Eclipse Corona

Eclipse Corona A Song Called Youth Book

  • Title: Eclipse Corona
  • Author: John Shirley
  • ISBN: 9781930235021
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Song Called Youth, Book 3.

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      379 John Shirley
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      Posted by:John Shirley
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    1 thought on “Eclipse Corona”

    1. The final book in the Eclipse trilogy is of the same high quality as the others but unlike the previous two the typesetting isn't unbelievably awful. A character's name inexplicably changes and the "updated" name for the Russia differs with every novel (Greater Russia? New-Soviet Union? New Soviet Republic?), but it's not immersion-breaking this time round.

    2. This was a pretty amazing trilogy. I will say, though, that it is pretty extreme cyberpunk: plenty of sex and violence, described richly.This series is gaining some traction again today with the rise of nationalism. The villains are modern nazis who argue using "science" that eliminating other races will bring peace on Earth. It's left to the reader to argue against them.I only wish that the author had not gone back and updated the series with new historical developments. It doesn't work well to [...]

    3. A satisfying and solid end to the trilogy. The war is over, the good guys have won. For now.The theatre moves purely to Europe here, as the propaganda war in the US disables any influence over there. There are, again, a few pieces that jar, new plot points, new villains, not foreshadowed or introduced earlier in the trilogy that they seem to have come from nowhere. It makes the book feel slightly incohesive, but maybe more real, a better description of the chaos of real war when neither side has [...]

    4. John Shirley's A Song Called Youth finalé brings the whole, full-tilt edifice around: you see how these things could happen, improbably but not impossibly (as has happened, each time, when these régimes take over) without most of the populace's of the First World's deigning to turn a full, non-dismissive eye upon the happenings. You feel the frustration of the Lefty New Resistance'rs, as they have to almost plead and cajole to outsiders to just fucking look and listen to what they've brought b [...]

    5. A Satisfying Conclusion to "A Song Called Youth" TrilogyJohn Shirley shines once more, in the riveting conclusion of his "A Song Called Youth" trilogy. After being discredited in the United States, the Second Alliance makes its final stand in Europe. About to unleash genocide as it tries to unite Western Europe under its Christian Fundamentalist Fascism, only the New Resistance (NR) stands in its way. And high in Earth orbit, the NR's chief financial sponsor has his own sinister plans for humani [...]

    6. Really fun read. Some of the best use of music and musicians in any book. Maybe a little violent--spends a lot of time on battle scenes--but all around exciting. Bravo John Shirley!

    7. ne avevo letto un estratto su una antologia e prometteva beneIl romanzo invece si è rivelato non essere poi questa gran cosa.

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