Moosetache How does a moose with too much facial hair cope The moosetache gets in the way of everything dancing skiing even cooking None of Moose s coping strategies seem to work until he meets a fetching fema

  • Title: Moosetache
  • Author: Margie Palatini Henry Cole
  • ISBN: 9780786811700
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • How does a moose with too much facial hair cope The moosetache gets in the way of everything dancing, skiing, even cooking None of Moose s coping strategies seem to work until he meets a fetching female with a similar problem, and her solution to bad hair days is so outrageous that just might work.

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    1 thought on “Moosetache”

    1. I am a sucker for alliteration and that is exactly what makes this book so much fun to read aloud. This was always one of my daughter's favorite bed time books.

    2. This book is a funny read. Moose's mustache gets in the way of everything. And I mean everything! He has a hard time doing anything without mustache being a problem, until he meets a girl moose who has a similar problem. She helps him find a way to tame that mustache.

    3. Genre: Children's Lit / FictionUnique Feature: This is a hilarious story about a moose with a hairy problem - Good for a two day series if time for a fun story. Good story to end the day with.Grades suggested 1-4

    4. Fun book with different fonts, size, and style of words.It rhymes and is funny with play on words. Good for kids to read on their own.

    5. Booklist (Vol. 93, No. 16 (April 15, 1997))Ages 4-7. Although there's not much of a plot--a moose tries several crazy schemes to keep his uncontrollable mustache from cramping his style--youngsters will love the silly story for its lively language and hilarious illustrations. The text has an upbeat, jazzy-sounding feeling: "He was a great hoofer. But he could barely bop and hip-hop with a moosetache going flip-flop." Such language can be enjoyed just for the fun of it, but it also provides educa [...]

    6. Fun story about a moose growing a mustache. The moose does things to his mustache, like decorate it with ornaments.

    7. In this fun and enjoyable book, a story of a moose with an uncontrollable mustache is told. The moose tries many different ways to style his mustache, but the hair continues to grow and spring back to where it was. The conclusion to his problem occurs when a female moose with hair just as crazy as his, shows up with a special hair glue to solve his problems forever. To no surprise, the moose fall in love and get married with a cute saying, “I do-glue”The drawings in this story are part of wh [...]

    8. This book is about a big and tall moose that has a very big hairy problem. This big hairy problem is that he has an awful, hairy, prickly mess, which is known as his moosetache. He did not like this moosetache because it itched so much so he decided one day that he will tweezed, plucked, and cut but his mustache was too much of a on going battle that his scissors gave up on the job. Something had to be done about his moosetache because when he has it he can’t dance because it keeps getting in [...]

    9. When I saw this book at a local garage sale, I was sure that we'd read it before, but it was a free book and our girls wanted to read it, so I figured we'd read it again and then donate it to our local library. Much to my surprise, I realized that we had not yet read this book; it was the related tale Mooseltoe that I was thinking of. So we were excited to find a new and interesting tale to read together. This story is quite silly, but it's fun to read aloud. And the illustrations by Henry Cole [...]

    10. Moosetache is written by Margie Palatini. This silly book is about a Moose who has a very “active” mustache. The mustache grows and grows with no end in sight. Moose tries to do all the activities, sports and games that he enjoys to do, but his mustache just keeps getting in the way. After losing all of his friends due to being a little odd, Moose finally meets a girl moose with a similar struggle. Her excessive hair is on her head instead! The girl moose helps Moose to fix up his mustache a [...]

    11. Moosetache by Margie Palatini is a book about a moose who has a crazy moosetache. This moosetache cannot be tamed no matter what he tries to do. He is about to get fed up until one day he meets a girl moose that has crazy hair. They are a match made in heaven when a crazy moosetache and crazy hair get together. Moosetache uses very descriptive words which adds to the fun and understanding of the book. Rather then saying "his mustache is crazy", Palatini uses "Moose was in a frizzy tizzy", this h [...]

    12. A great book for children. I had seen this book read to a kindergarten class and they loved it. The illustrations are well drawn and colorful. The kids even got a kick out of the story itself. The moose struggles throughout the story with his moosetache until the very end where he meets the girl of his dreams. Personally i did not find this story as entertaining as the young children but that does not mean its not a good book. I would just say its better kept with the younger grades. Its pricele [...]

    13. I picked this up for its moose element and it just got stupid from there. I guess if you can find your true love and ask for beauty tips then life is good! Not an all time favorite. I guess what is good about this books is the alliterationslots of repetition of beginning constants And if you want to get really cynical I know you do!!! The picture of the wedding dress MS Moose has a bra strap showing on the illustrationsat is SO taboourgh. I hate when 'humans' show their bra straps showing from b [...]

    14. Margie Palatini is a word wizard of the highest caliber. I would have to say that there are few authors in children's publishing that can match her wordsmithing. Thank goodness she usually writes picture books because 32 pages of this is just about all my feeble brain could handle in one sitting. The adjectives that she uses are outstanding. Her verbs are a delight. Her stories are marvelously absurd. This is the sort of book that could spark the imagination of even the most reluctant reader. Tw [...]

    15. I think this book is very silly and cute. This book is about a Moose, named Moose, who has a very long and out of control mustache. Because he is a moose, this is where the silly term Moosetache comes from. I think this book would be hard or maybe even impossible for younger grades to read. But older grades this would be a moderate challenge for them because of a few word choices. The illustrations in this book are very cute and very appropriate for this book. The pictures help enhance the story [...]

    16. Okay, this is the one and only time I will add a children's book to my list. This is my 22 month old, Scarlet's, FAVORITE book in the world. She makes me read it every night before bed, sometimes twice in one evening. As soon as she crawls into our big bed, she pleads, "NOOSE! NOOOOSE!" (her version of Moose), until I grab the book and start to read.I only wanted to rate this book because it is enjoyable and I've read it probably 50 times by now may as well add it now. :)Also, although it's a wo [...]

    17. This is a silly story about a moose that has a very long moosetache, and is not sure what to do with it to keep it out of his way. All the ideas he comes up with seem to end up with their own little problems. I was reading this to my preschool class and it was a bit above their heads. They are a younger preschool group though 2-3 years old. We still had some giggles though as it was a funny story and they thought it was hilarious that he had such a long moostache. Bright colorful pages and the s [...]

    18. I don't get it. I don't understand why this book has become moderately popular. Other than a lot of alliteration and the occassional rhyme, this didn't offer much. In fact, the rhyme scheme bothered me. It felt as though it should be metered and rhyming, but it wasn't. Or was on occassion, but not regularly.Alliterations was plentiful.Not much of a book, even for a children's picture book.

    19. Moosetache By: Margie PalatiniISBN: 0590538276,1999.Moose had a very long Moosetache! It was so long that it was very hard for him to do his favorite things. He tried to put it up in many ways but nothing seemed to work! Until he bumped into a girl Moose, who had an enormous head of hair who helped him fix his moosetache problem and they lived happily ever after!**A very silly, Cute Book!! The children absolutely love it!!

    20. Moosetache is an entertaining book about a Moose with a crazy stache. Not only is it funny, but the language is easy to follow along with. I enjoy reading this book because the graphics are so funny and the story is just so great. I like that it has a love story to it while still solving a problem. It teaches kids that they need to think out side of the box when there is a problem that is difficult to solve. I would recommend this book to any child. It is fun and entertaining.

    21. One of my new favorite students wrote about this book for her Favorite Book Project, and was thoughtful enough to bring it in. This book is hilarious! Not only is the word MOOSETACHE just plain old fun to say, but the wordplay in this book makes if fun to read out loud. I could easily have posted on Wordplay Wednesday sentences like, “He simply couldn’t flambe’ his souflee’ with all those whiskers in the way!” Of course I read that part in a French accent.

    22. This story discriminates against those of us with facial hair! Well, at least at first - and then we see that there's love out there for even the ones who might have a mangled, nearly untameable mane of hair (whether it be on our heads or faces). What's best about this book are all of the clever puns and wordplay that occur throughout it, and it would be interesting to see how many my students could pick up on.

    23. Palatini, M. & Cole, H. (1997). NY: , Inc. I think this book would be great for children ages 5-9. I think the drawings are very cute and go perfectly with the story. I think it is a good book to read in class to discuss possibly exaggeration, or just for fun. I enjoyed this book because it is pretty funny and I read it a lot as a child.

    24. I was not a big fan of this book however, I do think children would find it hilarious. It is the story of a moose with an uncontrollable mustache (moosetache). He tries many things to tame it and is unsuccessful until meeting a moose with the giant bouffant hair. She helps him to tame his hair and they are married and live happily ever after. or less.

    25. This is a story about a moose with a bad mustache. He tries everything to fix it, and one day he meets a lady moose with beautifully huge hair. She teaches him how to fix his problem (Note: they mean styling glue not elmer's glue!) and they fall in love. This is a funny love story with great illustrations and wonderful word play.

    26. Moostache is a funny book that children in elementary school love to hear and one I have used when I have been a substitute teacher and when I taught third grade one year. Younger children do no have the experience to realize how funny a moose with an extra long mustache is but as children mature and learn to appreciate humor this book is a hit.

    27. I had never heard of this book or author before I read this. This book was so entertaining and hilarious! I would likely use this book for third or fourth grade just because it is fairly long and there are many words. Overall it is a great book but not really a lesson to be learned which is why I rated it a 4.

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