Cutting Class

Cutting Class Cutting Class begins with P B initials short for PonyBoy named afterthe famous book that his mother was once obsessed with P B is veryangry and partly blames this on his father having been in prison

  • Title: Cutting Class
  • Author: Keli Chaffin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cutting Class begins with P.B initials short for PonyBoy, named afterthe famous book that his mother was once obsessed with P.B is veryangry, and partly blames this on his father having been in prison forP.B s entire life His mother refuses to talk about why his father isin prison for murder, an act that his father committed when he was 18,the age that P.B will soonCutting Class begins with P.B initials short for PonyBoy, named afterthe famous book that his mother was once obsessed with P.B is veryangry, and partly blames this on his father having been in prison forP.B s entire life His mother refuses to talk about why his father isin prison for murder, an act that his father committed when he was 18,the age that P.B will soon be, so P.B finds his mother s journals from when she was 15 and begins to read them in hopes that it will help himunderstand how he ended up a fatherless kid The journals portray thetragic love story of his unpopular parents in the public school system,where his mother is a loner who talks to no one, and his father is acute book worm who all the girls fawn over, but who has an angry sidethat is soon pushed to its limits by the high school football team P.B is nothing like his father, he is in fact a star member of his schoolsfootball team and quite popular, at least until he starts pursuingPixie, the school token weird girl Maybe father and son are not thatdifferent.

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    1 thought on “Cutting Class”

    1. freebie. This story was filled with tragic figures. First, we have Johnny Boy. Johnny's mother is the school librarian, who is known to all to be a whore. She was raped as a young girl by her own father. Johnny's father, unbeknownst to him, is his grandfather. His mother has protected him from this info by telling him his father was a soldier who died in Afghanistan. The father/grandfather, in addition to being a pedophile, was also an arsonist. While in prison for arson, he killed himself by se [...]

    2. Cutting Class begins with P.B. initials short for PonyBoy. His mother is very angry, and partly blames this on his father having been in prison for P.B.'s entire life. His mother will not talk about why his father is in prison for murder, a crime that his father committed when he was 18, the age that P.B. will soon be, so P.B. finds his mother's journals from when she was 15 and begins to read them in hopes that it will help him understand how he ended up a fatherless kid. The journals show the [...]

    3. I won this book in a First Reads giveaway.I believe that this book was an advance copy, explaining the grammatical errors (incorrect words in place of the right ones, i.e. too instead of to), which was a little distracting for someone like me (I'm a teacher and those kind of things drive me crazy), but that's not relevant.The basic premise and story line is good, but the way things tended to bounce around was distracting from the story. There was continual change in the point of view and topics [...]

    4. There were a lot of typo's. Enough to the point where i could point them out. This book was really interesting, but had a dark almost creepy undertone. The point of views were hard to tell apart, and if felt like there should have had a bigger way to tell the difference between the 8 different POV's. Through the whole book, they didnt say Pony Boy's mother's name. I thought that was different, but made me really confused. I was hoping to learn it in the end, but i never did. I didnt get any good [...]

    5. Well this book is definitely an interesting read. Before i comment on the story though i just want to say that there was a lot of typos. The story is completely different to anything i expected, in a good way. What happens surprises you and its believable and intensely emotional. You feel connected to the characters and the story reads well although it is a little confusing sometimes. Overall i enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it as its not the usual sappy love story written for the YA g [...]

    6. If you've read the other reviews then you already know about the abundance of grammatical errors which were at times distracting (I wanted to get out my red pen and start proofreading myself!) but thankfully the story moved along quickly. It was emotional and raw and felt real. I loved how the ending linked all the characters up. There was a lot of POVs and time lines going on at once which could get a bit confusing but on the other hand it was interesting to get insight on so many characters. O [...]

    7. This was one of the most disappointing books I've read. The story itself was so intriguing and had so much potential but the execution wasn't what it could have been.I guess my biggest problem is the dialogue. People speak in contractions, but through this whole book nobody says anything that sounds even slightly natural. Considering that dialogue plays a huge role in this book, that was a major let down.

    8. I won this book as part of a First-Reads contest.To be honest, it did take me a while to get into this book. The viewpoint kept jumping around, and it took me a few chapters to understand the different relationships. It also started off sounding like another one of those angry teenager stories, but towards the middle there were some twists that I did not expect, and in the end, I ended up really liking the book and it was something unique.

    9. mengeksplor & menghadirkan cerita yang "tak biasa",cutting class merupakan psychological thriller yang subyektifra karakternya yang eksentrik mempunyai pandangan tersendiri akan arti aksi"bunuh".cerita cutting class bukan untuk dinikmati sepenuhnya,karena ini sisi lain dari sugesti pikiran,jadi cenderung membingungkan tentunyailah arti dari pesan cerita"cutting clss"

    10. Oddly enough, I loved it! Books like these I generally call my "escape books," these are books I read to escape for a minute and allow myself to enjoy teenage literature. Though it was riddled with error, I fell in love and was hooked for the ride :) I would suggest it, but know: it is depressing! It only took me an hour, two tops, to finish it though! That was nice :)

    11. A little confusing at first, but as you read on, the story unfolds. Great story about a relationship that escalates to their kids. Characters live in constant fear and worry, confusion and dramatic emotions, and ends in one simple touching line. "I will always love you "

    12. I love books about teens on the edge and a little messed up. The story about the parents, fascinating. The character development is admirable and it makes you wonder what is going on in the mind of the author that would inspire this story.

    13. I am really digging the thing that this character says in this book mothers really creative and all her love the way the author writes certain little things in here with her characters

    14. neat twist, interesting layout. it got a bit confusing because the text was supposed to be in italics for certain parts but didn't stay that way throughout.

    15. I liked the story, but there were numerous grammatical errors and then it just sort of ended. There needed to be at least another chapter.

    16. So, once again I will break the moral code and write my own review just like I did for Sentimental Bulls#*t. Half the novel is about Johnny who doesn't talk to many people, so when he taps the shoulder of a girl in math class and asks her "Do you like monkeys?" it is a big deal. Johnny's home life sucks and all he wants is to stay out of trouble, and yet, he keeps finding himself with fighting the captain of the school football team, who used to be his best friend. The girl Johnny likes, carries [...]

    17. The premise of this book was good but I was very annoyed with the grammatical mistakes as well as the timeline issues. Half the book was written as diary of the main character, Pony Boys' (P.B.'s) mother. Her story took place in 1994 and I found many things inaccurate, including referencing the internet multiple times as well as digital cameras, posting videos online, and Jessica Simpson. These references are inaccurate for the 1994 setting and I found the story to be less believable. I also fel [...]

    18. This was the first time I read a story formatted like this. The future and then the past and then back again. I loved hearing the story of these two characters and how "best friend romance" it sounded. The story was realistic yet not. I loved how the author left some of the traits of the characters for you to decide. I always have flashbacks to this story in my life. (If you're worried about the "cutting" part, it's almost non existent in the book) I would recommend it if you're interested in so [...]

    19. What did I read. Seriously,what did I just subject myself to??This has been sitting in my kindle for so long, and I'm really hoping I did not pay money for this atrocious thing.The writing was beyond bad; why does it jump from narrator to narrator in the middle of a paragraph? Was there no editor to explain that spelling is key? To teach grammar?This could have been a decent story, but it wasn't.

    20. if i could give this book i zero i would. i didn't even finish it because no more than 30 pages in did the author commit a cardinal sin and create the worst metaphor that made me lose complete interest on the spot. unforgiving? perhaps. but even my haphazard skimming picked up on this misstep, and i just couldn't let it go. otherwise, excellent premise of a book i just wish it had more depth than it tried to have.

    21. I liked the book and how it explained both the lives of P.B and pixie and the journals to know the lives of their parents. I hated how abrupt the ending was though.

    22. The storyline was a mess. I couldn't keep focus on one thing because so much was happening. It seemed rushed and all too fast. Could've gone better if the time line was better.

    23. confusedIt took me a while to read the book but I actually finished it to the point where I realize that the book was pointless to me

    24. It was difficult to read due to the editing errors, but it was an amazing and creative story. It was original and kept you on your toes. I love it.

    25. Great bookLove this book so much. very on edge book that makes you keep reading and not put the book down

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