Tuned Out

Tuned Out A teenaged boy s life is turned upside down when his older brother returns from college with a drug problem

  • Title: Tuned Out
  • Author: Maia Wojciechowska
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A teenaged boy s life is turned upside down when his older brother returns from college with a drug problem.

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    • Free Download [Horror Book] ✓ Tuned Out - by Maia Wojciechowska ✓
      479 Maia Wojciechowska
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    1. "Hell's just a barbeque pit," I laughed. "And all those big shots are nothing but a bunch of phonies dressed in Halloween costume rejects." (p.40)This breaks me up. I mean you feed her information and she responds like an IBM machine. She would never be shocked by anything because she really didn't exist in this day and age. She is a passenger on the Mayflower and it is still at sea. (p.83)Old St. Mark's looked really stupid. Some of those crummy old houses were being remodeled, and where there [...]

    2. Cover copy: In Jim’s revealing journal, which is the substance of this moving book, we share the experience of that terrible summer – the LSD and marijuana, the hippies, the disillusionment, the helpless confusion and fear. It is all recorded frankly, to the final horror of Kevin’s freaking out and the shaky beginnings of his redemption.The freaking out silhouette is even more detailed and hilarious in real life. Written in 1968 by a very square author determined to plumb the horrifying de [...]

    3. 16 year-old Jim's lifestyle, morals, and perceptions are about to be challenged by the most unlikely source of all: his older brother, his hero. Jim hasn't seen his brother for almost a year because he has been away at college and mysteriously doesn't come home for holiday. As Jim anticipates Kevin's arrival with delight and optimistic prospects of summer fun, Jim never imagines that his brother just might not be as perfect as he remembers. Within the first few hours of their reunion, Jim learns [...]

    4. Tuned Out is the story of a 16-year-old boy trying to save the 20-year-old brother, whom he idolizes, from the clutches of drugs. But it's more than that. It is the traumatic portrayal of Jimmy's growing up processes. He can no longer cling t his older brother and pretend that he belongs to him alone. He must let Kevin be the person he actually is and not expect him to be the superhuman genius he wants him to be. Through an unpleasant encounter with drugs, Jimmy has decided that this is not the [...]

    5. I read this book when it was 3 years old (1970), and I loved it. I bought a new copy recently and enjoyed it once again. It is very dated, but that is part of what makes it a fun read now.It is about a 16 year old boy who idolizes his older brother, who returns home and is different than he was before he went to college. The older brother introduces the 16 year old to LSD. After a fearful bad trip, and an excursion to Greenwich Village, the 16 year old has experiences that would change his life [...]

    6. One of the most heart-wrenching books about watching someone destroy themselves with drugs I can even imagine reading. If you liked "Go Ask Alice", this is the story from the outside in the form of a young man's idolization of his older brother who is back from college. His discovery that his brother is spiraling out of control on LSD and marijuana is told with intense insight. This is one of the first books I recommend to teens, especially those with problems.

    7. This 60s story of dealing with a drug-experimenting older brother rang extremely true for me. Not in the sense of having experienced anything like that, but in the sense that it seemed incredibly authentic, as opposed to someone from today's perspective trying to write a quasi-historical novel about drug experimentation/addiction set back then.

    8. 1968. This book was pretty good. It's about a kid who freaks out on acid and recovers. A little moralistic, but cool scenes in the Village and on the subway. Hippies and the Digger's Free Store. Pleasingly dated. They make the scene and say groovy.

    9. read this in the sixth grade. It really affected me. I have memories of reading this on the floor between two bookcases in the library of our "open-room" elementary schoolad in the 70's.

    10. 4 StarsI can definitely relate to this book in many ways. It is about a teenage level kind of reading. I would say that if you teen and older then you could relate to this book and understand what they are talking about. The book is about teens and drugs and how some are involved in drugs and cannot quiet because they are addicted. This book has a great lesson for teens and I wish more people would read it. I would definitely read this book again just because it is really good. I would definitel [...]

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