Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort Caught between desire and a promise Compass Brothers Book Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss s daughter was all wrong for him She was too feisty too damned independent and at seven ye

  • Title: Southern Comfort
  • Author: Mari Carr Jayne Rylon
  • ISBN: 9781609284978
  • Page: 180
  • Format: ebook
  • Caught between desire and a promise Compass Brothers, Book 2 Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss s daughter was all wrong for him She was too feisty, too damned independent and, at seven years his junior, too damned young When she comes home with a college diploma and fiance on her arm, though, he can t quite remember all the reasons he held her at arm s lengtCaught between desire and a promise Compass Brothers, Book 2 Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss s daughter was all wrong for him She was too feisty, too damned independent and, at seven years his junior, too damned young When she comes home with a college diploma and fiance on her arm, though, he can t quite remember all the reasons he held her at arm s length.It s not just his jeans tightening reaction to her all grown up curves Something doesn t feel right about her impending marriage, and he won t rest until he s stopped her from making the biggest mistake of her life.The morning after her wild bachelorette party, Jody expected a hangover The surprise Waking up tied to a bed with sexy as sin Seth He s got some wild idea about proving they belong together, but she s not buying it Besides, she has a promise to keep that s too close to her heart to risk, especially not with a man who, until now, made his disinterest plain.No one ever said Seth backed down from a challenge She s going to make him work for it No problem Luckily for him, he has plenty of ropeWarning This story contains a bondage lovin cowboy who kidnaps and hogties a cowgirl to his bed and does all sorts of naughty things to her Fun, right

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      180 Mari Carr Jayne Rylon
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    1. Not a bad little story. Kind of cute and sexy. I don't particularly love stories that are surrounded by misunderstandings and miscommunications and hidden agendas. Things get lost in the story and it isn't very satisfying to me personally. Seth and Jody have always wanted each other. Jody made her interest obvious over the years and Seth always held back, thinking she was either too young or just not able to handle what he needs. By the time she feels beaten and rejected she moves on and he all [...]

    2. 4.0 Stars!Loved this story. I really like this series and the characters in it. The four Compass Brothers. This is book 2 but I read it last. It is not the hottest of the four but the romance is the sweetest. Jody has had a crush on Seth since she was 12. He has held her at arms length and promised her father to leave her alone until she finishes college. She finally comes home after college and surprisee is engaged to be married Paul. Seth is determined to make her his. What's a man to do? (vie [...]

    3. This was a nice second book. I loved how Jody stood up to Seth. I mean sure, she submitted, but she also made him submit. How sexy is that? I'm pretty sure I'm going to be crying by the end of this series. But it'll be interesting to see what's happening with each brother while we've been reading about the others. I found that interesting many series go on a timeline one ends, the next begins, maybe years later. But things that happened in the first book were happening in this one. I think this [...]

    4. full review at scorchingbookreviewsI want a Seth. When we meet him, he has been a very good boy for nearly 3 years. He promised Jodi’s daddy that he wouldn’t touch her until she finished college. This meant that no matter how hard she tried to seduce him, he resisted. Unfortunately for Seth, there is only so much rejection a girl can take. Jodi comes home a woman determined to move on with her life. Yes she loves him, but she isn’t a masochist, and he has hurt her one too many times. Marry [...]

    5. I went on a tear and read books 2-4 in a week. I think that the way the stories are woven together is genius and the non-vanilla sex was intriguing. But why is it that the dominant men seem to mellow out when they find "the one"? Why is it that they are commanding partners until they find their soulmate, then suddenly what has always driven them is "cured" and they can suddenly compromise?I like the characters and the interweaving story linesd I devoured these books. But I don't see myself readi [...]

    6. Because I've read excellent stories by both authors, I was surprised at how bad this story was, from start to finish -- and the heroine's erratic behavior just dotted the i.HERO ist well definedENES/CONTENT: few/hotGENRE/TONE: contemporary/dramaLENGHT: 190 pages

    7. this was a good romance story between Seth and Jody. this is also the second book in the compass brother series

    8. Synopsis: "Caught between desire and a promise…Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss’s daughter was all wrong for him. She was too feisty, too damned independent and, at seven years his junior, too damned young. When she comes home with a college diploma and fiancé on her arm, though, he can’t quite remember all the reasons he held her at arm’s length.It’s not just his jeans-tightening reaction to her all-grown-up curves. Something doesn’t feel right about her impending mar [...]

    9. What the saying, you snooze you lose. Well Seth's out to prove it wrong. And boy does he do the best sexiest things to prove it wrong.I loved that this book made me laugh, cry and go on a roller-coaster of emotions (including wanting to slap some individuals) a beautiful story of how sometimes we have to grab opportunity by the hand (or rope) and go with itBring on book 3

    10. A bit too prideful Seth and Jody have pride in spades, it just may lead to a sadly ever after. But Seth isn't ready to give up and maybe his crazy plan just might lead them to happy ever after. This was a good read, funny, steamy and just enjoyable.

    11. Southern Comfort is book two of the Compass Brothers series from Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon, and I have got to admit, these brothers are all hot. Seth Compton always knew he would leave his family’s Wyoming ranch for the wide-open Texas spaces. After ten years, he’s foreman on the Kirkland spread, his life is great, and that’s when the boss’ daughter comes home from college after graduation. Seth has avoided her advances for years, knowing that, at seven years his junior, she wasn’t rea [...]

    12. March 9, 2012This was a good second story for this series. There is lots of steamy hot sex and a sexy dominant male as well as a spunky woman that will keep him on his toes. Seth and Jody are perfect for each other and once they get past him ignoring her as she grew up they made a good pair. I was glad that when Jody realized what was going on at the Compton Ranch she was supportive of Seth and help him to deal with the crushing news that he had received. I am looking forward to the next book.Ju [...]

    13. OMG! This book was sooooo good! I am LOVING this series! Full review reposted from my blog, Smitten with ReadingMy Review:This is book #2 of the Compass Brothers series. This book is about the 2nd oldest brother, Seth, who headed South to Texas to find is place in the world working at another family ranch. He's lived and worked there for the last 10 years, since Jody was 12 years old. Jody is the daughter of the ranch owner and she has had a crush on Seth ever since he came to work at the ranch. [...]

    14. This was a great story. I loved Seth and Jody, they were really great together. Seth is dominant but yet so sweet *sigh* I want a Seth of my own! Jody is spunky and smart (sometimes smart-assed) and very forceful as her personality yet her submission to Seth (only in the bedroom and not always there) came through as believable. Jody has loved Seth (who works for her father) since she was 12 but he never gave her any indication he wanted her, although they were always close friends. She grew up a [...]

    15. Definitely the most satisfying of the Compass Brothers series so far, Southern Comfort depicts the story of next-eldest Seth Compton, who struck out from his father's ranch in Wyoming eight years ago to apprentice on a Texas ranch, working his way up by the sweat of his brow rather than familial entitlement. Both his wanderlust and drive to prove himself are understandable and admirable.Seth's characterization is emotionally rich in a way the other Compton brothers' aren't. His conflicted longin [...]

    16. Seth Compton followed in his older brother's footsteps and left his home when turned 18. He went South to Texas where he became the foreman on a ranch. He instantly fell in love with his boss' daughter Jody but she was too young then so he gave her time to grow up. Now it's ten years later and Jody is a woman but she believes that Seth doesn't have the same feelings for her that she has for him. He's pushed her away for so long because she was younger that she believes a relationship is impossib [...]

    17. Jody, a rancher's daughter and Seth Compton who came to work on her ranch. Jody was in love with Seth when he first came to her ranch. She was only 12, and Seth was about 18. Seth brushed off Jody's infatuation with him for years, because she was too young. When Jody came home after graduating college away from home, she decided that she was moving on without Seth. She decided to marry her gay friend so that he can fulfill his will and get the money he needed to establish a cancer research cente [...]

    18. Oh man! If you think the length is in anyway a bad thing, think again! These two wonderfully talented ladies manage to put a lot in a short novella.This is book two that focuses on Seth Compton, second oldest after Silas. I will admit that I liked Silas' book more for the intro to the family than for his story itself. But Seth's story is all about him!Full of great characters (loved Paul) and an even better heroine to match Seth's personality. I really enjoyed getting to see the brothers' chat s [...]

    19. This was a fun one to read. I loved the relationship that Seth and Jody had. I can see why Seth had to put what he wanted on hold because it would have been so inappropriate. But now with Jody grown, the 6 year age difference is nothing. I really liked what Jody and Paul were trying to do, but hated that it was one more issue that had the potential to come between Jody and Seth. I did love how Paul encourages Seth to save Jody from herself while drinking. I thought it was funny too how Tommy enc [...]

    20. I loved this one! Seth is one cowboy that I'd like tooh, well, you probably don't need to know what I'd like to do with himis is a book review after all, but let's just say I'd be more than happy to be tied to his bed! All joking aside - what a catch! And Jody - what a spunky gal! I LOVE that she has "impertinent ways and love of four-letter words"! She is smart and sassy and has a mouth that makes me proud. I am so glad that things worked out, but I'm not going to lie, I had a little heart-atta [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this one. I loved the back and forth between Seth and Jody. LOL, just thinking about how crazy she made him has me chuckling. I love the way these alpha men envision their mates and then they find a woman that just blows that little safe picture to smithereens. I can understand though why Seth was trying his hardest to stay away. At such a young age, their age difference really did seem bigger than it would have if they were older. I'm just glad it worked out in the end.I really [...]

    22. Oooh I liked this one better than the 1st installment of the Compass Brothers series. Seth Compton and Jody Kirkland have some history bewteen them, sparking back to life with a vengence when she show's up back at the ranch after graduating college with her fiance Paul. Seth is not having it and although various things have kept him from Jody for the past decade he's not willing to let her marry Paul and be taken from him. Out comes Seth's dominant nature and whoo-hee is that HOT!!! There is the [...]

    23. Now seth he is different to his brother Silas he's loving and knows what he wants but can't have it and he is right to wait and is very patient until him being patient turned Jody's thinking he wasn't interested and no longer wants Seth lol (the old want what you can't have) cause she is marrying someone else and then he gets I rocket shoved up his ass and does a complete psycho and goes overboard there's kidnapping, bondage, hot sweaty sex and love and then he leaves read what happens after bri [...]

    24. So far, for me, this series is good, but not great. #1 was MMF (yay!) and way too much angst, while this one was M/F, fairly light D/s theme, and long denied love. There are two authors listed and the story sometimes feels like an uneven pairing of a sweet, cowboy romance with some nasty (in a good way) sex mixed in for spice. Both can be good, but they need to be blended better.A note of warning, do not fall for one of these four brothers unless you like avoidance, like a decade or more of it, [...]

    25. I LOVE Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon books so when I saw they started a series together I knew it was for me. Southern Comfort was a perfect addition to Northern Exposure. The web chat scene between the brothers was priceless so I'm really glad they duplicated it from Seth's point of view. Jody is a sassy headstrong girl with a love for 4 letter cuss words. Seth is dominant and loyal. They agrue and clash but it works for them. I like the humor sprinkled throughout the book. Paul was a great friend [...]

    26. Seemed a quicker read than the first one. As in, I started reading it on my lunch break and finished reading it by 8:30pm after I got home from work. (So read for maybe 30 minutes at lunch, then started reading it about 5:30pm)But I actually really enjoyed it. I like Seth.I wouldn't have minded getting kidnapped by him.The beginning was a bit repetitive as it connected to the first book, but I think all of them will be that way.On to the next!

    27. I like Jody and Paul relationship. He is a cool best friend.Seth sweet as can be, love him.Been this book 2 on the series you could tell it was a little better than the first one. My pet peeve, that from the prologue it had pass 10 yrs, also 10 yrs since he moved to Texas yeah doesn't add up, since he didn't moved to Texas until about a year after the events on the prologue.**** spoilers***Ok showing up in her wedding dress was friking hilarious.

    28. A good read, although I thought Jody was too immature, too childish. Oh, and bitchy. The girl really was clueless throughout the entire story. But, the sex between her and Seth was yummy, so I forgave her. Seth was dominant, sexy, and genuine. He made me laugh, he made me cry, and damn he made me hot. I liked Paul - would have liked to see more of him and Chase together. Looking forward to the next in the series.

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