All Is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day

All Is Grace A Biography of Dorothy Day Dorothy Day founder of the Catholic Worker movement and one of the most prophetic voices in the American Catholic church has recently been proposed as a candidate for canonization In thi

  • Title: All Is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day
  • Author: Jim Forest
  • ISBN: 9781570759215
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dorothy Day 1897 1980 , founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and one of the most prophetic voices in the American Catholic church, has recently been proposed as a candidate for canonization In this lavishly illustrated biography, Jim Forest provides a compelling portrait of her heroic efforts to live out the radical message of the gospel for our time A journalist anDorothy Day 1897 1980 , founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and one of the most prophetic voices in the American Catholic church, has recently been proposed as a candidate for canonization In this lavishly illustrated biography, Jim Forest provides a compelling portrait of her heroic efforts to live out the radical message of the gospel for our time A journalist and social reformer in her youth, Day surprised her friends with the decision in 1927 to enter the Catholic church Her conversion, prompted by the birth out of wedlock of her daughter Tamar left her searching for some way to reconcile her faith with her commitment to the poor and social justice The answer came with her decision to launch The Catholic Worker, both a newspaper and a movement Enunciating a radical social vision rooted in the gospel, Day and those who joined her devoted themselves to the Works of Mercy while struggling to create a new society where it is easier to be good An ardent pacifist, Day was frequently arrested for her protests in the cause of peace.Drawing on her recently published diaries and letters, Forest chronicles her extraordinary journey, with special stress on the unique spiritual vision that underlay her dramatic witness.

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    1 thought on “All Is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day”

    1. This biography of the great Dorothy Day was too dry for my liking. I've been spoiled by wonderful, novelistic biographies like the McCullough biography of John Adams. This book was really just a list of what Day did, with a lot of pictures. I wanted scenes like in a novel. I wanted to know how she impacted individual people who were helped by her. I wanted to know more about her grandchildren. I wanted to know more about what has become of the Catholic Worker movement. I was left with greater ad [...]

    2. An excellent introduction to Dorothy Day. Better than her autobiography for three reasons: 1) It covers her entire life, not just her early years. 2) It covers all aspects of her life, not just her religious conversion. 3) It draws on all her writings, public and private, including her recently-released diaries. It is detailed without being boring, personal without being biased.For those already familiar with her, this is an excellent recap. It clarifies things and fills in the gaps nicely. Year [...]

    3. Dorothy Day is a person I have long admired. She lived her faith without compromise and she had a deep commitment to serving the poor, to non-violent protest, and to promoting peace. ALL IS GRACE, Jim Forest's detailed biography of Dorothy, is full of photographs, quotations from Dorothy and others, and graphics related to The Catholic Worker, of which Dorothy was co-founder and editor for decades. Many of these appear in the wide margins of the book, breaking the flow of reading, and some are r [...]

    4. A couple of years ago I read Love is the measure by Jim Forest, the biography of Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and I wrote a review of it, which I posted on my blog, here.All is grace is a revised and updated version of Love is the measure, based on more sources, including Dorothy Day's letters and diaries. I have little to add to my original review, other than to say that this one is bigger and better and even more worth reading. Dorothy Day, and anarchist, pacifist and [...]

    5. I very much enjoyed this book. My favorite part was the chapters on the Catholic Workers movement's active involvement in labour struggles, particularly the striking workers on the waterfront and the role Catholicism played in the United Farm Workers strikes/boycotts. I think people often see the Catholic Worker Movement as well meaning Christians who fed the poor and had farming communes, but in the end it's great to read that they had a systemic critique of the social and political system and [...]

    6. More of a 3.5 than a 4 star, and for a lot of the reading I expected to want to give it a solid 3. The first 100 pages, which cover Dorothy's life prior to the Catholic Worker, were pretty uninteresting to me, and repetitive as well. Much like her life, however, once the Catholic Worker comes together, the book picks up steam and in my opinion gets better as it goes, in part because we have a growing familiarity with Dorothy that is quite nuanced by the end. Some unique elements were the coverag [...]

    7. “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed that easily."- Dorothy DayDeeply inspired by this woman!

    8. Comprehensive book about an amazing woman. An avid traveler from a young age (born in 1897), Dorothy led a surprisingly bohemian life until converting to Catholicism at age 30, following the birth of her illegitimate daughter. The book details her action to oppose hunger & homelessness during the Great Depression, military involvement in WWII, communist persecution during the Red Scare, abuse of Hispanic farm laborers in CA, nuclear proliferation, war in Vietnam, segregation and racism durin [...]

    9. If you are not acquainted with the life of Dorothy Day (1897-1980), this book is a wonderful introduction, rich in quotations from her writings to give a true picture of her evolution of thought, faith, and work. She emerges as real and imperfect, exemplary and inspiring: as an American, as a Christian, as a human. She entitled her autobiography "The Long Loneliness" so she did not purvey illusions about the sacrifices entailed in her call to serve the poor as one of them. One person said of her [...]

    10. This is a wonderful book that would appeal to anyone interested in 20th century history, women's history, sainthood, social justice, the labor and peace movements. It is the biography of an extraordinary woman who grew up poor and spent her life in service to people in poverty. At times, it felt Like a who's who of American history in terms of the people Day encountered during her journey. Written in a simple and deeply compelling style - kind of like Day herself! I'm only wondering why the auth [...]

    11. All I knew about Dorothy Day before reading this book is that Pope Francis had mentioned her along with Thomas Merton as a pivotal religious figure in the American 20th century. Now that I know her better, I can see why they want her to be sainted. This woman deliberately chose to live a life of poverty alongside the needy and fought relentlessly for the underdog in the name of Christ. We should all be so dedicated. The book embarrassed me that I don't do more in the way of social justice and sh [...]

    12. As a former Catholic worker, I was very interested to hear about this book. I did not read the previous versions of this book which is fine since this version contains many previously unpublished excerpts from Dorothy's writings. It also contains many lovely photographs. My only quibbles with the book is that the page layout could be better. Also, an important work such as this should be in hardback.

    13. Dorothy Day was a very interesting paradox of values and commitments during a strange, old-fashioned time in the Catholic Church, Basically a communist (small "c") unwed Mother with no real visible means of support who really did give the poor a helping hand. The writing style is somewhat choppy. It feels like Jim Forest sat down with a yellow legal pad and wrote a section at a time in freestyle. I did mot really like the book that much but I am glad I know more about this amazing woman.

    14. An excellent biography about a remarkable woman, an American woman who lived in our own time. It is always refreshing to read about women, especially lay women, who have contributed so much to the church and society. Whatever our religious or spiritual preferences, her lifetime work and legacy is an example for us all.

    15. Great book, very thoughtfully composed, giving an insight into the social conditions and the political climate of the period between the two world wars and up to Dorothy's death in 1980. Also contains many inspirational quotations and accounts to whet the appetite of those in search of a path to Social Justice.

    16. There has long seemed to be a battle between the conservative Catholic church and its social justice side. Dorothy Day very much on the later wing, spending most of her life helping the destitute. I have zero religious feeling myself, but her example still is a powerful one.

    17. I am really enjoying this. I had a long weekend at the beach to begin it, and I'm so glad I did! It is full of beautiful pictures and very interesting history about what made Dorothy Day tick, and what went into the making of this radical woman.

    18. This is certainly a comprehensive book. Not a detail of her remarkable life left out.It's worth the wade through.

    19. I have always loved the original version of this book. It was so good to read it again and to enjoy the extra photos and excerpts from Dorothy's diaries as well. Inspiring and fascinating.

    20. An incredible read! I could not put it down. Weather you are Catholic or not, you will find this woman's life inspiring!

    21. Wonderful biography of a wonderful woman. Lavishly illustrated throughout. This would serve as good introduction to Dorothy Day for those wanting to know about her.

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