Scoring Lacey

Scoring Lacey Lacey Magerin never expected her life to become so hard Her husband of twenty years left her for a twenty two year old bubble head and her fifteen year old daughter blames her for the divorce She neve

  • Title: Scoring Lacey
  • Author: Jenna Howard
  • ISBN: 9781595788207
  • Page: 437
  • Format: ebook
  • Lacey Magerin never expected her life to become so hard Her husband of twenty years left her for a twenty two year old bubble head and her fifteen year old daughter blames her for the divorce She never expected Shayne Donnelly.Ten years younger than Lacey and best friends with her brother, NHL goalie Shayne Donnelly has always been attracted to Lacey Neither knows the rLacey Magerin never expected her life to become so hard Her husband of twenty years left her for a twenty two year old bubble head and her fifteen year old daughter blames her for the divorce She never expected Shayne Donnelly.Ten years younger than Lacey and best friends with her brother, NHL goalie Shayne Donnelly has always been attracted to Lacey Neither knows the rules to this new game but that won t stop them from playing or finding love in the least likely place on home ice.

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    1 thought on “Scoring Lacey”

    1. 5 StarsWoo Hoo!! Yes ! What a WONDERFUL read. Loved it. Loved the story! These two were so extraordinary. They made my heart hurt. It was a simple, heartwarming, smexy story. I can't wait to read more by this Canadian author.What did I like?1 -- Character. This book could be classed as a short book, not a short story, but a short book. Even so, you never felt slighted in the story. Do I wish it were longer, YES, but am okay it wasn't. Lacey and Shayne they were richly developed. The backstory [...]

    2. 4 – 4 ½ Stars Scoring Lacey was a quick, HOT, and surprisingly, emotional read. Layne, the hero, burned the clothes right off my body with his dirty talking, it was some of the best I have ever read. He had me blushing with his control and direct talk, it was phenomenal. The attraction between Lacey and Layne was out of this world. When they were together it was like nobody else was around. I was nervous they were going to get caught. They would be bbqing at a party with everyone in the kitch [...]

    3. Scoring Lacey is one of those books that I’ll end up comparing other books to. It’s a satisfying story with warm and well written characters. I like everything about this book.

    4. Loved this book! Shayne and Lacey what a great couple, not to mention they have great chemistry and definitely sets the sheets on fire ;) I love it when a book makes you feel good and this book, did it for me.

    5. Claudette's Review I love when a novel has the emotional depth to really draw you into the story and make the characters seem real to you. This is definitely one of those. This novel isn’t so much about an older woman and a younger man, but about two people who’ve known each other for years, who suddenly really look at each other and it’s as if they are meeting for the first time. Hockey player, Shane Donnelly sees Lacey Magerin at a charity fundraiser and just looking at her with her back [...]

    6. I don't have a ton to say about this book. Generally I avoid erotic romance because I think it combines the worst parts of erotica and romance into a porny romp lacking a substantial plot. However, a couple of the Dear Author bloggers liked this one, and it features a NHL player, so I figured I'd give it a go.Long story short, it failed to challenge my opinion of erotic romance. The first half is the sex Olympics, the second half the crying game, and then the book just ends abruptly, like her la [...]

    7. This was a quick readjumped right into the steamy parts. I felt this book could have been a little bit longer. The characters could've been developed better, plus there were 2 characters that were secondary that it was hinted they had secrets but then they never revealed them. I am hoping that Shannon and Todd have a book written for them because there was some story not finished. I don't like when things aren't resolved in a book. Also the ending was quite abrupt.

    8. Great read. LOTS of heat. Younger man (brother's best friend) Older woman (by 10 years and has known him since he was 4). He's a professional hockey player, she is a divorced woman with two teenage daughters. Great characters, awesome sex word YUMMY.

    9. I really enjoyed this story of Lacey and Shayne. They were smoking hot and had unbelievable chemistry. Whew, the mouth on Shayne! I liked how the story developed and the additional layer with Lacey's teenage daughter. I loved her relationship with her brother Todd. It was all going great, but at about 90%, things started moving in fast forward and I felt like a lot was skipped over that I wanted to know more about! My issues below: Possible SPOILERS: don't read below if you don't want any spoile [...]

    10. Expected more from this book, it was really good story, but something was missing. Not to mention that the ending was just not something you call ending, more something in the lines I'm going to write anther book about this two. I wish!

    11. I really enjoyed this story. I'm never sure going in what to expect, especially with an author that's new to me, but this was such a great story. And it was longer than I expected. (Kindle doesn't always give me a good estimation of length.) I loved watching Lacey and Shayne's relationship build, and my heart broke every time either one of them thought of him leaving. I also ached for Lacey and her daughter. And I ached for Shayne and Todd's friendship. I cried. A few times. I rarely cry for a s [...]

    12. Loved this! A quick steamy (very steamy) read with a surprising amount of character development. One of my favourite tropes - older woman/younger man, and a hockey player to boot! 4.5 ★

    13. Hockey romanceGreat read!!! They knew each other all their lives, he was her little brothers best friend. She use to babysit him.

    14. WHOA! One hot read, this one goes down on my favorite’s shelf for 2012. A great BIG thank you to Wendy and Michelle for this rec. Bk totally surprised me. Expected this to be a mostly sports related (hockey) whim-wham-thank-you-ma'am sex romp. The developing story between Shayne and Lacey wasn't just a showcase for mindless sex scenes. Actually a very good story with some depth, good dialogue, interesting characters with romantic drama and delish smoldering schmexy sex with a sweet love story. [...]

    15. Hot, goody goodness! What a steamy book. Had to stick my head in the freezer a few times. Shayne and Lacey essentially grew up together but. Lacey is about ten years older! Yes, a younger man/older woman romance. One of my favorite tropes! Loved it! Shayne, an NHL player, comes to town to attend a fundraiser for a hockey school he attended when he was a kid that was run by Lacey's father, his coach. He sees Lacey at the party and is struck dumb. When did she get so sexy!? Lacey just divorced her [...]

    16. I'm a sucker for sports books and for older woman/younger man romances. This fit the bill to a tee. He is a 29 year old cocky, seemingly self confident NHL goalie from Canada who goes home for a fundraiser and runs into the 39 year old sister of his best friend (the best friend being the same age as the hockey player). The sister has two kids and has recently been divorced. She used to babysit the now hockey player and her brother years ago. Well, of course, sparks fly and much to her surprise s [...]

    17. this book could have been so much morei couldn't connect with the characters at all. it think I'm being a little nice by giving this book 3 is half a damn book that's what this is. it ended so abruptly i was left sitting there like wtf. they had problemsey ignored their problemseir problems caught up with themen they ignore their problems again!!!without figuring out a damn thing!!! ugh as im writing this review i am just getting angrier and angrier at the laziness of the writing of the [...]

    18. 3.25 StarsThis book was just okay for me. I think I might have liked it more if I would've read it at a different time. The story line was predictable, the chemistry felt forced, and the ending was a little disappointing. Don't worry though, it was happy. However, this story had two things going for it to earn at least the rating I gave it. One. I love hockey and our hero is a bona fide hockey hottie. Two. The heroine is older than our hero and I do like those types of stories. So aside from tha [...]

    19. This book is Hot, Hot, Hot!! It has great romance with a family story mixed in. At times, it was so bitter sweet I had tears in my eyes. Loved it Would LOVE to read a follow up story about Todd!!

    20. I'm going to say the following and it's going to be SUPER judgmental (and y'all prob will find it offensive), but I feel like this is the only phrase that can fully encompass my feelings in regards to this story and the characters in it: only white people.Seriously.

    21. Gave this book a shot after it popped up on my Recommendations list. Unfortunately for me it was a miss.

    22. This is a good one. Sex is intense and Shayne is steamy aand romantic. Lacey, finally a smart and not boring or annoying heroine.

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