The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen A ruthless opponent a powerful treasure an unforgettable decision

  • Title: The Faerie Queen
  • Author: Kiki Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • A ruthless opponent, a powerful treasure, an unforgettable decision

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      324 Kiki Hamilton
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    1. "Hamilton delivers vivid battle scenes in the lead-up to a brilliant, surprise ending. The prose is witty and rich throughout, offering a masterful vision of two intertwining worlds. The faerie lore is also intricate and well-developed. A strong finale to a dark, compelling series." -Kirkus Reviews

    2. Twentyurteen?*wails in raw agony*Even if there are "chiseled cheekbones." We wants it! Nasty little publishers-------*coughs**falls off chair at seeing Ms. Hamilton liked this*.*coughs again*It's published? It's published? Eegod!! Eegod!!

    3. I did not want to post this review because I did not want to say anything bad about a series that I have loved up to this point, but when something has disappointed me as much as this book has it is hard for me to keep silent. In a recent review I did for another book I mentioned how I had never read a book with as many editorial mistakes as that one, but it seems I spoke to soon. This book is definitely a winner. It seemed that not a chapter went by where something wasn't misspelled or a word w [...]

    4. Oh boy, what a conclusion!If you have read any of my other comments of the previous books in the Faerie Ring series, I have always mentioned that Kiki Hamilton is a master storyteller. She weaves in so many layers, particularly in the plotline (even the tiniest event of a previous book could have a significant meaning later), but also in her characters!First, I have to say, Larkin is the most amazing and complex character I have read yet. She always seemed like a villain, or at least an antagoni [...]

    5. I didn't really enjoy this series from start to finish. I just kept going. I think the author really did do a lot of research, many of the required elements were there.s just get too tangled to the point where it didn't make much sense anymore. For example, in the first book it was super important that the ring be in possession of the humans. If the fey were to have it everything would spiral out of control. But who is in control of the ring in the end? The fey. Not even a half human like we tho [...]

    6. Better than I had expected, with a couple of unforeseen developments, and a satisfactory ending.And while the deus ex machinations weren't so blatant in this book, another issue came to the forefront: the rules were inconsistent. Sometimes they can transport across faerie land in a blink, and other times they have to ride to and fro for days on end. Why can't they transport themselves in to get a prisoner and then whisk them out again? Why can't they transport right up to an enemy, stab them rea [...]

    7. Kiki Hamilton did an AWESOME job of tying everything together in this forth and last book in the Faerie Ring series. We met Tiki (Tara) in the first book, a pick pocket living in the streets, who has now come into her own in this final book to take on Donegal, the Winter King. What remains constant throughout her ever changing world is her love and loyalty to her “family” of fellow orphans, especially little Clara, and of course her love for Rieker aka Wills (gotta have romance, right). In t [...]

    8. I prefer this book to the previous one in the instalment. There were so many twists, so many secrets revealed. Secrets that I hadn't thought possible. It was brilliant. With that said, it'd be best if you were to read it yourself to discover these secrets. If I wrote about them here, I don't think I'll do them any justice.Despite all the stuff I love about this book, there was one thing that got on my nerves. Tiki. Tiki started being real annoying somewhere along the way. She started being simil [...]

    9. The only reason I gave this less stars than the previous ones in the series is because it was unnecessarily long. Some parts could have been taken out like the endless riding to this place and then riding to that place. And even I knew where the hostages would be so why even bother riding to the other possible spot where the hostages could be hiding. Plus Tiki takes FOREVER to figure out she has powers she can use against Donegal. I mean she used those powers previously duh. And she took too lon [...]

    10. A well-realized world, compelling characters, and great action, what more can you ask for in a fantasy novel. This book was the fourth in the Faerie Ring series and provided a satisfying conclusion. If you like Victorian England and a mix of the real and fantasy this book is for you. The typos were distracting and sloppy but I was able to overlook them (mostly) and enjoy the book. I hadn't read the previous books but enough of the backstory was provided that I was not lost.

    11. And so it ends. It was so thrilling that I finished it in a day -- and I couldn't have asked for a more brilliant ending! It's amazing how everything was so intricately thought out and how, at the end, everything came back in full circle. This book contains a very well imagined world of the fey and an amazing insight into how mercy, kindness, grace, loyalty and love will always be greater and above anything and everything.

    12. I thought this was a good ending to the series but I felt like the story was a bit repetitive and lacked depth. I didn't get into the characters as much as I have in the previous books; their actions and words seemed forced. All that to say, Ms. Hamilton is still an excellent writer and I loved this series, I was just a little disappointed with this last book.

    13. great ending! (view spoiler)[ Very surprised to find that Larkin is really Breanna in disguise and that the Jester is really Fial, her husband. Therefore they are Dain and Will's parents! So if Clara is Larkin's daughteren she's sister to Dain and Will! :O Glad that Breanna (Larkin) was really nice, and was just acting mean to Tiki as Larkin. (hide spoiler)] Many surprises awaited me in the story!

    14. This is a great series and Ms. Hamilton is a wonderful author. The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars is because I still have questionswithout spoiling it for others, I want to know how Fial reunited with his love, what happens with Johnny and Fi, and how Tiki manages to find peace between the fae and mortal worlds.

    15. Wow is all I can say after some of those surprises towards the end! This was a wonderful series and the conclusion wraps up everything in the most satisfying ending. There is a great balance of action, suspense and romance.

    16. This was a good end for the series. The storyline was pretty good; I did lose interest at one point, then decided to come back to it and finish. Some of the main characters are not as realistic as I thought they could be; but overall, I enjoyed the series.

    17. I so adore this series & this book was definitely a great wrap-up! There was some great action scenes & some sweet scenes between Tiki & Rieker *sigh* There were even some surprises! Very satisfied with how things ended.

    18. This book wraps up the series nicely. Along with very good picture of Faerie, these books bring to life some interesting characters out of Victorian England.

    19. A very gripping ending to the series. I believe it is the best book out of the series. So many twists and turns, you'll have to read to the very end to find out the truth.

    20. Great ending to a great series! Stayed up past my bedtime to finish it and will be sad to say goodbye to these characters.

    21. Simply and plainly, I loved this whole series and this final book wrapped everything up so nicely! I wish it didn't end and I'm so excited for her next series, Winterbourne, to come out next year.

    22. UGHHHHHHH just finished the last book, what am I supposed to do with my life until this one comes out??

    23. 4.5 stars (view spoiler)[ I loved that this book ended on a very beautiful note with Tiki and Rieker's wedding and all. I just wished the book was very short? It wouldn't have hurt to add more things because I felt it was very fast paced. Especially with the British royals characters, I felt like they could have been involved more. And who is Mamie? Larkin/Breanna (I was really shocked with that revelation! Loved that Kiki tricked me haha) called her Macha and I don't think I remember her name m [...]

    24. This series was a very beautiful one, beautiful story, amazing characters, and a lovely world. I adored Tiki and her family so much, every individual has righteously earned his/ her place in my heart I loved the turn of events, the twists and surprises, and this forth and final book was a very satisfying conclusion to a lovely series.**THIS SERIES IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**Begin reading it already! It is worth your time, I guarantee you this.

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