The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop Tomorrow Lucille Abbey was supposed to be in romantic Paris with the handsome correct London stockbroker who had asked her to be his wife But at the last moment she had to fly to the huge country hom

  • Title: The Corner Shop
  • Author: Elizabeth Cadell
  • ISBN: 9780688013714
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tomorrow Lucille Abbey was supposed to be in romantic Paris with the handsome, correct London stockbroker who had asked her to be his wife But at the last moment she had to fly to the huge country home of Professor Hallam to straighten out a tangled business problem By the time she got to Paris, the Professor s strange life had changed her own, and the romantic trip withTomorrow Lucille Abbey was supposed to be in romantic Paris with the handsome, correct London stockbroker who had asked her to be his wife But at the last moment she had to fly to the huge country home of Professor Hallam to straighten out a tangled business problem By the time she got to Paris, the Professor s strange life had changed her own, and the romantic trip with her fiance turned into a nightmare of intrigue and suspense Love was around the strange and shadowy corner in the dusty Paris quarter, too.

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      211 Elizabeth Cadell
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    1 thought on “The Corner Shop”

    1. A charming mystery-romantic comedy with an impossible plot. Total strangers who have something to do with the weirdly convoluted central mystery keep bumping into each other in the English countryside and in Paris but I just went with it because I loved the heroine, Lucille Abbey, and the dotty, impossible Professor she goes to work for. The Professor washes his own sox and goes around being crotchety and absent-minded. Lucille is a no-nonsense career woman who values her independence and knows [...]

    2. A novel about a woman who helps a grumbling professor catalogue his late mother’s possessions, and in doing so manages to change the trajectory of her own life. 1966.Full review (and other recommendations!) at Another look bookA solid 4-star read. It's short and reads rather like a romantic comedy play, but the characters are rich and unexpected. Favorite line: "a man with a long pointed nose who washed his own socks every night and hung them on the window sill to dry." Swoon! I'm smitten.

    3. Elizabeth Cadell was a prolific writer of frothy romantic comedies from--oh, the 1940s or so into the 1970s. For those who prefer to keep the bedroom door firmly closed, Cadell is a worthwhile find. The settings are modern and mostly English, with occasional forays into France and Portugal. Although long out of print, her books can be found in most civic libraries and are worth checking into and out.The heroine of The Corner Shop is Lucille Abbey, the beautiful and all-business owner of a secret [...]

    4. Elizabeth Cadell’s books kept popping up on lists of recommendations, and when I did my research I was disappointed to learn that they were all out of print, because they sounded lovely. But luck was with me: I spotted a very pretty edition of her 1966 novel ‘The Corner Shop’ and I pounced.I quickly found myself very taken with the heroine, with a wonderful adventure, and with a fine romance.Lucille Abbey was an attractive young divorcee, and she was the owner of a successful secretarial a [...]

    5. A light and entertaining read. I'd heard of the author before but hadn't read anything by her before. Would best describe this as a gentler, vintage romantic suspense, mystery with a dash of humour early on.Thought the two leads, the forthright and attractive Mrs Lucille Abbey and the somewhat scatty Professor worked well together, a case of opposites do attract. I thought that the explanation offered as to the mystery here was a bit underdone and just a tad unlikely.An easy read for this genre [...]

    6. What a lovely little gem from 1966I'd never heard of Elizabeth Cadell but searching more about D.E. Stevenson, I discovered this author's name as well as a few others. This English lady, born and bred in India, and who lived in England and the Med, penned over fifty novels! Although her books are not exactly easy to find, four of them have been made available digitally.The Corner Shop is a light read, mixing comedy, romance and mystery. Mrs Lucille Abbey, divorced lady of 28, owner of a secretar [...]

    7. I fell in love with Elizabeth Cadell when I was in junior high school. I have read nearly all her books. This is by far my favorite, and I read it at least once a year. I won't discuss the plot since other reviewers do that, but do want to say that I think this would make a really cute romantic movie and wish Nora Ephron were still here to make it! Cadell's books are mostly all available online, but some of the earlier editions are very pricy. I was lucky enough to be able to find a lot of them [...]

    8. I remember reading Elizabeth Cadell with a great deal of nostalgia. I recently finished re-reading her Waynes of Wood Mount series, and that pretty much satisfied my urge to revisit Cadell's thoroughly English old-timey romances but for a blog I ran across which glowing reviewed this one. I actually happened to run across this title while looking for another book in my library, and decided to re-read it. What a delight. The characters were deftly sketched, and the romance with the unusual love i [...]

    9. Start with a girl who runs an agency to hire secretaries for clients, send her on a trip to discover why three in a row have quit after one day each for a quirky professor, throw in a trip to Paris to have a working holiday at her Aunt's little shop, add an art dealer looking for valuable (or not?) paintings, someones' stolen china, a fiance who is all wrong for this girl. Voila! You have such an enjoyable read as this. Funny, insightful, thoughtful; a little mystery with lots of fun. I want to [...]

    10. Sure, there are coincidences galore, but this book is great fun nonetheless. Plus, it contains one sentence that has stuck with me for forty years, ever since I read this book for the first time in high school. Here's our hero attending church with the heroine:"He sang all the hymns with revivalist fervour and a total disregard for pitch."If you like humor and clever wordplay along with your (chaste) romances, treat yourself to Elizabeth Cadell's books. She wrote dozens, and they're newly availa [...]

    11. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I bought this book some months back—and then forgot about it. So, when I spotted it in my list of books waiting to be read, I actually began reading The Corner Shop with absolutely no idea of what it was (I had forgotten everything my friend had written about it). It started in what I thought was gearing up to be an Agatha Raisinesque style: efficient, hard-headed businesswoman (Lucille Abbey), divorcee and owner of a secretarial agency, sets off to invest [...]

    12. As per review dearauthor/book-reviews/ov this sounds like fun. I like these vintage goodies.I read this under it's other title.

    13. I usually enjoy Elizabeth Cadell's delicate and sentiment-free romances. But this one was not a winner. Yet the premise is appealing enough. Lucille Abbey, owner of a secretarial agency, goes on a fact-finding mission to figure out why one particular employer has made three of her best workers throw in the towel after a single day. She finds a workaholic professor in a decaying mansion. She somehow decides to take on the challenge herself, and helps the professor sort out the contents of a large [...]

    14. Three and a half starsr an easy, light read.The first half of the book was fun and engaging. Lucille decides to go see for herself why her competent and capable secretaries are not lasting more than a day with the new position she finds for them. She has one day to solve this puzzle before her trip to Paris and her impending marriage becomes a reality."Her way of life, she knew, was about to change. She would marry Malcolm Donne and become the mother of his children and live on a farm and become [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. I had never heard of Elizabeth Cadell before picking this up at a second-hand store, and now I'm wondering why! She most definitely had a sense of humor and a backbone. I didn't know what to expect from such an old romance/mystery novel, but the ideas and conversations could take place today, though with more foul language and less creativity. The characters and imagery are amazing. You can see the cobblestones, the cottage, the cars. Ms. Cadell will be on my radar fr [...]

    16. Lucille runs a secretarial agency. She's all set to go to Paris, but first she has to meet with one troublesome client. It seems the professor just can't keep a secretary.Lucille soon sees why when she meets him. He's impossible. But her professional streak demands that she finish the job before joining her aunt and fiancee in Paris. But once she gets there, she has to face her doubts about her relationship and her future.An old-fashioned story, one that would appeal to fans of D E Stevenson. I [...]

    17. I went into this novel totally prepared to like it. It had such a cute premise! Nothing bad or objectionable in it; it just didn't have much sparkle. The professor was actually kind of a cardboard character, and Lucille's transition from "I'm not sure I can stand this job in this primitive place with this ridiculous man for more than a couple of weeks" to "I wish I was back there that lovely housewith that great professor" was just too quick and unexplained. The mystery was kind of halfhearted. [...]

    18. I loved this wonderful story by Elizabeth Cadell! I loved the grumpy-but-adorable Professor, loved Lucille, loved the scenes in England as well as those in FranceI can still see the main characters taking a stroll along the streets of Paris! What a happy book - a little romance with a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure, and with a satisfying ending

    19. Young city woman in 60's running a secretarial agency and following up on a problem client in the country. Trying to solve a theft and deciding about the wisdom of her engagement to a straight laced businessman. The situation moves to Paris where her problem client arrives to assist with solving the theft.

    20. 3.5 Very dated, but a very charming romance. Lucille is leaving her fiance and helping her aunt run her shop in Paris, all while running her own business and finding new love. Sappy- I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I enjoyed this light read.

    21. Love to read older books - written 1967 - but like to read a variety of authors, not just the new releases.

    22. SUCH a fun, lovely book! Reminds me a little of The Awakening of Miss Prim or Miss Buncle's Book. So good and I can't wait to read more from this author!

    23. Read for the 2017 March TBR Challenge: Comfort ReadI have a confession to make. I love old books that were once popular but are now mostly forgotten. I especially love finding authors I missed reading in my younger years. Elizabeth Cadell is such an author. Now that some of her books are being resurrected as ebooks, I decided to try her. Most of her books were frothy, romantic comedies written between the 1940s and 80s with quirky characters (lightly sketched rather than deeply drawn) and set in [...]

    24. Lucille Abbey owns a secretarial agency in London. She has her life all mapped out.Then she meets the Professor, a client of hers.Mystery, romance, many lives that intersect, have a common thread with a surprise ending.A fun read.

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