The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire A brawling rambunctious history celebrating the Empire and the intrepid empire builders that gave the United States Canada India and Australia not just a common language but common ideals of free

  • Title: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire
  • Author: H.W. Crocker III
  • ISBN: 9781596986299
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • A brawling, rambunctious history celebrating the Empire and the intrepid empire builders that gave the United States, Canada, India, and Australia not just a common language, but common ideals of freedom and justiceThe British Empire the biggest empire in history once ruled a quarter of the globe It was built by an incredible array of swashbuckling soldiers and saA brawling, rambunctious history celebrating the Empire and the intrepid empire builders that gave the United States, Canada, India, and Australia not just a common language, but common ideals of freedom and justiceThe British Empire the biggest empire in history once ruled a quarter of the globe It was built by an incredible array of swashbuckling soldiers and sailors, pirates and adventurers who finally get their due in H W Crocker III s panoramic and provocative view of four hundred years of history that will delight and amuse, educate and entertain Strap on your pith helmet for a rollicking ride through some of history s most colorful events.Bet your teacher never told you The Founding Fathers didn t rebel against British imperialism they looked forward to the transfer of the great seat of Empire to America The original Norman English invasion of Ireland was approved by the popeSir Charles Napier, commander in chief of the British Army in India, abolished the Hindu custom of widow burningField Marshal Sir Gerald Templer s hearts and minds counter insurgency strategy was instrumental in defeating the Communists in MalayaThe breakup of the British Empire led Winston Churchill to conclude that he had achieved nothing in his life

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      115 H.W. Crocker III
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    1 thought on “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire”

    1. The PIG Guide to the British Empire advances from a false premise. Namely, that there's an informal conspiracy among academics, historians and "liberals" generally to castigate Britain for "alleged sins of racism, capitalism, and ignorant, judgmental, hypocritical Christian moralism" (3). In popular history, at least, the scales have lately swung the other way: Niall Ferguson, Lawrence James and Saul David have produced a sizable body of work celebrating British imperialism. Surely the layman is [...]

    2. Since I was at the Embassy of Japan to do my visa on Monday, I decided to stop by my aunt's house. And then came back with 4 books (and I have to return them before I leave). One of them is this one - The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire.Now, Singapore was once a British Colony, and then WWII happened, after which, most people decided that they didn't want to work for the British anymore and the struggle for Independence began. Right now, with all our colonial hang-ups, we tend [...]

    3. For readers who like their history romantically delusional and full of plucky, grown-up boys busy with the White Man's Burden:" the British Empire, for all its occasional missteps and outrages [sic], was a global, Shakespearean stage on which Britons could take part in a glorious adventure, playing Hotspur to headhunters and Henry V to Hottentots. If that sounds boyish, it is meant to, because the Empire was boyish; it trained boys to its tasks in schools of self-denial, cold dirty baths, bad fo [...]

    4. With such a wide timespan any attempt at a history of the British Empire would be quite the daunting task. This book takes you through the ages glorifying every exploit the Empire set out to. It gives a decent framing of events but as usual is incredibly biased.I think the author attempted to offended every possible reader of this book. Since the history is so extensive he has a wide palate of all cultures to attack and doesn't hold back. Most notable is that while this book was written in 2011 [...]

    5. Got more than half way through but it kept losing my attention . . . history just seems to be about wars and the "major generals" who think so much of themselves . . . yawn. Is there nothing else going on in the empire? Men and their wars I sick of it!

    6. Since most of the time The British Empire was portrayed as a big, greedy, if not evil, entity, it is refreshing to read this book, in which the author argued that as an "Empire in which the sun has never set", the British Empire undoubtedly spread its values such as westminster parliament, liberal democracy, british gentlemanship and its stiff upper lip around the world, from United States, to its tiny outpost such as Falklands. This book is filled with people who stood, fought and died for Brit [...]

    7. It is a great shame that the audiobook cd I was listening to skipped at times, as this is a greatly entertaining and provocative book to listen to, and one that is worthy of a read for fair-minded individuals. To be sure, those who are most in need of listening to this book to hear of the positive side of British imperialism are likely to be the most close-minded about its contents, and those readers that take the author’s comments in a praiseworthy way at face value will likely be confirmed i [...]

    8. An accessible romp through imperial history from an American point-of-view. It will certainly make you revise some of those negative assumptions you had about empire. It doesn't excuse any misdemeanors, but does reveal how the British empire improved the infrastructure of many countries and was popular with many (often the majority) of natives. Imperialists also addressed customs of appalling cruelty such as Sati in India and saw off oppressors such as the Mugals. The inference I had when finish [...]

    9. A breezy look at a worthy topicPublished in 2011 by Regnery Publishing, Inc.394 pages including extensive notes and an index.Generally intended as an antidote to the slanted education that many of us have received, the Politically Incorrect Guide (P.I.G.) series is an entertaining series loosely based on the "Idiots Guide" and the "Dummies" books.The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire is an immensely readable look at the British Empire - it's origins, its ideals, its controversies [...]

    10. Wonderful in your face rendition of the British Empire. H. W. Crocker is an excellent historian who shatters the PC liberal white guilt over the idea of Empire and the British one in particular. The stories are accurate and tongue in cheek enough to raise a laugh on almost every page. His point is well taken that but for the British Empire; the third world would be even more deeply mired in savagery, corruption and tyranny.

    11. Good idea, but not what I expected. Rather than an apology for the british empire, this was more of a biological survey of various figures throughout the empire's history. It was focused more on the lives of those individuals than on the Empire as a whole. That made its central argument less persuasive.

    12. Not truly a history, but a spirited unapologetic defense of the British Empire. This is more a review of the various regions that the British controlled with the history generally told through chapters that focused on the exploits of a notable Briton like Clive or Gordon or Wellington.Very entertaining, but as I said not a true history.

    13. I learned some interesting factoids from this history of Britain's colonization period. Be prepared that the author is unashamedly pro-British in his treatment of events. I found the character studies to be the most enlightening and entertaining.

    14. Very anti-non-British. Too one sided for a history book and only covers 400 years of the British empire! The empire that ruled the world is reduced to only the 1500's to the 1900's! I thought it would cover it's ancient empire as well and was disappointed to discover it did not

    15. A shamelessly one-sided celebration of an empire that deserves to be celebrated at least as much as any other empire the world has ever seen. It's not the book to read for nuanced historical analysis, but if you're a proud Anglophile, you may find it an entertaining read.

    16. There's a lot of good, interesting history here, but it's more of a series of biographical sketches than a systematic defense of the British Empire.

    17. This was a dud - very selective in what it presented, with the overall message that the British Empire was a godsend to the world.

    18. This book is a corker of a read. Very fun and informative. Makes you want to gather a ship and crew and sail off to relive the adventures of the British Empire.

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