Blood Brotherhoods: The Rise of the Italian Mafias

Blood Brotherhoods The Rise of the Italian Mafias The Sicilian mafia is far from being Italy s most powerful and dangerous criminal fraternity The south of the country hosts two other major mafias the Camorra from Naples and its hinterland and the N

  • Title: Blood Brotherhoods: The Rise of the Italian Mafias
  • Author: John Dickie
  • ISBN: 9780340963920
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Sicilian mafia is far from being Italy s most powerful and dangerous criminal fraternity The south of the country hosts two other major mafias the Camorra from Naples and its hinterland, and the Ndrangheta, the mafia of Calabria In this book John Dickie studies Italy s less well known but equally dark brotherhoods of crime.

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    • Best Read [John Dickie] ✓ Blood Brotherhoods: The Rise of the Italian Mafias || [Travel Book] PDF ¼
      479 John Dickie
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    1 thought on “Blood Brotherhoods: The Rise of the Italian Mafias”

    1. Maybe a little too ambitious in its effort to tackle so much research in one work; on the other end the book tries out a systematic comparative analyses of organized crime in the 'Bel Paese'. Admittedly Cosa Nostra A History of the Sicilian Mafia was a more thorough work. But, yet, I am looking forward to the second installment; 'Mafia Republic'.

    2. Only the book petering out stopped this getting five stars. I'd recomend this to anyone with a interest in true crime, the Mafia or Italian history.

    3. John Dickie has achieved a real undertaking. Retracing the history of the 3 greatest and oldest criminal organizations in Italy: the Camorra (Campania), the Cosa Nostra (Sicily) and the ´Ndrangheta (Calabria). He explains their commonalities and their point of differences and shows how each have learned from one another over time. Their success has inspired and served as a model for all the modern criminal organizations in the rest of the world, whether in Russian, Asia or Latin America, withou [...]

    4. John Dickie has written a dense history of organized crime in Italy, from its beginnings in the mid 19th century to its current form in the early 21st century. The detail is both its strength and it's weakness: Dickie simply throws everything in, the important and the trivial, with the result that the book often meanders; a careful edit would likely have pruned it by 25%. It also suffers from over reliance on the author's stylistic tics, which are repeated often enough to be annoying. But editor [...]

    5. This is a very informative account of the Mafia in Italy, but with the warning that it does move slowly and often becomes tedious in repetition. Dickie focuses strongly on the District Attorney throughout, as well as lingering on single characters at the expense of the larger picture. However, it does provide the details of origin and helps make sense of what we came to understand as the Mafia and its operations in the United States during the 20th century. Although Dickie doesn't get into the U [...]

    6. Comprehensive, authoritative and detailed history of Italy's three mafias: the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, the Camorra from Naples, and the mysterious 'ndranghetta from Calabria (the toe of the boot) spanning their ancient beginnings into the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The author does a good job of explaining the varied responses of Italy's criminal justice systems through the years. We also get a good sense of how and why the Italians have tolerated and worked with the mafias and why Italy now ha [...]

    7. As any reader of my blog may have surmised, Italian organized crime is a reading interest of mine. I've reviewed both Midnight in Sicily and Mafia Republic in the last couple of years; the latter work also by Dickie, covering the history of organized crime in Italy since World War Two. Mafia brotherhoods is Dickie's history of the three main criminal societies from their birth up until the War. It is a highly engaging book, packed with incident and characters, based on sound scholarship.Dickie e [...]

    8. An absorbing although at times depressing history of the three notorious criminal "brotherhoods" that emerged from Southern Italy in the second half of the Nineteenth Century, depressing because the book outlines the extent to which these organisations infiltrated the administration of the Italian state and all too frequently made themselves immune to justice. The book covers the period from about 1850 to 1944 and is concerned only with Italy. The author explains that the history of the Mafia in [...]

    9. I found the book very informative and certainly a lot of research has gone into it. The style of writing I found a little "dry", I'm not sure I can put my finger on it, but at times it seemed a little naiveBut there is one thing that made a great impression on me from the start. Reading about the Mafia brotherhoods and essentially the way a large part of Italian society "works" I was reminded very much of Greece, where I live. Only here we don't have (as far as I know) organised crime rings affi [...]

    10. Unification of Italy, prison economies and power structures explode out into Naples; the mountain communities of Calabria birth the 'ndrangheta, the lemon groves and noble grounds of Palermo solidify the Mafia; three secret societies, very structured, absolutely a systematic conspiracy. despite this, continous failures to combat and recognize them as such; ill-willed and ignorant obfuscation as a southern state of mind; up to 1943, when the Americans come and with their massive stores give birth [...]

    11. I learned something I certainly didn't know before--that there were 3 Italian Mafias. Dickie does a good job describing their rise and (for some of them) their falls. He explains what made them so powerful and difficult to uproot. He shows the connection between fascism and the Mafia. He also shows the cultural differences between them.

    12. One of the best organised crime documental revelations, which describes how the secret blood fraternities work. A lot of peculiar rituals in the blood brotherhoods and dynastic webs trough the Italian judicial system are described, giving a wide look in the Italian history. The book is excellent and recommended for people who like the science of law, ceime or politics.

    13. The version I have is a collection of two books: Mafia Brotherhoods and Mafia Republic. The 2014 version of this book apparently is a conflation of them both for America, as opposed to the smaller British version that's all I can find on thus far.

    14. Fantastic & fascinating book. It's a gripping history, eminently readable, & should be required reading for anyone who loves Italy.

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