The Lord of Illusion

The Lord of Illusion He ll do anything to save herRebel Lord Drystan Hawkes dreams of fighting for England s freedom He gets his chance when he finds a clue to opening the magic portal to Elfhame and he must race to find

  • Title: The Lord of Illusion
  • Author: Kathryne Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He ll do anything to save herRebel Lord Drystan Hawkes dreams of fighting for England s freedom He gets his chance when he finds a clue to opening the magic portal to Elfhame, and he must race to find the slave girl who holds the key to the mystery But even as Drystan rescues Camille Ashton from Dreamhame Palace, it becomes unclear exactly who is saving whom.For the fHe ll do anything to save herRebel Lord Drystan Hawkes dreams of fighting for England s freedom He gets his chance when he finds a clue to opening the magic portal to Elfhame, and he must race to find the slave girl who holds the key to the mystery But even as Drystan rescues Camille Ashton from Dreamhame Palace, it becomes unclear exactly who is saving whom.For the fate of humankind lies with CamilleEnslaved for years in a realm where illusion and glamour reign, Camille has learned to trust nothing and no one But she s truly spellbound when she meets Drystan a man different from any she s ever known, and the force of their passion may yet be strong enough to banish the Elven Lords from this world forever.

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    1. This is the third and last book in the series. The Elven rule is to come to an end, or least the rebels hope so. Many years have gone by since book 1 and in this book we meet Drystan Hawkes. The couple from book 2 has raised him in Wales and so the story continues. Drystan is more of the bookish kind of hero, and I do love a hero who loves books. He is also in love with a woman he has been dreaming of and wants to find her. And we all know that that woman will be the mysterious slave girl. Camil [...]

    2. Story Rating 4.5 starsCharacter Rating 4 starsRomance Rating 5 starsImagination 5 starsHeat Level 2.5 starsOverall Rating 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this book, it was a good addition to this series and I'm sad to see it end.This whole series was written with really fantastic imagination. Those of you who love reading books with Dragons, Elves, magic and really cool places and things would really enjoy this series. To tell the truth I'm surprised that more of my friends at have not read this seri [...]

    3. Do you have those authors you love who sweep you into time to the Scottish Highlands or keep you biting your fingernails well into the night after pages of gripping suspense or make you wish you’d been born in London during the Regency era to attend glittering balls or any other number of romance scenarios when you read? I know you do. I hope you’ll add Kathryne Kennedy to that list, because she’s one of the best when it comes to magical paranormal romance. Glamor and glitter have nothing [...]

    4. I'm giving this book a four star review, but it's really pushing five.The world of this series is a Georgian England ruled over by seven crazy Elven Lords who use their subjects as pawns in a game to control the King of England. Each Elven Lord has a scepter that allows him to concentrate his power. A rebellion has been undermining the lords and each book tells the story of a couple stealing a scepter from the lord. There are seven lords, this is the third book.Because this book was to be the la [...]

    5. This was definitely the weakest book in the series (the first was the best by far). The romantic plot was mildly enjoyable, but it was over quickly in favor of the Rebellion storyline, making the book feel uneven. The characters weren't unlikeable, but they were uninteresting because they were portrayed as far too perfect. Far too many new characters and their romantic partners were introduced toward the end. I didn't know these people or care about them, yet they participated in the climactic s [...]

    6. Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspHow does one take a battered and abused woman and teach her to love? The answer is: very slowly and with as little magic as possible. Thing is, that’s hard to do when she’s stuck in a magical world as a slave and the master is a psychotic magic wielding elf with fits of paranoia. But Drystan wouldn’t be the hero he is if he didn’t try. And that is only one of the amazing journeys that a reader experiences on this final wild ride in a world where [...]

    7. Where do I start? The Lord of illusion has many flaws. Kennedy tries to combine a love story between Drystan and Camille with the wrap-up of a series storyline consisting of a Rebellion who wants to free England from the elven lords. The romance storyline works well-enough, although I didn’t find it engaging. (The hero, Drystan, is unbelievably perfect. And the heroine, Camille, doesn’t appear to have any flaws either.) My biggest complaint is the way Kennedy resolved Camille’s distrust/di [...]

    8. My Rating: 3 stars: Liked it, but I had some issues - recommend (B)Full Review here: twimom227/2012/02/reviThe Lord of Illusion takes place roughly 30 years after the conclusion of The Lady of the Storm, with that story’s heroes, Giles and Cecily Beaumont, still in Wales and caring for half-breeds hidden from the oppressive Elven Lords. Their foster son, Drystan Hawkes, has lived in Wales almost his entire life, afflicted by haunting visions and voices from the Elven Lords’ magical scepters [...]

    9. I enjoyed The Lord of Illusion, and it did an passable job of wrapping up the trilogy, but it felt rushed. The main reason why I couldn't rate this book higher was because it took place so long after the first two, and so much happened in between this book and the previous two that was never fully detailed. I feel like there could have easily been three more books in between the second and third books in the trilogy. Yes, the author did an acceptable job of explaining everything in a way that ke [...]

    10. Kennedy certainly has a knack for building romance, creating charming male leads and developing vividly-detailed magical settings.The series' third installment focuses on the pursuits of the Rebellion, the possibility of locating the key to Elfhame, and Lord Roden, master of glamour and illusion.Our hero, Drystan Hawkes, travels to Dreamhame Palace to locate a woman who has continuously haunted his dreams. He knows that finding her is crucial, for reasons that he doesn't fully understand, but he [...]

    11. The main character compares his life in what is basically a good orphanage to the life she spent as a slave (including being raped). I couldn't finish the book after that statement.

    12. It's actually more like three and a half stars.(Note: this is a spicy romance with relatively graphic, though tasteful, sex scenes. There's also mention of rape.)This story skips over several others. It appears that two other scepters have been stolen since the events of The Lady of the Storm. This adds quite a bit of frustration to the plot since I kept wondering about those thefts and how they came about. Each of the couples would have made a wonderful story on their own, and I think both the [...]

    13. 3 3/4 stars. Lord of Illusion by Kathryne Kennedy is the third book of ‘The Elven Lords’ series that depicts the struggles to overthrow the elven rule which oppresses England. There are many humans and hybrids who have sacrificed much to try to free the land from the power-hungry fae and a small group of dedicated individuals have managed to liberate 3 scepters from the elven lords. Drystan Hawkes is one of the rare half-breeds that can actually communicate with the scepters, a fact that has [...]

    14. Tender love, furious action and a life-and-death struggle bring Kathryne Kennedy's THE LORD OF ILLUSION, the final book in her Elven Lords trilogy, to a crashing finale.All his life, Drystan has been an outcast because of his magical visions. These dreams have led him to a lonely and frustrating job as a researcher, where he sifts through long-unread records in search of the woman in his visions. That sad, beautiful lady may hold the key to defeating the Elven lords. Her sorrow also tears at his [...]

    15. Am still not fond of messing with history.Problem number 1 with series in general - there are *7* stories that could have been told, our author picked 3.Problem number 2 with series in general - the time frame involved.The problems only show up in THIS book because stories 1 and 2 were in sequence. In the years since story 2, there've been 2 new stories (that we only get hints of), and during story 3, another takes place (but we only see the results), and story 7 is just kinda hanging there, lik [...]

    16. Forty years have passed since “The Fire Lord’s Lover” and twenty-some years since “The Lady of the Storm”.The beginning, reading Drystan recounting the years since Giles and Cecily fled to Wales, outside the elves’ reach, I got the impression of missing stories. Especially with “The Lord of Illusion” marked as third in the elven trilogy. Which saddens me because I could well imagine General Samson Cavendish and Lady Joscelyn; Alexander and warrior-lady Wilhelmina; and Dorian wit [...]

    17. The Lord of Illusion starts 40 years after Giles and Cecily’s story (Lady of the Storm). Drystan travels back to the court of the Elven Lord Roden to find “the key” to the scepters. This key is Camille. It’s believed she has the power to open the door back to Elfhame. Roden is evil and malicious, he adds quit a bit of angst to the story. Great secondary characters, especially Roden’s dragon Grimor’ee, he is very entertaining. The story really moves, the romance is very sweet and movi [...]

    18. Drystan has dreamt of a mysterious girl for most of his life, convinced she is the key to opening the portal back to Elfhame and freeing England from the tyrannical rule of the cruel elven lords. He finds Camille just in time, as the slave is in danger, and must convince her that he loves her and that she can be the key to saving the world.I've found this series to be fascinating, but this book was too rushed. I had to doublecheck to make sure I hadn't missed installments, because suddenly there [...]

    19. The Lord of Illusion is Kathryne Kennedy's conclusion to her best-selling Elven Lords trilogy. Kennedy uses magic, violence and romance to paint a picture of an alternative history of England. She writes of a land controlled by seven elven lords with scepters of power and great dragon steeds. Each of these lords (and ladies) rules a sovereign part of England. They have virtually enslaved the human race, and any child showing signs of becoming more powerful than their predecessors (you see, inter [...]

    20. After the first few chapters, it's very easy to lose yourself in Kennedy's world of magic and mythical beasts. Drystan Hawkes and Camille Ashton are wonderful characters, but dear Drystan is too perfect of a gentleman to be completely believable. If you've dreamed of a woman for so long you fell in love with her, I doubt that you won't grow a little reckless when you try to woo said woman - even one with Camille's problems. Speaking of perfect, the plot was so smooth that it became predictable. [...]

    21. This is the end of the series and felt abrupt. At the beginning of the book you meet newest half-breed who is living outside of Elven England. And apparently a LOT has happened in between book 2 and 3. There are references made to many couples that you meet in the last third of the book but I have no connection to any of them or really to the main characters in this book because it felt thrown together. This could have been a long series like Feehan's where the author explored each elven kingdom [...]

    22. This was a nice conclusion to The Elven Lords series by Kennedy. I loved the characters Camille and Drystan. They both have a spark that was intriguing to be a part of. I only gave this novel three stars because though the characters were as remarkable as always,the plot was a little dry and predictable as all get out. I also would have liked to see more depth in the story instead the elementary thought process of A to B to C. It was a sequence of lets do this and then they do it. Her other work [...]

    23. I really liked this series but was disappointed in this book. I liked the characters and their path in life and all of that, but will agree with other readers that I felt like I missed a few books; namely, the stories of the other 2 scepters and their retrieval. I didn't even know that Dominic and Cassandra had a child until this book and he's already grown and married! I also felt like the ending was very sudden - as one reader posted, it felt like the author was bored with this world and cut o [...]

    24. Loved the first two books. Book 3 seemed to just want to end the series. It didn't care about the story, just the end. Luckily it's a fast read or should I say short. Once the main characters have gotten past their hangups about each other (first 1/2) then we simply move from one point on the map to another (literally 2 stops) and the book ends. Characters were forgettable and so was the conclusion.

    25. I loved the first two books in this series, and this book was well-written. I'm disappointed that this series ended so abruptly and a large portion of the war and a few other romances were condensed into a few pages. The ending of this book felt rushed. I wish the author could go back and write a few more novels covering that span of time we missed.

    26. It started off slow and was rather on the long side-- but when I got started I could not put it down. I got my happily ever after and what more could a girl ask for then battles, dragons, love and powerful magic-- that is completed when the more powerful Elven came to collect the naughty elven that were wreaking havoc on England?

    27. I was confused by one key point of the novel. It's set 40 years after the previous novels and there are a lot of gaps for characters' back stories and the history of the world the author had created. Other than that, it was a decent book.

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