Arctic Crossing: One Man's 2,000-Mile Odyssey Among the Inuit

Arctic Crossing One Man s Mile Odyssey Among the Inuit An amazing tale of a breathtaking journey across the top of the world SEE QUOTES

  • Title: Arctic Crossing: One Man's 2,000-Mile Odyssey Among the Inuit
  • Author: Jonathan Waterman
  • ISBN: 9781585747306
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • An amazing tale of a breathtaking journey across the top of the world SEE QUOTES.

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    1 thought on “Arctic Crossing: One Man's 2,000-Mile Odyssey Among the Inuit”

    1. It seems I am not the first one to run out of library renewals to attempt to finish this book. I really enjoyed the story of Waterman's journey, the idea of Oslo traveling the Arctic is incredible and beautiful and soul searching. Unfortunately the way he writes about politics and history is far too drawn out for me and I barely made it halfway before I decided I don't have to finish books if I don't want to plow through unforgiving chapters upon chapters of gritty numbers. Overall I wish I coul [...]

    2. I wanted to finish this book and I almost did, but ran out of library renewals and grew a bit worn down by it. I feel weird about this book because I liked it; there's strong writing, great imagery, interesting facts and adventure throughout, but I thought Waterman needed an editor (or an editor who would edit further). He repeatedly talks about missing his fiance and then he's off on a plane heading north. He repeatedly talks about feeling alone and miserable during certain points of his journe [...]

    3. Very good book about Waterman's solo expeditions through the Northwest Passage, predominately by kayak. Waterman is a good writer and his emphasis on the wildlife seen, the discomfort and danger of his travels, and interactions with Inuit are wonderful. Very thoughtful and informative about life in Nunavit and the problems/strengths of Inuit culture. He makes every effort to be honest about the complexity of the culture and his reactions. His conclusion - enough of solo travel as he returns home [...]

    4. I have been obsessed with the Arctic for the past few years, beginning by reading Sibir and People of the Deer by Mowat. They left me writing songs about this idealized Inuit culture I had in my head, placed there gently by these Mowat books. I was happy to get ahold of Waterman's book, updating my idealized view with a dose of reality. His evocative descriptions of the landscape counter his fast-paced knee-jerk survival through hypothermic, near-death dunks in the Northwest Passage like chalk o [...]

    5. I liked reading about this man's adventures in the artic, but sometimes his style was overly poetic and just plain weird and confusing. I actually didn't end up finishing it before it was due back at the library, but I probably will end up checking it out again at some later date. I was interested in his interactions with the Inuit people.

    6. Really liked how the book started out. Educational, interesting, full of depth. But as huge writer's attention span waned so did mine. Couldn't finish the book, though I wanted to badly. The digressions got a bit long winded and eventually lost me.

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