The Christmas Cookie Club

The Christmas Cookie Club Ann Pearlman s irresistible debut novel provides the perfect ingredients for a fun and touching read about a group of women who gather each year to share a journey of friendship hope heartbreak and

  • Title: The Christmas Cookie Club
  • Author: Ann Pearlman
  • ISBN: 9781439159415
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ann Pearlman s irresistible debut novel provides the perfect ingredients for a fun and touching read about a group of women who gather each year to share a journey of friendship, hope, heartbreak and recipes Every year at Christmastime, Marnie and her closest girlfriends mark their calendars for the cookie exchange Everyone has to bring a batch of homemade cookies and aAnn Pearlman s irresistible debut novel provides the perfect ingredients for a fun and touching read about a group of women who gather each year to share a journey of friendship, hope, heartbreak and recipes Every year at Christmastime, Marnie and her closest girlfriends mark their calendars for the cookie exchange Everyone has to bring a batch of homemade cookies and a bottle of wine, but this year, it s their stories that are especially important the passion and hopefulness of new romance, the betrayal and disillusionment some relationships bring, the joys and fears of motherhood, the stress of financial troubles On this evening, at least, the sisterly love they have for one another rises above it all Celebrating courage and joy in spite of hard times and honoring the importance of women s friendships as well as the embracing bonds of community, Ann Pearlman s delightful novel speaks to us all.

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    1 thought on “The Christmas Cookie Club”

    1. Ugh! I've been seeing all the new Christmas fiction coming out this time of year, and I was hoping for a light Christmas story to get me in the holiday spirit. This is not that book. Think cancer, dead babies, horrific accidents, family deaths, and domestic abuse. Each chapter starts with a recipe and tells the story of a club member. Between chapters are short histories of various baking ingredients (butter, sugar, flour, etc.) which are completely random and have nothing to do with the stories [...]

    2. This is possibly the perfect book club book.Every year, on the first Monday in December twelve women get together to share cookies, recipes and stories. The past year has been very eventful for many of the members. Some express joy, others sadness, and one the terrible loss of a son. They listen, laugh and cry. Their bond strengthens each of the women as they get ready to move on to another year and look forward to another Cookie Club meeting.I loved the format. Each chapter highlights one of th [...]

    3. A true chicklit filled with heartwarming friendships between women and lovely cookie recipes. Even though I only awarded two stars, I enjoyed reading it. The reason that I found this book merely ok is because I did not feel the emotions of the characters. There are so many of them, it's difficult to create a mental picture for each of them (which I reckon is absolutely needed to be able relate to the characters). However, it's a fun quick read and does get one in the christmas and baking spirit! [...]

    4. I hate books that are about horrible people. This book could have been so uplifting, but everyone in it is either having an affair, thinking of having an affair, or their spouse is having an affair. Disgusting! It does come with recipes that I would like to try, though.

    5. I have no idea how this book made its way to "best seller" lists and the shelves of mass market media places like Target. The first 2 chapters were good, even promisingbut after that it takes a very, very sharp turn. So much information about too many characters is thrown at you so quickly, it is nearly impossible to keep upI likened it to what it would be like if a book threw up. I rarely part with a book, even if I know I'm not going to read it againbut this one is most definitely going to fin [...]

    6. It is that time of year again. Time for Marnie’s annual Christmas Cookie Club. There are eight rules but the most important one is number 7. Which states: It’s always on the first Monday in December (referencing to the annual Christmas Cookie Club). Put it on your calendar and count on it. There are several new ladies joining the group this year. Marnie can not wait to visit with her friends, share memories, eat food, and of course munching on cookies. The only thing that would make this day [...]

    7. "The Christmas Cookie Club" is a short novel which takes place on one December evening. The event is the annual Christmas Cookie party where twelve women exchange cookies and donate some for charity. Each cookie delivery comes with a story, a recipe and a few historical facts about the ingredients. The host of the event is Marnie, who started the club, created the rules and has had a complex life herself. Even though each chapter is supposed to be about the woman presenting the cookies, it isn't [...]

    8. Each year Marnie hosts 11 other friend for a Christmas cookie club. There are rules about how many cookies they need to make (13 dozen- 1 for each member and 1 for charity), what types of cookies they can make (no chocolate chip cookies), and how they must be packaged (creatively, of course). Some women have participated every year of its existence. Others are only able to attend for a few years before moving on. The woman ages span several decades, difference finances, married, single, widowed, [...]

    9. Jeg troede virkelig, at denne bog ville være den perfekte julebog. Titlen, beskrivelse og forsiden gav mig bare julevibes, og jeg var så klar til julehygge. Desværre prøver bogen at være alt andet end lige det. Selve cookie-uddelingen og beskrivelsen af deres hyggelige og hjertevarmende møde, som var dét, jeg ville læse allermest om, fyldte ikke engang halvdelen af bogen. Men det var de beskrivelser, som jeg bedst kunne lide, da de omhandlede deres venskaber og hygge.Vi hører om de fors [...]

    10. The opening line of this book is pretty good, I have to admit:I am the head cookie bitch and this is my party.And the premise for the book is also not bad. Every year a group of twelve diverse women gather to exchange cookies that they bake along with the latest happenings in their lives. As can be expected with this kind of story each woman has something unique to bring to the table like: one has adopted a baby internationally, one has a father who is having an affair with her bestfriend, the n [...]

    11. 3.5/5This is the story of 12 women who meet up every December for a cookie exchange. Each brings cookies to exchange, as well as well as a year full of stories and (a lot of) heartache. The story is narrated by Marnie, the “head cookie bitch,” and the host of the annual party. A lot of the story is centered around her life. She has two pregnant daughters, one an unwed eighteen year old, and the other in her 20’s who has had a tough time with her pregnancies. Each chapter is about a differe [...]

    12. From the beginning, I fell in love with Marnie the main character and her group of friends. The friends were diverse and from all walks of life which gave the book a realism because we pick up friends in our lives through many different ways. As I prepare for my first cookie exchange this year, I loved reading how organized and committed these ladies were to this yearly tradition. Marnie has quite a group of ladies that surround her. From a new co-grandma to a friend from high school, she gather [...]

    13. There were so many things wrong with this book! I really wanted to love this book but it just fell flat. 1-The story is told about 12 women but only one woman tells that story. Somehow she is part of everything in everyone's life. Also, while she would be describing something important in another woman's life, she would wander into her own life and make it all about her. It was quite annoying. 2- I can't even count how many times she mentioned the little wine glass ornaments that distinguish whi [...]

    14. I love this book. The fun started for me last Christmas when I came across The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman. It centers around a group of ladies that gather every Christmas season to make and exchange cookies. It sounds perfectly simple, but there are some rules for cookie club hopefuls. The publisher sent me this book in exchange for an honest review and I fell in love with it at first read. The warm of the authors, Ann Pearlman and Marybeth Bayer shines through the whole book.This com [...]

    15. After reading this book I can't wait for next year and start a "Christmas Cookie Club". The parts I enjoyed most about the book were the recipes, the rules and idea of the club, and information between each chapter regarding ingredients used such as sugar, flour etc. The parts I disliked most were the telling of each persons history, the narrator always got side tracked and started telling her story again. This is a non-Christian based book but yet when difficulty entered into someones life they [...]

    16. Ik wou iets luchtigs en iets makkelijks voor het slapengaan en koos de roman ‘De koekjesclub’ uit als “bedboek”. Het begon allemaal nog vrij boeiend, maar het werd vervolgens een langdradig en rommelig verhaal.Ik noemde deze roman al eerder een “keuvelroman”. Marnie keuvelt over haar vriendinnen, hun levens, haar leven, over koekjes, over de avond zelf, over herinneringen. Marnie vertelt ook de verhalen van haar vriendinnen, maar omdat het er zoveel zijn weet je halverwege het boek n [...]

    17. The book is about a group of women meeting each year in a Christmas Cookie Club where they share cookies and stories. Actually a nice idea. But there were just too many characters for the lenght of the novel. None of them - except maybe for the narrator - was able to develop properly and it was a bit difficult to remember who was who.

    18. A very emotional and nice read, but don't be mislead by the bluish chick lit cover this is not a light HEA romantic chick lit, this is a women fiction drama novel, with lots of grief and tough lives (cancer, abortion, cheating, etc.), but very nicely done, a heartwarming, wonderful read for the holidays.

    19. This story reminds me of the book group I'm in, so that fact may "cause" me like the book more than some others. I just love the celebration of women friends. Btw, MY women friends are the BEST ever.

    20. What a lovely read! I really thought this was a delightful book, filled with shared love, loss, death, life and the wonder of friendship. And I think the idea of a cookie club is deliscious!

    21. Fun read. After reading this I was inspired to start an anuual cookie club and hope it may continue for years to come.

    22. Every year, Marnie and her 12 friends meet for the annual meeting of The Cookie Club which happens on the first Monday of December every year without fail. The friends have been there for each other through a lot of ups and downs, and that’s not about the change any time soon.During the meeting, lots of secrets are revealed that shock the friends to the core. Marnie is waiting to hear from her pregnant daughter Sky about whether the baby is viable, Charlene is still struggling to get over the [...]

    23. Preview… "The Christmas Cookie Club" recounts the interwoven stories of Marnie and eleven of her closest girlfriends. Together they form the cookie club, a holiday institution. Our narrator, Marnie, tells us stories of each woman as she presents—stories of how Marnie first got to know her, stories of the troubles that each woman faces, stories of how she is working to overcome her setbacks. Our friends at the Christmas Cookie Club have all faced some pretty big problems in their day—lost j [...]

    24. Ugh. I tried. I really did, but this is a dnf for me. I can't hack the last little bit, so at 85% I quit. This was written by a Pulitzer Prize nominee, though not for this book. I got this for $1 at a library used book sale. I would really like my $1 back. I picked this up because the holidays were coming and I got caught up in a "sweet" moment of wanting to connect with other women and traditions.Ugh. I could go on all day with examples of why I did not like this book.It is so over-the-top in i [...]

    25. My mom passed this book to me and I decided I needed to read it during the holiday seasonI didn't have high expectations for this book but enjoyed some parts of it. Each of the chapters starts with a different ingredient and an detailed description of its history. It then gives a recipe for each of the cookies made and then gives the womans story.I liked the idea of an annual cookie exchange with the same 12 friends. I liked the "rules" of the cookie club- reminded me of my book club. I loved th [...]

    26. The Christmas Cookie Club is a fantastic idea! It is really different from other books even from other Christmas books! Every chapter starts with a great recipe for Christmas cookies and every chapter talks about the story of one of the members of the Christmas Cookie Club. Actually, the book is more about the different stories the people have to tell and less about the cookies themselves but the cookies and the cookie party always connect the stories and are the red line through the book! This [...]

    27. Based on a real club, 12 women meet each year, bring cookies and share stories. I was sad at the amount of infidelity that occurred in marriages. These women live in a very different world than most of the people I interact with. I need to get out even MORE so I can embrace these kind of women and shine LIGHT into their worlds.The confusion and warped philosophy about relationships and religion reminded me how truly blessed I am to live in my peaceful little faith-filled home. I thought it was i [...]

    28. This book was mediocre. It's redeeming qualities were the recipes at the beginning of every chapter (even though I would never bake half of them) and the history/facts about different common ingredients (chocolate, flour, nuts, etc) at the end of every chapter. These parts were really interesting. These parts are why I gave the book that third star.The rest of the book just didn't hold my interest like I had hoped. The storyline sounded great. But it just wasn't what i had expected. There were t [...]

    29. 'The Christmas Cookie Club' by Ann Pearlman is a book I liked, but found lacking in some areas. The parts I really enjoyed: * Love the great recipes that head each chapter! I plan to make quite a few batches this holiday season. * Marnie, the main character and head cookie bitch, came through really well. Very nicely characterized, she seems very real, rounded out, someone who would have a flock of friends in real life. * I liked that the story showed problems and triumphs for each charater, and [...]

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