Someone Named Eva

Someone Named Eva On the night Nazi soldiers come to her home in Czechoslovakia Milada s grandmother says Remember Milada Remember who you are Always Milada promises but she doesnt understand her grandmothers words

  • Title: Someone Named Eva
  • Author: Joan M. Wolf
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  • Page: 198
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  • On the night Nazi soldiers come to her home in Czechoslovakia, Milada s grandmother says, Remember, Milada Remember who you are Always Milada promises, but she doesnt understand her grandmothers words After all, she is Milada, who lives with her mama and papa, her brother and sister, and her beloved Babichka Milada, eleven years old, the fastest runner in school HoOn the night Nazi soldiers come to her home in Czechoslovakia, Milada s grandmother says, Remember, Milada Remember who you are Always Milada promises, but she doesnt understand her grandmothers words After all, she is Milada, who lives with her mama and papa, her brother and sister, and her beloved Babichka Milada, eleven years old, the fastest runner in school How could she ever forget Then the Nazis take Milada away from her family and send her to a Lebensborn center in Poland There, she is told she fits the Aryan ideal her blond hair and blue eyes are the right color her head and nose, the right size She is given a new name, Eva, and trained to become the perfect German citizen, to be the hope of Germanys future and to forget she was ever a Czech girl named Milada Inspired by real events, this fascinating novel sheds light on a little known aspect of the Nazi agenda and movingly portrays a young girls struggle to hold on to her identity and her hope in the face of a regime intent on destroying both.

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    1. Don't blink or you'll miss it. The arrival of a noteworthy work of historical fiction for kids tends to work one of two ways. Either the marketing machine behind the book hits bookstores and libraries full-force, cramming said book down everyone's throats until they yield and make it a bestseller/award winner or nothing happens at all. The book slips onto shelves without so much as a squeak, never insisting that anyone go out of their way to find it. "Someone Named Eva" belongs firmly in the lat [...]

    2. I currently finished Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf. This review is only about the theme of the story,which I like to describe by picking words to describe the theme. I think the the two words that best state the theme of the book are hope & bravery. The first is bravery because Milada was taken away from her family to go to a harsh German boarding school to learn German ways,the language, and life. As well as getting a new name,Eva. It was hard for her since she was Czech and hated the G [...]

    3. I am currently reading Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf. I am not that far into the book, so there isn't much to tell you about the story part of it, but I'll try my best. This book was a recommendation by Mrs. Foley, its genre is historical fiction, it is placed in the time when the Nazis ruled. Milda is Jewish, and the day after her birthday the Nazis come. They separate the men and women of the village and take the men away. The women are taken into a gymnasium, wondering where the men of th [...]

    4. I couldn't put this book down. It is a fictionalized account of a topic I had previously known nothing about--the kidnapping of Eastern European children (e.g Polish, Czech, etc.) by Nazis to be placed first in Lebensborn centers and later to be adopted as "Aryan" children into German families.This is a book geared for the juvenile audience. While there is very little in the book that details the horrors of the Holocaust, I think the topic itself would probably be incredibly terrifying to childr [...]

    5. Someone Named Eva is by far the most moving and masterfully written book that I had read in a while. This historical fiction novel tells the story of a young girl, Milada from a small town in Czech. Her life is blissful and peaceful, as the only effect the war has had in her small town is food rations for sweets and sugar. That is until one ordinary night when Milada is woken to the screaming sounds of her mother and the sharp cries of her sister. Milada rushes down to find German soilders, with [...]

    6. Someone Named Eva (Joann M. Wolf)Historical Fiction. Set in WWII Germany/Czechoslovakia/Poland. Milada is a young Czech girl. She just celebrated her 11th Birthday in May of 1942. Shortly after this celebration her home is invaded by Nazi troops and her family is separated. Her father and brother are taken away, while her sister, mother & grandmother are held at school. Once there the children are separated and inspected. Milada is segregated with other children, she notes the one thing in c [...]

    7. I heard so many good things about this book, and I wanted to really love it. I liked it. It was a compelling, personal narrative about a little known atrocity perpetrated against a village in Czechoslovakia. I would give it more like 3.5 stars.Milada is taken from her family because is looks like the aryan ideal. Most of the other women and girls her age are sent to a work camp for the duration of the war, but Milada is sent for Germanification education in Poland. She is eventually adopted by a [...]

    8. I am in the middle of the book Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf. This is such an interesting book, it gives you such great detail. An example of the detail is when the author explains about Fräulein Krüger,one of the characters. The author says she was wearing a crisp blue shirt and tight braid. When I first heard about the book I wasn't quite sure, but when I actually started reading it I realized the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover", is very true in ths case. The book starts out wi [...]

    9. If you are looking for a historical fiction book, then I recommend you read Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf. This book wll give you information about the Holocaust and how people were treated in that time period. Elven year old, Milada, gets her whole life changed and tries to remember who she really is. She is a brave and strong girl, especially after all the emotional changes she has been through. If you want to find out what happens to Milada's life, then you have to read this extraordinary [...]

    10. I was bored roaming my house and I picked this up. I forgot the actual story, but then I started reading it. It is told in the perspective of Eva, a girl about 11 at the start of the Nazis over taking Czechoslovakia or something like that. I thinks it portrays how a girl that is actually accepted from the nazis and is part of the "aryan" race really good. It's much different from other WWII because it is told in the eyes of a girl who lost everything and gets ripped away from her family to be wi [...]

    11. Milada is an eleven year old Czechoslovakian girl who lives with her loving family during World War Two. One night, the Nazis invade her home and she is separated from her family. Because of her perfectly Aryan blonde hair and blue eyes, she is sent to center in Poland where she is renamed Eva and is trained to become a German citizen so that she can become adopted into a German family. Throughout this traumatic ordeal, Eva struggles to remember who she is and hold on to the hope that one day sh [...]

    12. I feel like I've ended up studying World War II and the Holocaust so extensively throughout my school years that I'm surprised when I learn something genuinely new about the events that took place then, but Someone Named Eva offers a new glimpse into the horrors of the Holocaust. Milada, the main character, is one of many Czech children who were taken from their families - who were either killed or sent to concentration camps - in order to be "re-educated" and then adopted into German families. [...]

    13. BEWARE: SOME SPOILERS.This is one of those rare books that leaves you in awe; and you can't help but think about it for the rest of the day. I can't even count how many times I've read this book. I love it. I think that Joan M. Wolf really took the time to research and interview people, which is part of what makes this book so spectacular. Milada is extremely easy to relate to. She has an annoying older brother, a best friend, a girl that she doesn't like, dreams, and hopes for the future. The w [...]

    14. I have read numerous books about the Holocaust. Generally, the young adult books I've read are about Jewish survivors. Someone Named Eva is a book about a Catholic survivor. Malida is a Catholic Czech living in the village of Lidice. Czechoslovakia was under Nazi reign and assigned a "protector", Reinhard Heydrich. At the end of May, 1942 resistance fighters attempted to assassinate Heydrich. Their attempt was successfully in that Heydrich died of wounds he received a few days after the attempt [...]

    15. dans Someone named Eva nous suivont le destin d'une petite fille Tchèque enlevé par les Nazis à pour devenir une petite allemande aryenne. Ce roman est fictif mais tiré d'une histoire vraie, pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale il y a eu effectivement le programme Lebensborn qui consistait à former une population aryenne aux traits physiques (yeux bleus, cheveux blonds) et aux idéologies prônées par Hitler.C'est le premier livre que je lis sur ce sujet et j'en suis très contente. L'histoi [...]

    16. So well written. I had never heard about this part of the war. It seems the more you look the more horrors there are. And while this book is fictional, the story of the kidnapping and the effective brainwashing that took place at the time is very real. Everything was so modern and streamlined, and yet, so barbaric and horribly backward. I suppose evil always is

    17. When i first saw this book I thought " This book looks interesting, full of mysteries." When I started reading I got so into the book that everything I read seemed alive in front of me. This book shows a lot of reality, harshness and sadness. Its a book you will always remember.

    18. Its an awesome book. It is about a girl gets taken to Germany Nazi camp. She gets adopted by a German family. She finds her true identity and gets back with her family. I love how the author wrote.

    19. Milada is an eleven year old girl from Czechoslovakia. She lives with her mother, father, bother Jaro, Babichka, and her sister Anechka. Times are tough because of the current Nazi rule, so Milada is surprised when she receives a telescope and a cake for her birthday. Milada has a big party with her best friend Terezie and other children. Everyone enjoys themselves and has fun except for Ruzha, a girl who secludes herself from others. That night, Nazis come to Milada's house. Her family is told [...]

    20. I listened to this book so at first I was put off by this being in the voice of a child. After a while I got used to that but I would recommend reading it not listening to it. This book was interesting and disturbing - based in the history of WWII - a Czech girl who is taken from her family and adopted into a German family because she had blond hair and blue eyes. This actually happened to children!

    21. This is a youth fiction book, but we read it outloud as we traveled to Las Vegas for Christmas. It tells a story based on actual events in Czechoslovakia during World War II, that I had never known about. The Nazis destroyed the small city of Lidice as revenge for an assassination of a Nazi leader by a group of rebels believed to be from Lidice. They lined up and killed every man and boy, and sent all of the women and most of the children to work camps where the majority of them died of starvati [...]

    22. A young girl is forced to go with her family from their home in Czechoslovakia to a holding area to await deportation to concentration and work camps. Milada is separated from her family and sent to a center for retraining as a German girl. She is renamed Eve and "forced: to abandon all of her former culture and identity to become the bright future of the aryan nation. She is eventually adopted by high ranking Nazi family, who she grows to love. She never forgets who she is, although at times st [...]

    23. A story about a little girl name Milada and renamed Eva who is taken away from her family and taken to a Lebensborn center in Poland where she will be trained to become a "proper German child" in order to bring about Hitler's Aryan race. Milada struggles to remember her true identity as the Germans try to change her into a German girl even adopting her into a high ranking German family. I didn't know about the Lebensborn centers during the Holocaust until just recently. although a fictional stor [...]

    24. I absolutely think the holocaust is a very interesting topic and is probably my favorite thing to learn. I cried a couple times in this book. *once again, I'm a sap* I learned new things in this book that I never found any where else I had looked. Realistic fiction is my favorite type of book and this actually happened to someone (not exactly but someone went through this). Milada gets taken from her home and goes to camp where she learns to be a proper German girl with her perfect blue eyes and [...]

    25. Monday at the library they had a new display of nominees for the Beehive Award (similar to Texas' Bluebonnets) so I picked up this book. This is an amazing work, not only because I carried it around with me all day yesterday eager to keep reading at each free moment, but also because it addressed a chapter of history I had not heard before (while fiction, it appears to have been well researched). I had no idea that Hitler's forces had basically kidnapped children from all their occupied areas th [...]

    26. 1-31-13I just finished this great book. This book was taken place in World War 2. Eva(the main character) got taken away from her family and was chosen to become a German girl. I think the theme of this book is treat people the way you would like to be treated because the Nazis thought the Jewish people were less than everyone in the world and they should all become German. Another theme of this book could be to never judge a book by its cover. Nazis thought that the Jewish people should all be [...]

    27. Hitler’s Youth was created by Hitler and many children were forced to attend, a young person like Milada was forced. She was taken from her family by the Nazi's and sent to join. The story told in first person by Milada showed what a Hitler's youth program was like. Through this sad but captivating book, Milada holds on to her old self and learns many things concerning the German culture. The plot is not that credible it is a Historical fiction book, that was based on Hitler's youth. Milada is [...]

    28. I don't normally read Youth literature. And my shelves are light on historical fiction. But my son's 11 year old friend LOVES historical fiction (!!!) and said I had to read this book. I downloaded to my iPad, and flipped to the first page. She was so captivated by the character, that she hung over my shoulder as I read, soaking up each word with me to make sure I connected with Eva like she did. "Are you sad? Which part are you on now? Are you going to cry? Wasn't that amazing? Were you surpris [...]

    29. I just finished this book and I have to say that it is an excellent introduction to another less-known side of Holocaust. So much is written about Jewish prisoners, concentration camps, resisters, survivors, etc. but not enough is written about the children that were kidnapped/stolen and sent to "Germanization" schools to become "Good Aryan German Citizens". This book does a great job telling the story of Milada, a young non-Jewish girl who is taken from her family, sent to a German re-education [...]

    30. I think two themes of the book "Someone Named Eva" by Joan M. Wolf, are to "keep believing" and "be patient." Why? Because all throughout the book, Eva is getting torn down, she's losing faith, and she has no idea where the rest of her family is, but she keeps on believing, hoping for the best, and knowing things will turn out right in the end. Why patience is one of the themes is because, it would take a lot of self control to tolerate all the pain and punishments but still be willing to sacrif [...]

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