Назад по линията

  • Title: Назад по линията
  • Author: Robert Silverberg Робърт Силвърбърг Владимир Зарков
  • ISBN: 9789546551757
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
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      344 Robert Silverberg Робърт Силвърбърг Владимир Зарков
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    1 thought on “Назад по линията”

    1. Time travel headache feels like ice cream brain freeze.Paradox, paradox, discontinuity, paradox, transposal displacement, paradox.Nothing for a reader to do but drink a beer and keep reading.Robert Silverberg wrote this libidinous, vulgar carnival ride in 1969 and it was nominated for the Hugo Award. This represents my 25th Silverberg work reviewed and I have come to accept that his lasciviousness makes late era Heinlein look like a boy scout. There is just going to be sex in a Silverberg work, [...]

    2. Up the Line: Fornicating in ancient Byzantium – shameless time travel pornOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureRobert Silverberg was clearly a big fan of sex back in the late 1960s, and I’m sure he wasn’t the only one. But in Up the Line, he absolutely revels in it. He doesn’t miss a chance for his (all male) characters to fornicate with women at every possible opportunity both in the future and the past, in dozens of exotic time periods in Byzantium, Constantinople, Rome, etc. The act [...]

    3. Let's keep this simple.1) This book has not aged well. It's almost laughable today, but maybe it seemed trendy back in the 60's.2) The amount of sex in this book is really very unfortunate.3) The historical descriptions make the book of interest, but are also a bit dry.4) The plot doesn't really make an appearance until the last 20% of the book or so. Things pick up quite a bit. It tempted me to rate this book one star higher, but I have resisted. 5) The time travel gimmickry may have been cutti [...]

    4. It was good. It was real good. Really really good. You know my favorite thing about reading time-travel books is the paradoxes. I like a good yarn with a lot of temporal paradoxes. And this had a lot of those.It also had a lot more Greek history than I cared to know. Really, he beat the shit out of me with the tours, going too deeply into what the tour guides were teaching. Okay, Mr. Silverberg, we get it. You know your Byzantium history. Impressive, and I do love history. But not in this contex [...]

    5. I'm starting to think that, sometimes, 1950s SF holds up better than 1960s SF, especially the 1960s SF that extrapolates the society of the swingin' generation into a future that's full of tie-dye, love-ins and general grooviness, babe.Sadly, 'Up the Line' suffers from this. I say 'sadly' because when I first read this book (in the mid-1970s ) I enjoyed it immensely. On this re-reading, I find that the years haven't been kind to this tale. The good stuff is still good - great historical backgrou [...]

    6. I like time travel books, and so I was actually looking forward to this piece of boring, dated, sexist drivel. Oh, and I left out racist. The main character refers to his always "magnificently oiled" black friend as Sambo.Silverberg wrote it when he was in his early thirties and it was published in 1969. Maybe he was pissed that he was just a little too old for the summer of love and all the drug-inhanced screwing he imagined went on then. In any case with Up the Line he took his always libido-h [...]

    7. A peculiar book, containing some delightful time-travel shenanigans and some of the very best science fictional handwaving and lampshading ever written about the paradoxes involved. Truly, that section of the book is a glory and a wonder. Up the Line is also very, very much of its time in one unfortunate fashion-- its women are furniture. A scene in which the narrator angrily forces sex with a semi-willing woman is uncomfortable enough, but the way in which an adult male pedophile's constant phy [...]

    8. This book was selected as our monthly pick for our Time Travel Book Club on . The book gets a little bogged down in the middle with pages and pages of Byzantine history that at times is about as exciting as reading an encyclopedia. However, the final twelve chapters make up for it. The excessive sexual content throughout the book might also turn off some readers. This book would have been just as enjoyable with a "PG-13" rating instead of "R." I'm giving this book four stars primarily based on i [...]

    9. I like the Time Patrol element of this novel, making sure time tourists don't cause paradoxes and historical changes. I've not seen time travel approached from a tourist aspect before. I also liked the creative ending. I can't say I've seen such an ending before, so nicely done. However, I think Silverberg forgot he was writing one of his sci-fi novels rather than one of his sex novels, and made this a bit rated X in parts. The ideas behind the story get at least 4 stars, but the creepy incestuo [...]

    10. В началото ми беше тъпо. Не това, което очаквах. Ако не бяха последните 50стр. щях да дам 2/5 оценка. Ще имам ревю в блога си до няколко дена!

    11. Parts of me wanted to give this book five stars, other parts, one star, so to compromise, three seems a good bet. This is a ludicrous book, truly, it is a bizarre and incredibly dated read which includes the best and worst of timetravel stories, often on each page. The structure of the story is magnificent - the details, nuances and generally neat workings out of some of the most complex parts of timetravel tales are the highlight of this. Really, it's not easy to construct this kind of thing so [...]

    12. Dated science fiction is hilarious. I am reminded of the "classic" stuff where a man is flying across the galaxy in an aluminum rocket-ship, chain-smoking cigarettes with a floating anti-gravity ashtray, and wearing a polyester spacesuit. I don't recall how I ended up with this paperback, but it's old. 1969. And the story is from front to back like those Austin Powers movies. This guy thought that a hundred years in the future people would still be using the stupid slang of the day. Calling each [...]

    13. If anyone would have told me some weirdo from GR was going to get me to start reading more Sci-fi and actually really liking it I would have laughed in their face. But here I am, so, thank you, Hugh. I loved this. Loved. I thought it was brilliant. I've read a lot of snarky reviews for this one and I'm not really sure why. Nobody has a sense of humor anymore? Maybe. Maybe it just takes a lot to offend me, because not one thing in this book bothered me a bit. There are also a lot of people saying [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book a lot, but it is not for the pious. It is an well written, clever time-travel novel, with humorous passages. Jud Elliott bails on his job as a law clerk, moving to New Orleans in 2059. He blunders into a job as a Time Courier, taking tourists "up the line" (into the past) to Byzantium, one of his few areas of interest and knowledge. His mentor Metaxas helps bring teaches Jud how to bring the past to life for tourists, but also builds himself a comfortable life in the past, ri [...]

    15. read this 3 times. I generally hate sci fi but was recommended this book by a family member. though it can be offensive, the story is amazing and the mental visuals of the ancient times described are addictive. An excellent though not for everyone book. Very hard to mentally take in a lot of the paradoxes though reading it a couple times seems to make it easier. I had trouble putting this book down.

    16. No tenia controlada aquesta novel·la de viatges en el temps i ha estat tota una sorpresa.La premisa és senzilla: una empresa es dedica a organitzar rutes turístiques a través de la Història. Fa gràcia que la hi hagi massificació de turistes en moments claus (la crucifixió de Crist és un descontrol) i que la màxima aspiració de gairebé tots els viatgers sigui el turisme sexual.Després de passar el primer terç de la novel·la explicant els fonaments del viatge temporal amb una de les [...]

    17. Ugh, I need a shower!I love Time Travel Stories. The more paradoxes the better; this book had tons and I loved it!What I didn’t love was all the sex. Perhaps if I was a 17 year old boy this book would have “done it for me” but as it is, it was just overthetop stupid. Ok so in the future we are sexually liberated got it. But can we just take the author’s word for it and move on with the story? No! instead we must slog through all his fantasies. Ugh, it was so geared towards boys with pimp [...]

    18. Това е третия роман на Силвърбърг за мен и за трети пореден път съм много приятен изненадан. Изключително интересна история, която те кара да се замислиш върху някои неща. Джъд е времеви куриер и работата му е да ръководи екскурзии във времето. Специализирал се във византий [...]

    19. Not quite sure how to rate this book. It was funny and interesting. The story skips along nicely and there a some crazy characters and a few good laughs. However it hasn't dated well and it's depiction of women and rape will be of putting to some people. Silverberg also helpfully described the boobs on every female character as if he invented them. If you can ignore that as the fantasy of either a very old man or a very young and silly boy and you don't mind reading 'Haghia Sofia' 200 times then [...]

    20. Another novel by Silverberg. I can't even really put an adjective in front of that 'novel' to describe how I feel about this one. It's better than some of his stuff, but not nearly as good as some of his best. By any other author this might be their top work, but for Silverberg it's just middle of the road right out of his most productive years. One quality about the novel is that it really shows its age and its presence as a piece of New Wave science fiction from the 60s and 70s. The gratuitous [...]

    21. I really love time travel stories, and of course, the method of time travel is what really interests me; I think it's one of the most interesting problems an author can solve. This one is a little vague in the "how", but it does get into a lot of interesting questions about what happens if a lot of people time travel to the same events. The explanation isn't totally satisfying, but it works for the story. Oh, this is a little raunchy, too, but not too gratuitous. When the protagonist has the rev [...]

    22. Garbage. An intriguing premise, but way too much unnecessarily graphic sex. The main character is a lecher who's every female interaction is entirely sexual. He stops at incest, but otherwise not a passing thought for a woman's emotions or personality or character. Women are for men's amusement, according to him. Disgusting. A shame, because the title concept is a rather good one. But it comes at too high a price. I stopped reading this halfway through, fed up with the gratuitous sex. Don't both [...]

    23. Up the Line was an enjoyable time travel romp; it was interesting to read (and imagine) witnessing some favourite events in history, and the problems with backwards time travel becomes one of the driving plots of the story, BUTwhat's with all the crass and gratuitous sex?? I know this was written in the 60's but it was really over the top and just cringe-worthy, bordering on tasteless when there's mention of underage girls. This brought the enjoyment down a peg or two; average overall.

    24. An interesting conceit bogged down by excessive mentions of the protagonist's sexual prowess. It turns out that the number of times I will put up with an author describing how a character wants to boink his ultimate grandmother while time traveling in Byzantium is actually quite small. The history aspect of the novel was cool though!

    25. Me apetecía leer algo de viajes en el tiempo y Arena me recomendó éste. Pues nada lo he leído y esta realmente bien. Además no sufre de envejecimiento, es más diría lo contrario nosotros sufrimos de envejecimiento, el tratamiento del sexo en esta novela es realmente libre no como en la actualidad. Respecto a los viajes en el tiempo pues lo habitual, "parajodas", follones varios, divertido.

    26. I had to check a couple times to make sure it said 'Silverberg' and not 'Heinlein'. But gradually some indescribable essence of it made it seem like the sexism was more a product of the times than that of a man who would be a misogynist even today. Then it was pretty fun.

    27. Ok, certains passages sont vraiment scabreux, même pour du Silverberg. Malgré tout c'est un excellent roman de voyage temporel, surprenant et amusant, érotique, par moment scandaleux. Difficile de lâcher ce roman, une fois ce voyage engagé.

    28. A 'romp' through the paradoxes of time travel. Not my favourite Silverberg. I'm reading my way through an anthology of four novels from the 70s. Next up, Nightwings.

    29. I read Up The Line as a kid of about 13 or so. I recall it being absolutely fantastic. Not so sure what I'd rate it if I re-read it today or how it has weather the last 25 years or so. But man, if you're a kid that loves sci-fi & time travel - this book is fan-freakin-tastic!

    30. A very engaging story but I can't really get with the scientific conceit this author prefers for time-travel. I'm into the many-worlds approach where new timelines are split off by the intrusion of time-travellers.

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