect a sign outside city limits advertising it as the "Home of Agnes Sparrow." But Agnes has never wanted publicity, and no matter how hard sh [...]

    9. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is one of the most unique books I have read in a very long time. It's the story of sisters Griselda and Agnes Sparrow. Older sister Agnes weighs 700 pounds and is the miracle worker of the town of Bright's Pond, whose every prayer for the town's residents is answered. Griselda is Agnes's caregiver. Their unique relationship and the zany residents of this small town in the Pennsylvania mountains make for a read that is humorous as well as touching. The writing was spr [...]

    10. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow was filled with an odd assortment of characters. It read like the town of Mayberry on LSD – but I liked it! The idea that a whole town would go to a 700 lb housebound woman to ask her to pray for them as though she had a direct link to God was funny and sad at the same time. When things go well, Agnes is a hero, but when things don't go so well, she is suddenly cast as the villain. Much as we treat God when things don't go the way we think they should. There are a [...]

    11. I found this to be quirky but interesting. It reminded me of a mix between “The Andy Griffith Show” and the movie, “What’s eating Gilbert Grape.”I appreciated the fact that the author comes across so honest in the characters with both their flaws and attributes. The ending surprised me!

    12. This is an odd little book with strange characters. I gave it 3 stars but I think I liked it 3 1/2 stars. I didn't expect much from this book but it surprised me.

    13. This book series frustrates me so much! The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is fun and interesting. I always enjoy books with characters that have quirky names and personalities, and this book fits the bill. It’s a light, easy read. The frustrating part is that by book 3 in the series, Griselda Takes Flight, the editing is distractingly poor. There are too many unnecessary descriptions and words, as if there was a minimum word count that wasn’t being met so the author just threw a bunch of extra st [...]

    14. Hidden TreasuresIn Bright's Pond, a town filled with curiously named and colorful characters, sisters Agnes and Griselda Sparrow live in what used to be their father's funeral home. Agnes is homebound and Griselda, the town's librarian is Agnes-bound. Grieselda cares for Agnes. Agnes cares for her neighbors the only way she can. She prays for them. What unfolds are a few miracles and a lot of misunderstanding. Agnes's story is bittersweet, but the telling is tender and insightful with some well- [...]

    15. This was a new author and series (Bright Pond) for me. We are introduced to Griselda and Agnes, two unmarried sisters living in their family home which once served as the local funeral home. Agnes, severely obese, has earned a reputation for powerful prayer results which leads to unwanted recognition. Add in a serial killer, a murder, and a budding romance and you've got a pretty good story. I plan to read the next installment.

    16. This book reads a lot like a Fannie Flagg book; it is delightful, whimsical, humorous and then suddenly dark. Agnes is a large woman and as such doesn't get out much, but she makes up her mind to stay home and pray for her friendsd then all sorts of things happen that will keep you entertained and page turning.

    17. I have had this book on my kindle since 2012. I finally decided it was time to read something different and to finally go through some of these I have had sitting in the amazon cloud for just about 5yrs. 3 1/2 stars.

    18. First in the Bright's Pond series --- a good read, quirky home town - not sure I even like them , but the characters are like any in a small town- lovable and hate-able all at once. They stick by Agnes, idolize her but also blame her for the problems. Were they right or wrong?

    19. I wanted to like this book, to find some redeeming characters, but I found very few. Small town gossip, family dysfunction, enabling a 700 pound woman to stay that way she prayed but the town contributed the miracles to her, not God. And when things went very bad, she was blamed and bullied. Could have been a much better book

    20. Keeps You Wanting MoreThis is a very good book that I have already recommended to three of my friends. It takes place in Bright's Pond. The author developers the characters in a way that draws you into their world. The book makes you laugh and cry and even throws a few curve balls along the way. The emotion felt through the book does not let go until the end.

    21. It was a good book but I didn't like how the author kept referring to one of the main characters as fat throughout the book. It was okay to hear it a couple of times but in every chapter I felt it was a bit much. Other than that it was a good read which is why I marked it 4/5. I'm not sure if I will read the next book in the series.

    22. Joyce Magnin's Bright's Pond series, which "The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow" is the first book of this particular series, interweaves faith, death, and love all within the pages of its cover. This particular book is told from the viewpoint of Griselda Sparrow, Agnes's sister. The majority of the story deals with the fact that Agnes is seen as a miracle worker whose prayers often go answered by God. This story takes you on a journey through what it means to have actual faith.My main gripe with this [...]

    23. The setting of this story is a very small town where everyone knows everyone and no one ever leaves the town, except on the rare occasion to go to the next town for something not available in Bright's Pond. The narrator of the story is Griselda Sparrow, sister of Agnes Sparrow. Agnes Sparrow is seen as the conduit of miracles. She is grossly obese and never leaves her converted bedroom so people have to come to her for their miracles. All one has to do is to visit with her, have her put her hand [...]

    24. This is the story of Agnes Sparrow and her caregiver sister, Griselda. Agnes has grown to 700+ lbs and announces to her sister one day that she has decided to never leave the house again because it has become too difficult and embarassing. Griselda has taken care of her sister since they were children. As children she often would stand up to other children who would bully Agnes because of her weight.Because Agnes is confined to home she develops a prayer ministry for the people in town. Townspeo [...]

    25. Causes: Bullying, care giving, obesity I had a hard time getting into this book, but once I did, I was sad when I finished it. I have read books 2 & 4 of the series, so it was interesting to meet some of the people that are talked about in later books in this book. I loved going to The Pink Lady Cafe in Shoops, a restaurant that Charlotte Figg also goes to in "Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise." (book 2)My word to live by for 2012 was caregiver. This book definitely fit my criteria. I have [...]

    26. This took me way too long to read, which is usually an indication that I was not really into the book. However, there was something about it that made me not just toss it aside. What that was, I am not sure, considering that I didn't like any of the characters, thinking most to be foolish and pathetic and most parts of the storyline seemed too far-fetched and unbelievable within the novel's context. I especially didn't like Agnes (pathetic) or Griselda (foolish and pathetic) who were the two mai [...]

    27. It had been ages since anything that exciting had happened in Bright's Pond so reads a passage in "The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow," and it pretty much sums up a lot of this book for me. Bright's Pond is a little burg in Pennsylvania. It reminds my of Mayberry, or maybe the town in the "Mitford" books (which I admittedly haven't read; it's just my stereotype). Folks say things like "lookee there!", and there are lots of descriptions of food. The town has a full cast of unusual/normal/endearing cha [...]

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