The Guide

The Guide Railway Raju is a disarmingly corrupt tourist guide who lives by his wits and falls in love with a beautiful dancer More by chance than skill he seduces her away from her husband a lonely writer wh

  • Title: The Guide
  • Author: R.K. Narayan
  • ISBN: 8185986074
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Railway Raju is a disarmingly corrupt tourist guide, who lives by his wits and falls in love with a beautiful dancer More by chance than skill, he seduces her away from her husband, a lonely writer who is obsesses with local rock carvings, and transforms her into a celebrity courted by wealthy and influential dignitaries wherever she performs THE GUIDE floats as gently aRailway Raju is a disarmingly corrupt tourist guide, who lives by his wits and falls in love with a beautiful dancer More by chance than skill, he seduces her away from her husband, a lonely writer who is obsesses with local rock carvings, and transforms her into a celebrity courted by wealthy and influential dignitaries wherever she performs THE GUIDE floats as gently as a lily pad on the surface of Indian life and yet suggests the depths beneath It manages to describe a saint who is neither born nor made but simple happens, almost like a weather.

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    1. First book of 2014.Narayan's The Guide is a good story about a man who is a tourist guide who does his absolute best to please his customers honestly or dishonestly, as is the nature of tourist guides everywhere. But he is brought low by romance and becomes a bit of a rogue. I don't want to spoil the story by writing out the plot but eventually, from the absolute depths a man can sink to, he rises on the back of being thought a holy man. His innate moral sense overrides his desire for an easier [...]

    2. Those of you who think that Indian novels are always about sadness and despair of poor people, must think again. This book, The Guide by R. K. Narayan is funny. Unlike let's say, The God of Small Things or The Inheritance of Loss, this book will not make you squirt some tears from your eyes. Rather, when you close the book, you'll be happy yet mesmerized by its beauty. It's beauty is not really in the narration or innovative storytelling. The novel's beauty is its ability to show you the traditi [...]

    3. My friend Jim Earl recently wrote an excellent article entitled "How to Read the Indian Novel." This article was the culmination of reading sixty Indian novels over a fairly short period of time. His favorite Indian novelist of the many he read is R.K. Narayan. So I picked up Narayan's "The Guide" and read it with some words from Jim ringing in my ears: "Narayan always seems simple and easy to read, but he leaves one with much to ponder." Yes indeed. Raju, the central character in this novel, is [...]

    4. Just quoting from the song written by Shailendra for the movie, sung by none other the great S.D Burmanhte hain gyaani,duniyaa hai faanipaani pe likhi likhaayihai sabki dekhi,hai sabki jaanihaath kisike na aayikuchh tera naa mera,musafir jaayega kahaandam lele ghadi bhar,ye chhaiyyaan,payega kahaanwahaan kaun hai tera O traveller where will you goLearned people say,this world is a mirageeverything is written on waterit is seen by all, it is experienced by allbut no one has understood itnothing i [...]

    5. it has truly been described as a 'pensive comedy' - this is the story of Raju, an ordinary middle class man in South India, who vicariously rose to the height of fame, had a plunging fall, then again rose up like the phoenix to become a swamiji, a demi-god. More than Raju, I sympathize with Rosy, the dreamy eyed girl, whose only passion was dance, for which she had to suffer. Her husband left her, she took up with Raju, but then Raju soon became somewhat like a mercenary feeding upon her income. [...]

    6. bbc/programmes/b06l36xyDescription: Raju's first stop after his release from prison is the barber's shop. Then he decides to take refuge in an abandoned temple. Raju used to be India's most corrupt tourist guide - but now a peasant mistakes him for a holy man. Gradually, he begins to play the part.It is written on the brow of someThat they shall never be left in peaceRaju seems to be somewhat Zelig in nature, becoming anything at a pitch of a hat.His Holy Man routine becomes ever believable.

    7. From life on the earth to the Karmic theories of purgatory; from real life details to the world of Gods; from sin to atonement this book, The Guide, by R K Narayan will take you to new dimensions of readership. Perhaps one of the greatest novels Indian authors writing in English have produced, this book is a classic in the sense it's always there. Today also, you can find the novel's relevance in the society. Plot, theme, plot movement, language everything about the novel is perfect and you get [...]

    8. "The Guide" by R.K. Narayan is an excellent example that how beautiful and intriguing simplicity can be . Mr. Narayan wrote the novel with sheer simplicity of language and expression . Even with simplicity - which is the power of the novel - the story is deep and touches the inner recesses of human nature . The story is about how a being makes himself and destroys himself , but in midst of this creation and destruction the changes which takes place in a person are more important . I think throug [...]

    9. This is the first of Narayan's novels that I've read, and I was bothered by it in the same way I'm always bothered by stories that sacrifice psychological verisimilitude for the sake of plot. Raju, the main character, begins the book as an unethical, opportunistic, but essentially likable fellow; as the story goes on he transforms first into a money-grubbing, misogynistic, self-serving asshole, and then into some semblance of a holy man. I don't have a problem with characters undergoing changes, [...]

    10. The Guide is set up as a frame story, beginning with our protagonist, Raju, turning up at an abandoned temple after being released from prison. Basically, he's squatting, but a local person named Velan comes to ask Raju to help him solve a problem with his willful daughter. Raju keeps feeding Velan statements of profound nonsense, but when Velan's daughter comes around, word spreads about Raju's holy nature. When a drought hits, Raju offers one of his statements, which is interpreted around the [...]

    11. This is a very moving story of greed, illicit relationship, chasing you dreams, destiny taking you to unimaginable, power of faith, superstition, luck and finally divinity.My first introduction to RK Narayan was through TV serials 'Swami' and 'Malgudi days'. I was a kid so i liked Swami very much which was about the antics of a young boy and his friends. The stories of Malgudi days were a bit mature and found them boring at that time. Today in hindsight i see that they have great psychological d [...]

    12. Hmm. What do i say about a book that i just finished last night and which has been growing on me since theno early to say anything? yeah, maybe. but if i delay, i won't be able to pen down this mini-review of sorts. R.K. Narayan writes in the simplest of English, a bildungsroman of sorts of a man named Raju. Actually, weaves would be a better word instead of writes, because the book is actually a tapestary of Raju's life and that of other major and minor characters, Velan, Rosie, Marco (whose te [...]

    13. I didn't really put much thought into what kind of story this would be, but now that I have completed it, let me just say it went beyond my expectations. R. K. Narayan has a flair for storytelling.I've been reading a lot of books which move back and forth in time, and 'The Guide' is one which does so brilliantly. The narration of the past is told in relevance to what is happening in the present, and written in a consistent manner too, making it easy for readers to follow.I think the best thing a [...]

    14. The writing is quite spare and there is little description of the backdrop of the novel, apart from what is necessary.The Guide is about Raju, who tells his story in the present and past. He has been in prison and has taken refuge in an empty temple by a river. The locals begin to believe he is a holy man. Interspersed is the story of Raju's past, his childhood, his time as a tourist guide. Then his affair with a married woman and its consequences. Raju is a rogue who is often self serving, but [...]

    15. 'The Guide' is the story of transformation of the protagonist, Raju from a simple tour guide to a great spiritual guide. Starting as a tourist guide in the small village of Malgudi, Raju more often known as Railway Raju, leads a very simple life with his widowed mother. However the entrance of Rosie and her husband, Marco, brings about a turmoil in all of their lives. Rosie aspires to be a famous dancer while Marco is focussed towards his career and totally apathetic towards Rosie and her dancin [...]

    16. I thought I would just say "guys, read and make your own judgement"but thought better of it:) Typical RKN's writing: decent, simplistic, with subtle humor. This is kind of the most respected of his novels. On that score, it left me a little disappointed. I actually didn't get the point of the novel. Probably the point he was making is there is no point :) Life has to be lived and you can't do nothing about most things. It is not as bad as you think or it is not as good as you believe. I could to [...]

    17. The book feels like it was written by Joseph Conrad, who I am a big fan of. The style is also that of 19th century English, a bit old like King James Bible style of English, too formal in such a way that reflects the Indian Spirit. All that was compensated for by the author's wit and charming spirit and sense of humor; I mean, this is a lively book and it is fun for me to read and I can read it over and over again and find it amusing. The trouble is, English is my second language and I do care a [...]

    18. The Guide is the story of Raju and his journey through life – mostly his days in the fictional town of Malgudi – immortalized by R. K. Narayan in so many ways. Raju is a young child who dislikes school, holds most people around in slight disdain and is yet inventive enough to take whatever opportunity life offers him (and he does snatch at most of these) and make the best out of it – hook or by crook. The boy and eventually the man that Raju becomes is unabashedly self-absorbed, almost sha [...]

    19. I had such nice time reading this novel. I have entered the life of characters and I could experience them in their moments. I believe Raju was quite reflective in his narration of his momentary experiences about his life. Of course, R.K. Narayan creates characters which have depth to look within and make sense of their experiences and circumstances.I another book by same author, BA Pass, there is part where character becomes sage by default. In this novel, author again experiments with the orig [...]

    20. I have read 'Malgudi days' by R.K. Narayan before and I always liked his style of writing and his unique quality of putting most complex of emotions in simplest and concise manner .Like his other works, Guide also jumps around Indian culture, beliefs, socioeconomic structure, and human nature, which is not particular to any country or group of people. I don't know how can he portray such arcane concepts of very varied and convoluted topic that Indian culture is, in such simple and appealing fash [...]

    21. "It's easy to read, but difficult to understand" says Michael Gorra in his foreword. And i agree with him a hundred percent. There are so many interpretations possible from this one. Some may like Raju, some may not. Some may like Rosie, some may not. Some may like Marco, some may not. My review:It's a self-deprecatory repentant narrative by Raju as told to Velan after he's released from prison (earlier convicted for forgery). Am trying to forget the first person narrative by Raju and look at th [...]

    22. It was only when I felt the urgency to seat for my exam I began to read this novel without having any inherent interest and prior acquaintance with RK Narayan's style or narrative technique . As I proceeded, I found Raju more of a typical rural Indian boy ,playing and cavorting around with gaily spirit , and less of a man who knows only to beguile everyone with acute eloquence and amicable manner. His emerging from the shopkeeper to tourist guide ,his seduction of the wife of Macrow ,then his su [...]

    23. Brilliant stuff. Very different from the usual R.K.Narayan's books. For it leaves much to the reader's imagination. Have been a big fan of Narayan for the simplicity of his narration and simple stories. But can't say the same things for him now though I'm a slightly bigger fan now!Was going with 3.5 till the penultimate chapter, going for 4 for the epic (anti-)conclusion!

    24. From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Railway Raju is famous for helping tourists above and beyond the call of duty - until Rosie arrives. Stars Nitin Ganatrac/programmes/b06l36xy

    25. Unfortunately I had't read none of R K Narayan books for some unknown reason (call it availability as they are still not available in stores - not talking about online stores). Which better book to start but with "The Guide", on which a timeless cult classic movie was made which I believe was a super success. I have already seen it multiple times and the visuals are pretty much intact in my brain with those lavish locations where Rosie (Waheeda Rehman) dances to the tunes of the official "Guide" [...]

    26. I absolutely despised all the main characters. R. K. Narayan is nothing short of a genius. What a bunch of people he had created in this comedy/tragedy. It was a quick and an engaging read. I'd read this first when I was a lot younger, and I remember not understanding most of it. I had thought of Raju as a fool, Rosie as a manipulative and an equally gullible woman, 'Marco' as an extremely harsh man.While not most of these views have changed, I have to acknowledge that these characters cannot be [...]

    27. Mr. Narayan brings out the fondest memories of good old days. How one can bring such a change onto oneself is what makes this book one of it's kind. Humans, tend to bring out the worst and best in them as per their circumstances and vice versa stands true as well Intricacies of Nalini's mind leaves you completely surprised leading to the stage of being annoyed too. Raju being the simple and devoted son transforms to someone who has lost the touch of his old self since the time his mother leaves [...]

    28. این کتاب درباره راجو مردی از طبقه متوسط هند است که شغلش راهنمای جهانگردان و توریست هاست و به این واسطه با زن و شوهری آشنا می شود که باعث تغییر مسیر زندگی اش می شود. عاشق زن می شود و رابطه زن و شوهر را خراب می کند. تمام تلاشش را برای شکوفایی هنر زن می کند و در این راه پول زیادی را به [...]

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