Mooseltoe Tis the night before Christmas and Moose is determined to make everything perfect for the big day With checklist in hoof and ho ho ho s on his mind he makes sure everything is perfect He wraps he de

  • Title: Mooseltoe
  • Author: Margie Palatini Henry Cole
  • ISBN: 9780786805679
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tis the night before Christmas and Moose is determined to make everything perfect for the big day With checklist in hoof and ho ho ho s on his mind, he makes sure everything is perfect He wraps, he decorates, he bakes and he sings He does it all, except one thing Somehow, some way, some moosetake has occurred, and one little item has gone unchecked Moose has forgotte Tis the night before Christmas and Moose is determined to make everything perfect for the big day With checklist in hoof and ho ho ho s on his mind, he makes sure everything is perfect He wraps, he decorates, he bakes and he sings He does it all, except one thing Somehow, some way, some moosetake has occurred, and one little item has gone unchecked Moose has forgotten the Christmas tree Nothing will ruin this Moose family s Christmas, though, and with a little imagination and a lot of glue Moose s moosetache turns him into a splendid, breathing Christmas tree.This sweet story is guaranteed to have children chuckling as they follow Moose through his holiday

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    1 thought on “Mooseltoe”

    1. Read this with my daughter and what a cute Christmas book! Moose is worried about Christmas and does everything except find a tree! Instead he lets his kids decorate him up as their family Christmas tree with bows, balls, and lights. Adorable pictures and loved the rhyming, gave the book a little jingle as we read!

    2. Moose is oh, so busy making his holiday perfectly perfect. He writes the cards, he shops, wraps, and bakes, but he forgot one important thing - (view spoiler)[the tree! (hide spoiler)]Who cares? I wish my husband worked this hard on Christmas preparations!Then I could just sit back, take it easy, and enjoy the season.

    3. My Granddaughter & I really enjoyed this little book about a very festive Moose preparing for Christmas.

    4. "Mooseltoe" by Margie Palatini was a good book. It was Christmas Eve, and Moose is busy with decorating, shopping, and cooking. He loves Christmas, and enjoys making his family happy. The family came downstairs. Moose was done with everything. They looked around in ahhh. As they looked to the corner, they noticed something was missing. The tree. Moose put on his books, and went to town to fetch the tree. He couldn't find a single one. Moose came home empty handed. The kids looked sad, but that d [...]

    5. My kids think this is very funny. I really enjoy reading it. It's not written in rhyme, but the text repeats and has a lot of rhyming words, so it's easy to read out loud. And it is funny, sometimes I feel like the father moose, trying to make everything perfectly perfect, thinking I'm doing good, and then realizing too late that I totally forgot something important. A funny and original Christmas book.

    6. I think “Mooseltoe” is a good book to read to children on Christmas. This book is both festive and funny. I read this book to my six year old cousin and she couldn’t stop laughing. She thought the pictures were hilarious. She then stated that she loved the book. This book starts off with Moose getting prepared for Christmas. Christmas is the Moose’s favorite holiday. Moose was so excited for Christmas that even his moosetache was full of holiday spirit. Moose did everything on his list [...]

    7. I read "Mooseltoe" by Margi Palatini. The book was about a father moose who was preparing for Christmas. He had a check list of what he has to do for the day. He wrapped presents, he cooked food, wrote cards and letters, shopped until he fell, and decorated the house for the holiday season. Then when he thought he had everything ready for Santa's arrival, one of his kids told him he forgot about the tree. Their father then went out to town and tried to find a tree. Every store he came by had no [...]

    8. I read the children’s story, “Mooseltoe,” by Margie Palatini to my little brother, Wyatt. He found the book very humorous and enjoyable. He was very into the story and liked to point at the funny things Moose was doing. He talked about the story for the rest of the night. In this story, Mooseltoe is preparing everything to make the next day very special. He wraps presents, decorates his house, bakes cookies and so on. Once he finishes all of his tasks, he notices he has forgotten one thing [...]

    9. My rating: 3.5 starsChild's rating: 5 starsI think Mooseltoe would be very fun to read if I was younger. The moose was entertaining and also very silly. I think they introduced the main problem a little too late. Even though the book didn't really have a antagonist, protagonist, or really any problem at all. It still kept my interest for the ten to twenty pages that i read it though. I think the book was the perfect length,not too short or too long.I also read this book to my sister. She's nine [...]

    10. In the story Mooseltoe , Mr. Moose gets his home ready for the holidays before his family returns. When Mr. Moose's family returns they notice that there is no Christmas tree. After not being able to find a Christmas tree, Mr. Moose becomes the family's Christmas tree by decorating his beard. On Christmas Eve, Santa brought the family all of their presents and everything work out.Mooseltoe is told in third and first person. Moose tries to handle everything on his own. He comes to realize that no [...]

    11. Personal Response: I enjoyed reading this book. I liked how the author made numerous plays on words that went with the main character being a moose, such as “moosetache” and “mooseltoed.” I liked the author’s theme in the book, not everything turns out perfect like it started. I read this book to my little brother and he loved it. My brother, Alex, was 11 years old. He stated that he liked reading about the Moose’s life, how his family was so similar to mine, and how the author showe [...]

    12. “Mooseltoe” is a great children’s book that can teach kids some valuable lessons. The great short story can teach kids to make the best out of a crummy situation. I thought this story was very good. It was simple yet complex at the same time. I liked it knowing what the message behind it was. I read this book to my little sister. She really liked Moose and his silliness. She loves Christmas so she really enjoyed this story. The book starts out with Moose overcome with Christmas spirit. Ev [...]

    13. Mooseltoe is a children's book written by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Henry Cole. The story begins with a father moose who is excited for Christmas. Every year, he goes all out with decorating and preparing for the season, and always has a huge To-do List of things to accomplish before Christmas Eve. First, he writes the cards and wraps all the presents. Then, he cooks the food for the family dinner on Christmas Day. After he finishes cooking, he decorates his house with beads, garland, a [...]

    14. I read "Mooseltoe" by Margie Palatini as a quick story to get me started for the second quarter. This book was quite easy to read, not hard at all. The story kind of gets you into the holiday seasons. It makes you appreciate the things you have, but also relaying a message of be happy with what you do have. Not everyone has the prefect Christmas but they make do with what they have making it a great Christmas. Now that really was not the issue in the story , but that was the vibe I received. The [...]

    15. Personal Response: I read the book Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini to my nephew. My nephew is about three and a half so keeping his attention was a little tough. This book kept his attention pretty well though. He liked all the funny pictures the book had in it. Plot: The book is about a moose and his family. The father moose was getting everything ready for Christmas. He got the stockings, food, and the presents. He made a big list and he checked things off one by one as he completed them. He wrot [...]

    16. For my second book I read “Mooseltoe.” “Mooseltoe” is a children’s picture book. It has very cool pictures. The reading is easy; there isn’t any difficult word, which I like a lot. In “Mooseltoe” there’s a moose that is all excited for Christmas. This moose is crazy. He’s decorating, baking, buying presents, and then wrapping them. This moose definitely knows how to celebrate Christmas. At the end of the book he goes to get a Christmas tree, but when he gets there, the lots a [...]

    17. I read the book "Mooseltoe" by Margie Palatini. This was a very well, put together book. The illustrations went along well with the writings to create a vivid picture of what was happening.The plot of "Mooseltoe" went along with Christmas, as Papa moose got everything ready, he was in the Christmas spirit. It was a cold winter day, and Papa moose was preparing the food, decorations, and presents for the children. He was so busy getting everything ready that he forgot about the tree! Then, Papa m [...]

    18. Mooseltoe is about Moose who is trying to get ready for Christmas. He is making a list of all of his to-do’s, for preparing for Christmas. First he had to write and send out all of the Christmas cards. Then he shopped until he dropped and he hauled all of the presents into the house, Moose had so many presents that they stacked all the way up to the ceiling. Next he headed toward the kitchen so he could prepare all of the food to eat for Christmas. Moose baked tons of cookies, and dozens of ca [...]

    19. “Mooseltoe” is a children’s book written by Margie Palatini. I first grabbed this book because it looked interesting. The book’s front cover caught my eye. It is a picture of a moose with a whole bunch of decorations on him. All of the pages in the book are illustrated excellently by Henry Cole.The main character in this book is Moose. Moose is a moose. It was the night before Christmas and Moose had done almost everything to get ready for Christmas. Moose wrote cards and letters, shoppe [...]

    20. I read “Mooseltoe” by Margie Palatini. “Mooseltoe” is a cute Christmas book for children Moose is the dad moose and he is trying to decorate his house for Christmas. He was writing songs, wrapping presents, baking, hanging up lights and hanging up the stockings. “Mooseltoe” takes place in a house full of moose. It is Christmas time in the book, and it is Christmas eve. In the book Moose go all around town to find a tree, but can’t find one. Moose was so occupied in making his house [...]

    21. I really enjoyed reading the book “Mooseltoe” by Margie Palatini. This picture book was about Christmas for a family of moose. It told about Papa moose getting everything ready for Christmas and making it absolutely perfect. He did everything from decorating the house to baking cookies. Finally he was all finished and the kids came out to see all the work Papa moose did to get in the Christmas spirit. There was just one thing Papa moose forgot. He forgot to get a Christmas tree. He dashed al [...]

    22. The book "Mooseletoe" was a good book to read to my sister. She thought it was a really funny book. We switched off every other page so that she could read just as well as I could. Papa Moose has to take care of them and get everything ready for Christmas. Papa Moose started with the Christmas spirit and sang Christmas songs. Afterward he started writing letters and wrapping gifts. Then he began to plot: cook all of the Christmas food you could think of, tins of cookies, dozens of cakes, breads, [...]

    23. The picture book “Mooseltoe” was a fun book to read. I read it to Elijah's little sister. She thought it was a good book, because she liked the pictures. I read it to her at his house after school. I liked how the words flowed together and how easy it was to read. I thought because it was a picture book it would be a lot more boring than it was.The father moose is pretty easy going and goofy and always finds a way to make things better. The kids are whiney as kids usually are. The plot of th [...]

    24. I really enjoyed "Mooseltoe" by Margie Palatini, because it was about Christmas. The book had adorable pictures and a cute story line. This book is about a moose with a crazy mustache that is getting ready for Christmas. He wants his family to have a nice Christmas so he decorates everything and cooks a bunch of food. He thinks he's done when his children point out that he forgot the Christmas tree. He goes out in the middle of a storm to try to find a Christmas tree, but they were all out. Moos [...]

    25. I just read “Mooseltoe” by Margie Palatini. This book is about Christmas and how Papa moose is trying to decorate the house with Christmas things. He’s baking cookies and buying Christmas presents. He’s dashing all around the house in his Christmas spirit trying to make everything perfect for his family. There is one that is missing though, a Christmas tree. Papa moose went to town to look for one. He went to every place in town and no one had a tree. He came home cold and disappointed, [...]

    26. The moose starts to get ready for Christmas. He starts to decorate the whole house, and wrap presents. He does this all by himself, and then the rest of his family comes home, and they realize that he forgot the most important part. He forgets the tree. Then he goes out to try and find one, and he doesn’t, so his kids take glue, and make him and his moustache all one big tree. And they decorate him.It takes place in the moose’s house. Where he is getting all ready for Christmas. He lives in [...]

    27. Moose is a moose who loves Christmas. He tries so hard to get his Christmas perfect at his house. He completes everything on his list, but all of sudden he remembers that he forgot to get a Christmas tree. He goes to look for one in town but everything is sold out. Fortunately, him and his family come up with a creative idea for the absent tree.Moose is the main character. He loves christmas and his family. Also, he has a massive beard, which ends up saving his family Christmas.The book takes pl [...]

    28. “Mooseltoe” is by Margie Palatini. The story starts with a father moose who is excited for Christmas. Every year he puts up decorations and a lot of festive items. He cooks all of the food for his family dinner on Christmas Day, and then he decorates his house. This year he forgets the tree. He runs to town on Christmas Eve looking for a tree and cannot find one. After he gets home with no tree, he tells the kids to decorate him like a Christmas tree. Santa began putting presents under him, [...]

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