Old French Fairy Tales

Old French Fairy Tales Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable high qual

  • Title: Old French Fairy Tales
  • Author: Comtesse de Ségur Virginia Frances Sterrett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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      306 Comtesse de Ségur Virginia Frances Sterrett
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    1. It is difficult when reading a dominion free kindle book to judge some older works. You lack the charm of the illustrations which in some cases can totally change your view of the book. This kindle, a free classic, lacks the illustration and just presents the text. The fairy tales in this collection are very French and somewhat in the tradition of the French Salon stories. I say in the spirit because while all the characteristics are their there is a je ne sais quoi missing from them that exists [...]

    2. Another volume of French literary fairy tales under my belt! Madame la Comtesse de Ségur isn't as good a tale-weaver as Madame d'Aulnoy, however, mostly because she's way more romantic, more straightforward in her plots, which have an unequivocal feel-good quality about them, and her characterisation is at best two-dimensional and heavily archetypical, with little variance. And besides, she relies a lot more on Deus ex machina resolutions, never daring to rack her characters over the coals and [...]

    3. I fell in love with this book and honestly, they don't give it much credit here in the U.S. I read all the fairy tales as a child and they are a permanent part of my library. These french tales are the foundation of our Disney movies. The book has great visuals and descriptions. The stories are timeless and unique. They have good lessons to be learned. The grammar is impeccable! I really wish they would make this a leather bound. The stories are about enchanted woods, princesses, magical animals [...]

    4. I was surprised by the level of suspense of several of these tales - I actually found myself nervous at the outcome. The illustrations are whimsically beautiful - like something out of a dream. The language is a bit dry, but I'm sure that has more to do with something being lost in translation.

    5. (#37 in my Year of Reading Women)Prettily written, but the stories don't half go on (I like my fairy tales to be under ten pages long - brevity is part of their charm) and ultimately I got sick of not only the perfectness of the "good" characters but also how restrictive and tyrannical much of the behaviour expected of them is (one girl is instructed (and later rewarded for) to keep her curiosity under control - not nosiness or peering into other people's business, but curiosity, whereas I think [...]

    6. Beautiful illustrations, but the stories are an odd combination of depressing, uplifting, and unintentionally goofy. There was a "Prince Marvelous" involved.

    7. Four point five stars for a great fairy tale collection, but it rounds up to 5 because the illustrations are just gorgeous.

    8. Love this old fairy tales collection, butBut where are the pictures? There are an Illustrations Index, but none of them in the book!Otherwise, this book is a 5 stars book

    9. Voilà, je m'essaie à lire à voix haute la Comtesse de Ségur à ma fille, elle vient d'avoir quatre ans. Ces livres étaient mes préférés lorsque j'étais enfant, je suis curieuse de voir comment ma puce y réagira et ce que j'en penserait moi-même en tant qu'adultes. Nous avons entamé la lecture il y a deux jours et avons donc deux chapitres de lu, ma fille me bombarde de question sur les personnages, sur qui est gentil, qui est méchant, sur le pourquoi de leurs comportements et de leu [...]

    10. I don't actually have a copy of this book, but I read the entire thing online, and believe me, it's AWESOME! There are only five fairy tales, but they're all pretty good and very well-written. The illustrations (which are kinda trippy, but in a good way!) also add charm to the stories.My personal favorite is "Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon", which I liked so much I almost forgot to read the rest of the book. It has such amazing imagery and an intriguing plot. I also like how some of the s [...]

    11. What a wonderful fairy book this is. It had themes on sacrifice, penance, perseverance, foolishness, greed, jealousy, pride, gluttony, unconditional love, temptation, curiosity, humility, and several more. It doesn't have any kind of foolish love sentiments. Especially the story about Ourson and Violette, who loved him in spite of his hideousness. In the same way Ourson loved and adored Violette so much that he right away refused Violette taking up his curse so that he could become handsome. A r [...]

    12. This book of fairy tales is extraordinary (and reminds me that I really need to learn how to take better care of these old darlings). The engravings are amazing, and Sophie Rostopchine (a.k.a. La Comtesse) has an amazing story herself. This, her first work of fiction (apparently there was a children's health book and a children's Mass book before this one), was pubished when she was well past 50 years old. And to top all that off, the book itself has a nice, spidery inscription from an Isabel Wa [...]

    13. 4 starsOld French Fairy Tales is a wonderful and timeless book by Sophie, the Countess of Ségur, containing five beautiful fairy tales: Blondine, Good Little Henry, Princess Rosette, The Little Gray Mouse and Ourson.Unlike the usual fairy tales, which are only a few pages long, these old French fairy tales are long, detailed and with a thicker plot and a clear, strong lesson to be learnt.I recommend this books to anyone who loves fairy tales.

    14. I feel like I read a different book than everyone else, because I thought it was horrible and sexist and half the stories were about emotionally abusing girls. I'm a little bit sorry for anyone who grew up reading about how being curious was going to get everything and everyone you loved killed, so instead you should force yourself to be a submissive and passive girl who does everything your menfolk tell you to do. Because these stories really went out of their way to drive those ideas home.

    15. Wonderful book, and very fun to read. Keep a dictonary near you though,I am shamed to say that I found myself looking up a couple words. If you like wimsy and happyends, and don't mind brushing up on some vocabulary, you'll enjoy this book!

    16. Should be renamed "Horrible Tales." Unnecessary cruelty inflicted on children to brainwash / indoctrinate them to be unquestioningly obedient to adults. What a load of pap.

    17. Great!Super livre pour raconter des histoires à ses enfants. Le seul problème c'est qu'on oblige de donner un revues de 20 mots minimum, la barbe!

    18. the stories are clever, wonderful, yet a bit predictable at times, while the illustrations are simply stunning and flawless. one of the best fairy tales collection i've read in a long time.

    19. I love old European tales as it is very different to the ones (Asian) I read when I was a child. The ones I read as a child were less violent and more gentle.

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