Life, in Pictures

Life in Pictures In what will be the closest thing Eisner fans will see to an autobiography the great master and pioneer of American graphic arts presents the most intimate and personal perspective yet on his life as

  • Title: Life, in Pictures
  • Author: Will Eisner
  • ISBN: 9780393061079
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In what will be the closest thing Eisner fans will see to an autobiography, the great master and pioneer of American graphic arts presents the most intimate and personal perspective yet on his life as a writer, a professional, and an artist The Dreamer and To the Heart of the Storm describe Eisner s gritty early life and career, while The Name of the Game chroniclesIn what will be the closest thing Eisner fans will see to an autobiography, the great master and pioneer of American graphic arts presents the most intimate and personal perspective yet on his life as a writer, a professional, and an artist The Dreamer and To the Heart of the Storm describe Eisner s gritty early life and career, while The Name of the Game chronicles a personal history of his wife s family Finally, two shorter pieces illuminate the bookends of a legendary career The Day I Became a Professional which will appeal to any hopeful young artist describes Eisner s first rejection from a potential publisher, and A Sunset in Sunshine City provides a poignant portrait of Eisner in old age The book features famous characters from the world of comics under pseudonyms, of course and other historical figures and family members, all drawn with Eisner s characteristic mastery and technique.

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    1. I enjoyed Life, in Pictures. While every story seems to be Point A - Heartbreak leading to Point B - Tragedy, it all feels real and I think that is what made the book a two sitting read for me. While many of the characters are unlikable and at times intolerable throughout the stories, it's the initial set up of the story that makes you want to see what will happen at the end. It is interesting to see the theme through all of Eisner's stories and that they're not unlike a good drama. While flecks [...]

    2. I made a goal this year to read the 50 books that have been on my list the longest - I get tired of scrolling through them every time I log books! To the Heart of the Storm was on this list for years and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find it anywhere. Turns out it's a part of this larger autobiographical anthology of comics by Eisner, so I was treated to a much wider range of stories than I originally intended. I'm so glad about this happy mistake, because Life, in Pictures is a fascinati [...]

    3. Recopilación de obras del Eisner tardío, con marcado tinte autobiográfico. Incluye bocetos y alguna anécdota ("El día que me convertí en un profesional"), un par de trabajos más que notables ("El soñador", "Crepúsculo en Sunshine City") y dos maravillas más extensas, ambas publicadas también por separado. Una, quizá mi favorita de todas, es "Las reglas del juego" que había disfrutado hace muy poco. La otra es "Viaje al corazón de la tormenta", una especie de autobiografía a fogona [...]

    4. Brilliant and touching.Is this Eisner's greatest work? Probably not. But on it's own merits this is a solid 5/5.This book gets some odd criticism. A review or two complain that the art is "too cartoony." Let me be the first to say that opinions are subjective and no one is wrong or right. Now let me say that they are wrong.This book also loses points from some reviewers for being sad or depicting unhappy moments. It is true that this a sad book in many parts. It also made me unhappy at parts and [...]

    5. Eisner uses his singular talents well, but the subject matter isn't my favorite. It has all the seriousness of a literary novel, without the depth of characters. For as fundamentally sound as the art is, it's less likely to drop anyone's jaw with its beauty.

    6. Eisner był geniuszem, a zamieszczona tu historia pt. "Cel gry" to arcydzieło komiksu. Nikt tak jak on nie potrafił scharakteryzować czasów, o których opowiadał, z takim smakiem.

    7. Will Eisner was a giant in the medium of comics. He did not invent it, but was there at their birth, he reputedly used to say. And his was certainly a life in pictures (lending credence to the title of this volume).This is the third of three hard cover volumes from W. W. Norton & Co, Inc. The first collected Eisner's loose trilogy which started with the seminal A Contract with God, while the second collected Eisner's other New York stories. Even in some of those stories, autobiographical ele [...]

    8. The end of the book "About the Author" crowns Eisner "the grand old man of comics" and it's true--he's grand, he's old (not in a derogatory sense, just that he writes from a different era, an older one), and he's a man (his comics are overtly masculine--both the drawings and the storylines seem particularly manly). But no matter--he's a great storyteller and the comics world is a better place because of this guy. Recommended.

    9. Another nice collaboration of Eisner's works pertaining to a certain subject, much like his Contract With God Trilogy and New York Collection books. I've already said my piece on "To the Heart of the Storm", and I don't feel like repeating. I enjoyed "Sunset in Sunshine City", and the different dynamics the family Eisner portrays (I think it's his, but I'm not 100% sure). I liked "The Name of the Game", and the following tale of a corrupt son who beats his wife and becomes obsessed with money an [...]

    10. I thought this book would be better. I know they are supposedly auto-biographical, but they were full of such misery & negative drama that I did not enjoy them much. I did enjoy the one full of flashbacks while he was on the train, but was disappointed at him denying his heritage. The one about the name game was just horrible, really. How many women got raped? Someone here mentioned that his characters seem a bit too 'cartoony' for the content, & this is correct, but I guess that is jus [...]

    11. Not the strongest collection of the Norton retrospective series, mainly because Eisner was obviously uncomfortable with autobiography. The most successful section is the tale of Eisner's departure for Basic Training in WWII, 1942, which gives Eisner a structure with enough formality that he loses the melodrama the frames his other tales of his own life and family past. A close second however is The Dreamer, and his memories of the early days of comics and his publishing companies. The other tale [...]

    12. I know I'm supposed to respect Will Eisner. I know he's an immensely influential figure in the realm of comics and graphic novels. I know that. And I also know that the stories he writes here are deeply intimate depictions of Jewish life in America and Europe. But his stories can still be kind of silly. Maybe it's his pulp comics background, but the characters, in both the writing and the art, just seem too cartoony.

    13. One of the things I love about Eisner's graphic novels is his subject matter. He writes about what he knows - his and his family's life experiences as American Jews in the middle 20th century. Maybe it wasn't the most spectacular life, but the care with which he observes the human condition and translates it into his lush drawing and unparalleled storytelling make this an engaging, entertaining read.

    14. Eisner was a master of the craft of comics, using his artwork to imbue every one of his stories with a gritty dose of humanity. Nowhere is that more evident than in his autobiographical works, found collected here in this hardcover. My favorite piece in this volume, and indeed my favorite work by Eisner, is "To the Heart of the Storm," chronicling Eisner's early life leading up to his being drafted during WWII.

    15. one of the greatest comic artists of all, there at the beginning days of superman, etc creator of The Spirit, arguably the inventor of the graphic novel right up to his recent demise near 90 years old, he was innovating, with web-based comics, embracing the latest developments in the comics world this book is a big book, modest autobiographical tales about an old man moving to florida, his parents days on the lower east side, and so on

    16. Something about Will Eisner's work sucks you in. You become so absorbed in the story that once you put the book down, you go to your window and expect to look out on the tenements of old New York, or that your phone will ring and a character from the story will be on the other line. An epic read as always

    17. He was the father of all graphic novels, but he's also seriously outdated, and his women are just the worst characters ever. It's no "Steamboat Willie", though. The plots are just as complicated and sad as an Arthur Miller Play, and he's got as many scene changes as Memento. I have to admit that I'm skeptical of older cartoonists, but he really keeps you on your toes.

    18. I wish Eisner hadn't loosely disguised people's identities in his story about the early days of comic books. (Flipping back to the end notes was a pain.) But overall, I liked these stories, which are largely about the experiences of Jewish families in America.

    19. adoro i disegni di will eisner, le sue storie, la sua new york ebraica che non esiste più. mi commuove, m'incanta e mi porta indietro nel tempo - con tratti di matita.

    20. This book was great. I love reading about artist's lives and this wasn't an autobiography in the traditional way. It was lots of little stories. I enjoy reading graphic novels.

    21. I thought reading an autobiography of Will Eisner would be easy and fun, especially with all the pictures. In fact, it was quick, but neither particularly easy or fun. It *was* well done.

    22. A good read about the beginning of the "Graphic Novel." Will Eisner's book is a little sad, but always entertaining.

    23. I've only read a very little bit of Eisner's work, but if his work is like his autobiographical(ish) stories, then I'm going to be reading more in the future.

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