Deadly Dreams

Deadly Dreams Risa Chandler s prescient dreams of death and murder haunted her nights They also proved invaluable for Adam Raiker s brilliant team of forensic criminologists the Mindhunters until a tragic end to

  • Title: Deadly Dreams
  • Author: Kylie Brant
  • ISBN: 9781101481813
  • Page: 292
  • Format: ebook
  • Risa Chandler s prescient dreams of death and murder haunted her nights They also proved invaluable for Adam Raiker s brilliant team of forensic criminologists, the Mindhunters, until a tragic end to one case shattered Risa s confidence and drove her into seclusion But for Risa, there s no hiding from death or from her dreams.

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    1 thought on “Deadly Dreams”

    1. Liked:1. the heroine was an ex cop with some psychic dreams - I quite liked that aspect as the dreams were contributing more under the shape of a sixth sense/instincts;2. the heroine was older and divorced;3. the hero too had some family;4. the crimes were interesting, the mistery ok (although I had guessed some things, no particular twists);Disliked:1. some characters had no particular relevance to the story (aka Cass);2. there was actually no romance, I don't know why the the main characters h [...]

    2. This story was AMAZING!Suspense, drama, mystery, romance.p this book had it all!LOVED this story, and I LOVE this series!Bravo Ms. Brant for your writing, characters, and story telling!

    3. This was, how should I put it, underwhelming. First of all, I don't like reading about people killing cops. That's one layer of this story. The way this killer is doing it is as detailed as you can get without spoiling the who. Next, I'm not a fan of corrupted ones either. That's another layer. All personal preferences. None of this is a spoiler since it becomes clear what's going on right in the beginning.Risa dreams about the murders. But she doesn't want to participate because the past mistak [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars for the suspense and 3 stars for the romance. Still a very good read. All of Raiker's investigators have special talents and Risa isn't any different. But after her last case she feels unable to cope with her talent or its aftereffects when things go wrong. She gets a visit from the sexy, gruff dark-eyed detective, Nate McGuire, about a burned dead body and her boss told his boss to have her come to the scene. Now neither one is happy about the situation. Risa at Raiker because he is p [...]

    5. *3.5 Stars*This is the fifth book in the Mindhunters series, but it stands alone well. I haven’t read any of the previous books but I never felt lost while reading this. We meet some of the previous characters—and it’s possible that the heroine’s problems with her last case may have been shown in a previous book—but there was nothing tying them to the events in this book that would necessitate reading the previous books before this one.Although this is listed as Romantic Suspense on th [...]

    6. На сей раз речь о серийном поджигателе. И сжигает он полицейских – заживо.Очередное динамичное и напряженное расследование, отсылки в прошлое, группа продажных копов, творивших дела в восьмидесятых, а теперь за это расплачивающихся… Это месть одной из их жертв? Кого-то из [...]

    7. A couple of months ago, her prescient dreams proved not to be infallible, and Marisa Chandler decided to resign from Raiker’s Forensics to lick her wounds and her confidence. Fortunately for her, and for the detectives targeted by a crazy firebug, Adam Raiker refused to accept Risa’s resignation, and instead got her instated into the task force assembled to catch the so-called Cop Killer.Partnered with tall, dark, and handsome homicide detective Nate McGuire, Risa has no choice but dream aga [...]

    8. I ended up rather disappointed in this book. I expected so much more from it and just didn't get any like I was hoping for.Series Note:Fifth book in the "Mindhunters" series about and independent forsenics agency and it's agents. I would suggest at least reading book 4 before reading this one. The first trilogy is pretty independent, but this second trilogy has an overall story arc.Summary:Marisa Chandler is an agent for Raiker forensics who has dreams about crimes - who did them, why, how, wher [...]

    9. He believes in trial by fire. He captures and sets his victims on fire and gives them no mercy. When it’s found out that someone is burning retired or active policemen it comes to the attention of Adam Raiker of The Mindhunters. One is his people Risa Chandler happens to currently be taking a medical leave after a harrowing experience in the same town as the latest victim. Risa has also started suffering from “dreams” again and her latest is of a man screaming as he is on fire. Nate McGuir [...]

    10. Deadly Dreams is another Mindhunter outing and it is good. Solid really. The plot is basically cops are being burnt alive, some retired, some active and there doesn't seem to be a tangible connection. Risa is a employee of Adam Raiker, a few months ago she was injured in a rescue, her confidence shattered. So, she's been recuperating and staying with her mother. She thinks she is done with the job. Risa was a former cop, basketball player and has even been divorced. She has always had "dreams" p [...]

    11. Good read. More mystery/suspense than romance, in fact very little romance, if that's what you're looking for. Could easily be read as a standalone. 4 stars

    12. Favorite Quote: “I might be able to come up with something better then ‘decent’ next time. But there is no way in hell I’m going with ‘Nate the Great’.”Risa Chandler’s dreams of death are the bane of her existence but prove to be invaluable to Adam Raiker’s criminologist team, the Mindhunters. When a case goes horribly wrong, Risa goes into hiding to recover. But dreams never fade and soon Risa will have to risk everything to once again bring a killer to justice.Risa Chandler i [...]

    13. Deadly Dreams by Kylie BrantRomantic Suspense -April 1st, 20114 starsDeadly Dreams is the fifth in Kylie Brant's suspenseful Mindhunters series but can easily be read by itself. In this spellbinding latest, the heroine must face her fears after her confidence and body takes a huge beating.Risa Chandler worked for an elite organization until an unfortunate incident occurred which resulted in the death of a young child and several injured officers. She was also injured and as she recuperate, Risa [...]

    14. This is the fifth book in the Mindhunters series. I accidentally read "Waking the Dead", the third book in the series, first and then went back and read the first two before reading books four and five. "Waking the Dead" remains my favorite but this was a solid book and a good addition to the series. Risa is on leave from Raiker Forensics after an injury sustained on the job and, more importantly, a shattering of her trust in her own instincts to do her job. She is brought in unofficially to wor [...]

    15. I love Kylie Brant's Mindhunters series, and this one turned out to be one of my favorites. Ms. Brant gave us a bit of the paranormal in this one, with our heroine dreaming of events involved in her case. Nate was a fantastic hero, and the personal issues with both of the two leads added so much to the story. I did figure out who the bad guy was, but not until pretty late in the book.Excited to finally read Adam Raiker's story in the next book!!

    16. This book was a fast read, shorter than some of the author's others in this series. It featured likable characters, and familiar faces were also featured, which I always enjoy. The ending was a little predictable, but all in all a good read, and I can't wait for the next book, which features the head of the organization the books are based on.

    17. I really like the way Brant lets the attraction between Marisa Chandler and Nate McGuire build slowly. We all know they're attracted; we all know they'll end up together. But it's nice to see the slow build to the inevitable. Risa and Nate are both interesting, strong characters. I think this is maybe my second favorite of this series so far.

    18. A paranormal investigative thriller about overcoming feelings of failure, revenge, and letting go of responsibility. It's filled with action, danger, and touches of romance and the paranormal, reminiscent of Kay Hooper's "Bishop" series.

    19. The storyline was a bit too confusing because it was full of so many characters, and several of the characters had aliases. Admittedly, I put the book down about 1/3 of the way in to read another book, but I had a lot of trouble keeping track of even the later characters.

    20. Another Mindhunters(: Love, love Brant's writing style. Her characters are fascinating and the story compelling. Slow starter on the romance in this one, but made up for it in the end. One more left in the seriesRaiker's story. Ryne and Abbie's book is still my favorite.

    21. loved it! It's remarkable all the characters involve how the story comes together and here I'm trying to play PI and guess who the bad guy is and for most to the book I was wrong. The book is excellent.

    22. thsi book was a great book to grab you and take you along for the ride. I am going to read the rest of the series. Going to pick it up right now

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