Tracking Shadows

Tracking Shadows Book in the Shadows of Justice series King of the Chicago underworld smuggler Slick Micky is targeted by an old enemy eager to take over his operation With her ability to induce deadly illusions T

  • Title: Tracking Shadows
  • Author: Regan Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • Book 4 in the Shadows of Justice series King of the Chicago underworld, smuggler Slick Micky is targeted by an old enemy eager to take over his operation With her ability to induce deadly illusions, Trina Durham is the best assassin around She left Chicago when Slick Micky killed her best friend, but this job offers an irresistible chance for vengeance

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    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ☆ Tracking Shadows - by Regan Black ✓
      331 Regan Black
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    1 thought on “Tracking Shadows”

    1. First, let me say that I wasn't able to put down "Tracking Shadows" once I started reading it. It is a book that immediately interested me because I had to get my head around the film noir atmosphere with the tinge of a science fiction addition. I loved it from the first paragraph.Regan Black has the mind and hand of a Mickey Spillane on steroids. I couldn't stop reading her sassy lines from characters that grabbed me like a steel wrench. Her anti heroine, Trina, is the alpha woman we dream of b [...]

    2. I would not survive in this world. It was intriguing, everything is regulated. Everything. Even coffee (I would die without my coffee fix). But it had such a great mystery to it. Trina out for revenge, instead of just a paycheck offered up a great story. And Slick Micky gaining loyalty from his mules by kindness, but still being firm, was different that what I would have imagined for a crime lord.Trina wants to avenge her best friend by taking out Slick Micky, who is responsible for his death. T [...]

    3. Tracking Shadows is a smart, sexy and dangerous read that you won’t be able to put down!When her only friend was murdered Trina Durham ran away from Chicago, escaping her grief while learning how to control her unique psychic abilities and make a name for herself as a deadly assassin. But now Trina is back and she is out for revenge against the man that murdered her best friend. Taking the hit on Slick Mickey, the biggest smuggler in Chicago, was suppose to be an easy in and out job but it’s [...]

    4. In 2096, when scarcity is commonplace, and even everyday items are outlawed or strictly regulated, a few enterprising entrepreneurs have tremendous influence over black market items. In Chicago, Slick Micky, runs his organization in a firm yet strangely benevolent fashion. Of course, when you are at the top of the heap, the opposition against you is formidable. When Micky’s friend and partner is murdered, he is determined to unravel the conspiracy aligned against him, and protect his family. A [...]

    5. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: May 3, 2011 (Available Now!)Publisher: Self PublishedImprint: N/AAuthor’s Website: reganblack/My Source for This Book: Won in a contest, picked up from Smashwords.Part of a Series: Yes, Book 4, Shadows of Justice SeriesSeries Best Read In Order: YesSteam Level: SteamyI’ll admit, I was a bit surprised that I’d never heard of this author until I was lucky enough to snag this book in a contest [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. I don’t think I could live in a world where coffee and sugar are “restricted substances” and I will sure try to be one of Slick Micky’s customers; especially because he is not your usual “smuggler”.Being a fan of this series I was greatly rewarded with this story and look forward to see what the author was in store for us.

    7. If there is one genre that I love almost as much as romance, it's urban fantasy and when I find a book that has both - I'm in serious heaven. I was given a review copy of Tracking Shadows as part of a blog tour and I'll admit, I generally stay away from futuristic stories but I'm telling you, right here right now I WOULD'VE BEEN A FOOL TO PASS THIS BY. I absolutely fell in love with this book and wild horses couldn't drag me out of it. Forget being pulled into a story, I was sucked in and held c [...]

    8. Chicago, in 2096. Slick Mickey is undoubtedly the king of smugglers; his key products are caffeine and sugar. Mickey lives in the shadows, no one knows who he really is and few rarely see him. His reputation is larger than life. Mickey has many enemies and few friends. Those who work for him love him. Those who work against him fear him. Trina Durham counts herself as his number one enemy; Slick Mickey killed her best friend years earlier, causing her to leave Chicago forever. Known as the best [...]

    9. After reviewing Ms. Blacks three books in her Justice series last year, I was excited to hear she had another book releasing. I had no idea what Penny and I would be Dual reviewing, and was just looking forward to read something from Regan again. Ms. Black’s books offer strong heroines, along with alpha males who do not dominate, but accept their women as partners. This book did not disappoint.Trina was an assassin. The moment this became a viable career choice for her, was her loss of a schoo [...]

    10. Review also posted on my blog HERE: This book was a very nice surprise for me. I read it on a rainy night, when I wasn't in the best of moods. But it was a quick, fun, read and because Regan's writing is really awesome and flows so smoothly, I didn't even feel like I was reading a book, but like I was watching one of my favorite TV shows on a lazy evening. All the crime, mystery elements, the high tech cool things featured in the book and the tension and the bickering between the main characters [...]

    11. A short way in the future, various substances, such as sugar and coffee are outlawed. The crime boss, "Slick Micky", procures these for his customers. But someone doesn't like Micky in charge and has hired assassin, Trina, to dispose of him. When Trina discovers his identity, will she harm him or help him?In Tracking Shadows, Regan Black has created a very realistic view of a future Chicago. It was easy to believe in the outlawing of various substances we currently see as innocuous, and that a c [...]

    12. Tracking Shadows by Regan Black is a story about Slick Micky the smuggler lord of Chicago's crime scene. Slick Mickey is not your normal criminal kingpin choosing to deal mainly in the lighter side of banned substances (sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, etc) he has a great setup for all of his mules. Unfortunately another local crime lord thinks they can do a better job being the smuggling king of Chicago and an assassin is hired to take him out. Starting with the murder of his partner and oldest fri [...]

    13. "Tracking Shadows" by Regan Black that I received free through Smashwords was an amazing read.I couldn't put this book down.I read it on my Kindle and it was nail-biting tension.The novel takes place in Chicago, in 2096. Slick Mickey is undoubtedly the king of smugglers; his key products are caffeine and sugar. Mickey lives in the shadows, no one knows who he really is and few rarely see him. His reputation is larger than life. Mickey has many enemies and few friends. Those who work for him love [...]

    14. This is not your classic love story. But it is a great one. Black has interwoven this story with all the classics found in other great works. Mystery, intrigue, deception, betrayal, and romance. Top that off with a great story line and some misdirection and you have one great book.I loved reading this. It’s borderline dark thriller but not enough that I found myself going ‘ewww’ when heads rolled. It was graphic enough to portray its meaning but not enough to make me lose my lunch. The sto [...]

    15. This was my first urban fantasy novel and now I'm hooked!The story between Trina and Joel takes place in a dark futuristic atmosphere. It's very different from what I'm used to (I usually read paranormal and contemporary romance), but very interesting and intriguing. The plot is complex and action packed. I sometimes had trouble following what was happening, but it could be because English is not my first language, or because I haven't read the other books from this series. It was still such a g [...]

    16. I don't read a lot of sci-fi or futuristic books. However, I have the pleasure of being in a Blog Tour with this incredible lady and I had to see what my competition was bringing to the table. Tracking Shadows has given me cause to be a little nervous.The first line sucked me in and I couldn't put my Kindle down. Murder, smugglers, a little dry humor. This book had it all. I don't think I'd make it in Chicago 2096 at all. No sugar coffee; you know I'd be Slick Micky's top customer :) There were [...]

    17. I'll admit it took me a few pages to get into this story, but once I did I had a hard time putting it down.I loved this book.To me it seemed like a future that could possibly happen, one where all our choices are taken away. The only problem I had was I wish the story had more futurist type things in it. What's there is good, however.Great book. I would definitely recommend it. I plan on reading more of Regan's books.

    18. by Regan BlackBook 4 in the Shadows of Justice seriesRead my interview with the author here.Genre: Romantic Suspense w/Paranormal ElementsMy Usual Genre? Yes on the Romantic Suspense; no on the Paranormal elements but that was just some psychic powers, not weird creatures of the night or demons, so that aspect of the book didn't bug me much.My Rating:(4 out of 5 stars)Why I Read This: Cover caught my eye during a free giveaway (a year ago) from a Twitter contact that I did not (at that time) kno [...]

    19. Regan Black is a new author for me and Tracking Shadows really caught my interest when I first heard about it. I was so lucky to get my hands on an E-copy and I think it was a very good book. I really liked Trina and Slick Micky they were both characters who was easy to identify with. They both had big personalities so as a reader you could connect with them on some emotional level. They had to make some hard decisions.Trina was broken in a way and it was amazing how she little by little picked [...]

    20. Trina Durham has one thing on her mind: revenge. She’s out to kill Slick Micky for the murder of her childhood friend, Joel. She’s an assassin with a unique ability to induce hallucinations, both horrifying and wonderful, in those around her and she plans on using it to find the Chicago mob boss.Slick Micky is the king of smuggling in 2096 Chicago. He deals only in non-lethal contraband like coffee and sugar and delivers always and on time. He’s a master of illusion and only a few know his [...]

    21. wow. Great book. i loved the underground world of smuggling in Chicago but then to add in the hint of the unexplainable, just enough to be believable and not cheesyi think I've found my next series "must-read"!

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