A Single Light

A Single Light A deaf and dumb girl growing up in a small Spanish village finds in the church a priceless statue of the Christ Child which becomes the one thing that will not reject her affection

  • Title: A Single Light
  • Author: Maia Wojciechowska
  • ISBN: 9780553103595
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • A deaf and dumb girl growing up in a small Spanish village finds in the church a priceless statue of the Christ Child which becomes the one thing that will not reject her affection.

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    1 thought on “A Single Light”

    1. A Single Light involves the story of a rejected deaf and mute girl, a researcher, and a town.The characterization of the girl is well done. The despair and frustration that she feels comes through clearly. the themes of the novel include despair, hatred, love, and understanding.(I read this novel in the 70s when I was taking an adolescent lit. class. The critique came from one I did for the class.)

    2. This is one of my all time favorite books. I will admit that my opinion on the book is somewhat skewed because it was given to me by my late beloved grandmother. However, the reason this book has such an impact on me even now, is because it was the very first book that made me cry. How could you not connect with a young girl who wants nothing more than to be loved and to experience the comfort of human touch. This book taught me the dangers of mob mentality and the importance of not getting caug [...]

    3. Disabilities, People, and Life in Spain after the Spanish Civil War.Anna, is born deaf and dumb to father and Grandfather who see her as only as another mouth to feed and to be used as a goat herder. She finds no love until she goes to the Church in town and finds an object there to love.Interesting look at disabilities.

    4. Yet another quick read. This story was very thought provoking but it didn't go into too much depth.It is a great story for non readers.

    5. Shortly after the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Ramon de Prada, who was from the village of Almas in Andalucia, Spain, but had gone to Madrid to seek his fortune, returns to Almas, marries, and has a daughter. The girl turns out to be deaf and mute, and the mother dies six months afterward. A kindly neighbor, Flora Garcia, names the girl Anna and takes care of her until she turns five, when she comes back to her father’s house to tend her grandfather’s goats. When the girl is fifteen, Senor [...]

    6. Much darker than I remembered. 48 years ago I loved this story but could not remember the title. A resourceful librarian helped me track it down for librarians.I remembered a motherless deaf girl who lived on a farm in Andalusia, tended goats and lived happily ever after. The descriptions made Andalusia sound like a wonderful place to live.Funny how much I had forgotten: the bleak description of village life, the loneliness, the cruelty and most of the action.It is a fable, full of symbolism and [...]

    7. I read this book twice in elementary school and was entranced by it. I forgot the title, but not the basic story. I always wanted to read it as an adult, to see if I found it as meaningful. However, I had forgotten the title. It took years of random Googling to reconnect with the title. Luckily, I was able to find a copy on Abehbooks. I did enjoy reading it again, but didn't feel the emotional connection wasn't as strong as I remembered. Maybe because, this time, I tried to understand the symbol [...]

    8. Pretty good quick read. It's a touching story. A quote I loved is "love is like a gift, it has to be acepted"

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