Employee Relations

Employee Relations Scarlet Eldridge is all about luck and lately hers is bad After losing her job boyfriend and home she s forced to accept a position as a live in nanny for a rebellious teenager so she can finish co

  • Title: Employee Relations
  • Author: Wynter Daniels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Scarlet Eldridge is all about luck, and lately hers is bad After losing her job, boyfriend and home, she s forced to accept a position as a live in nanny for a rebellious teenager so she can finish college and realize her dream of becoming a teacher Luck has no place in Ethan Chandler s life as a workaholic CEO who grew up with a gambler mother He swore off relationshipScarlet Eldridge is all about luck, and lately hers is bad After losing her job, boyfriend and home, she s forced to accept a position as a live in nanny for a rebellious teenager so she can finish college and realize her dream of becoming a teacher Luck has no place in Ethan Chandler s life as a workaholic CEO who grew up with a gambler mother He swore off relationships after the only woman he ever loved disappeared with his baby daughter, years ago When that child is suddenly dumped in his lap an angry teenager bent on smashing every rule all hell breaks loose To complicate matters, the nanny has hijacked his heart.

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    1 thought on “Employee Relations”

    1. This story was really easy to fall into, the characters are so 3D, their lives so realistic I could see it clearly.Scarlett and Ethan each had their own emotional issues. Neither one wanted another disastrous relationship, so when Ethan hires Scarlett as a nanny for Toni, the daughter he hasn't seen for years, No problem right? Wrong!!! And Toni has some deep emotional pain of her own, I wanted to slap her mother my self, but, luckily(pun) in the end Toni is all goodd Scarlett & Ethan? Well, [...]

    2. This was a well put together story of multidimensional characters with complex relationships. Scarlet and Ethan (loved the names) each brought emotional scars to their relationship. Ethan's scars were probably more real with daughter being taken away by her mother for 14 years. Scarlet's scars were more self-inflicted and imagined because of her belief in luck or (non-luck in her case). Yes, Scarlet was left emotionally bereft after the death of her parents but everything else that happened to h [...]

    3. Description: When down-on-her-luck Scarlet Eldrige accepts a job as a nanny for a hellion teen, she’s thoroughly unprepared for the passion her charge’s father, Ethan, makes her feel. Can she keep both the unruly teenager and her attraction to Ethan in check?The Good: Scarlet is a very sweet girl, and the theme of luck is played out very well. The story had a strong, compelling plot, and the sex scenes were hot and well-executed. Certainly worth the very small price!The Bad: Scarlet is very [...]

    4. This was my first read from this author, and I really liked it. They story line was good, and it was very heartwarming. All of the family issues that were going on really kept the story very interesting, and kept me on my toes wondering what was going to happen next. Ethan and Scarlet also bought quite a bit of heat to the story. You could really feel the love and passion in their love scenes. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

    5. This was a wonderful story. I loved how Ethan and Scarlett, the main characters Troy to avoid their attraction at first. But once the admit to it the scenes are steamy. I love the way Scarlett approaches her relationship with Ethan's teen daughter, Toni. Toni is a teen that has been pushed aside by her mother all her life so her mother could find a rich man. This story is full of anger, tears, laughter and love.

    6. Great story about family and their relationships (of the good and bad) and steamy romance. Loved the main characters-Scarlet, Ethan and Ethan's daughter Toni (a 14 yr. old minx). I so despised Toni's mother Carmelita)!! Also, the instant sexual attraction between Scarlet and Ethan was steamy, even though they try to fight it. This story was so well done, it had me laughing and crying. I absolutely recommend this book and you won't be sorry you bought it.

    7. Great short and sweet heartwarming romance story.I really enjoyed the relationship between the main characters Scarlet and Ethan. They were fun to read about and to cheer for. Tehran's daughter Toni was my favorite and I felt she brought the whole story and family together.This is a great romance read that was pleasantly different from other romances.

    8. Good storyI really like the story. I love happy endings.I like the way Scarlet was willing to sacrifice her happiness to give father and daughter a chance.

    9. Book: Employee Relations Author: Wynter DanielsPublication Date: 4/27/2011Reviewed by: Tammy Payne - booknooknuts/My Rating: 5 StarsREVIEW Yet another fantastic book by Author Wynter Daniels.Scarlet's world fell apart as a young girl. She had superstitions just like her mother. And she knew something bad was happening but didn't know what. Her sister played it off and told her nothing was wrong but she knew when they got out of the car and saw the state trooper something had definitely gone wron [...]

    10. Very sweet and romantic story. Scarlet was a supersticious girl who loved kids and needed a job desparately. Ethan was a man who's ex took his daughter at the age of 2 and dropped her back in his lap at 14. Needless to say his daughter Toni, had some major issues. Scarlet interviewed for the position of "nanny/tutor" and was instantly attracted to Ethan and he was to her. The story brought 3 strangers together and made them a family. The plan to get Scarlet back was classic and sweet. Enjoyable [...]

    11. Employee Relations is another great read. Wynter Daniels is one of my favorite writers. Her unique writing style intrigues me in each one of her books that I read. Scarlett and Ethan's romance was not your typical one, but it was a story that I enjoyed reading because the character's chemistry were on point. I'm not going to spoil the story for other readers, so I will end with this is a definite must read.T

    12. A pretty good book to read for a weekend or rainy day. The only problem I had was that I felt (by some of the descriptions in the story), that scarlet was white.

    13. Great read, hot characters and excellent chemistry. Wynter Daniels does it again with a very engaging book. I love the character interaction and the dynamics of the story. Scarlett and Ethan are a great couple with explosive reactions to each other. The book has the right balance of everything and I was endured to the character's storyline. This read is well worth reading **Highly Recommend**

    14. I loved this story by Wynter Daniels. Yes it is a romance, but mostly it is about family. How your family from your past and present regulate your life and your life choices. Ethan Chandler is getting his daughter back. When he and his wife divorced she took their daughter to Italy and changed her name. She now wants some privacy with her new man and sends her daughter back to him. Now 14, rebellious angry and hurt, Ethan doesn't know how to deal with her. So he hires Scarlet to come be her "Nan [...]

    15. it was an ok book maybe it would have been better if the book was longer. it would have given the characters time to develop and more depth. also the love story was not very convincing. i could not really feel the chemistry between the two leads and i got a feeling he was still in love with he's ex wife too

    16. Pretty good read though Scarlet was a bit of a pill at times. The whole superstition thing could have played out a little better but I liked it anyway.

    17. This book is only so-so to me. Things that annoyed me:1. The heroine is so into good luck/bad luck that it rules her life. Not only that, she allows her superstition to effect her relationships with others. Her sister thinks its bunk, the guy she works for thinks its bunk, but yet, she subjects them to her craziness. Even so far as to put acorns in people's purses and clothing. This is obsessive and insane and the story touches on a resolution, however, you don't really see a break from it. I un [...]

    18. Ehhokay. This is my first read by Daniels and I found it to be highly predictable and drawn out. The characters are pretty well written in Scarlet, Ethan and that brat Toni. Having said that, there are numerous editing issues and some character confusion. The story moves along at a fast enough pace to keep interest and entertain. Nothing memorable about the story to make it stand out and the fairy tale ending just didn't do me any justice. Not good, not bad, just reading material.

    19. Sweet, sassy and romantic! When Scarlett discovered her boyfriend cheating with her best friend, she thought her life was over. So she accepts a job as a nanny and meets the man of her dreams! Great story!

    20. A truly enjoyable readLoved the plot, the characters who were well developed and the ending. A satisfying and entertaining read. I would heartily recommend this book.

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