Fireborn When Slowin an old dying wizard steals magic from Bee his young apprentice he changes his own life and nearly destroys hers But he also releases Wild Magic into the world magic that cannot easily

  • Title: Fireborn
  • Author: Toby Forward Jim Kay
  • ISBN: 9781406320442
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Slowin, an old dying wizard, steals magic from Bee, his young apprentice, he changes his own life and nearly destroys hers But he also releases Wild Magic into the world magic that cannot easily be controlled It is up to Flaxfield and Cabbage to rescue Bee and to prevent Slowin from using the Wild Magic against them.

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    1. Forward, Toby. Fireborn: A Dragonborn Novel. Bloomsbury, 2013.Bee is an apprentice to an evil fire wizard, and on the day of her naming ceremony, he steals her magic. Now she will need help from another wizard and his apprentice to get her magic back from the evil wizard.The narration in this book is beautiful. I loved the lyrical quality of the fairy-tale story. This was not a "read for my fifteen minute break and then put down" kind of book; I needed lots of uninterrupted time to get lost in t [...]

    2. I read the first book and then read this one from and had been looking for the second book and was lucky enough to find it in a book shop in Wellington. I like how the author can keep the story going when it takes place in so many different places. The characters are believable and engaging making you want to follow their story.

    3. This book wasn't what I was expecting I was expecting a continuation of the story but instead this took me back and explained the story before the first book. Such a good idea and I loved trying to guess which of the characters of the first book they'd turn out to be. I loved it and can't wait till I can read the next one.

    4. When Slowin, an old dying wizard, steals magic from Bee, his young apprentice, he changes his own life and nearly destroys hers. But he also releases Wild Magic into the world—magic that cannot easily be controlled. It is up to Flaxfield and Cabbage to rescue Bee and to prevent Slowin from using the Wild Magic against them.I copied this synopsis from because it captures the story well. I enjoyed the book. It has a good storyline and action. It is the classic battle between good and evil set i [...]

    5. This was much the same as the previous one - it's just that the slow pacing began to wear on me in this book.Chronologically, this is a prequel to Dragonborn. We focus on Bee (who is known as December in Dragonborn) and Cabbage in their actions in sealing the Big Bad (Slowin, now known as Ash, and Brassbuck) into the Castle. The lyrical quality of the writing remains. It's a good children's book, but it's not for me.

    6. Great book Love this book. Lots of magic adventure and fun. Can’t wait to read the next one. Wonder what happens to the characters

    7. It was a slow start but in the end it was a great book!!! I loved how it explained people and things from Dragonborn!

    8. Fireborn by Toby Foward is a juvenile companion novel to Forward’s Dragonborn, set in a different time but the same fantastical world. I haven’t read Dragonborn and was under the impression by “companion novel” that that wouldn’t impede my reading of Fireborn. I’m not sure if that is the case, but if you think it would have made a difference, let me know! As it was, let me just say that there are no dragons…. Disappointment :(. While Fireborn has an interesting world and adventure [...]

    9. This second book of The Flaxfield quartet took me by surprise. It is surprisingly good.At first, I felt the same annoyed feeling as when I read the first book (right, why do I continue reading it then?). I was annoyed by the lack of explanation of what's happening and then the jumpy and unfinished conversations.In the middle of the story, the Flaxfield that I used to know from in the first book turned out to be not as adorable and as wise and as gentle as 'Dumbledore'. He is just someone else, h [...]

    10. Fireborn is the second book in the series by author Toby Forward. This book goes back in time from the first novel, Dragonborn, to find the wizard, Flaxfield, with another young apprentice, Cabbage. Cabbage and Flaxfield travel to an inn far from home on the way to provide magic to a farming community after their harvest is complete. Flaxfield and Cabbage visit over dinner with a roffle friend and his young son, Percy. Roffles are small people that live underground. Flaxfield tries to lightly pu [...]

    11. Fireborn was a weird book for me. On the one hand, I loved the story, the characters, and the magic. Several parts of the book were beautiful and had me engrossed in the story. I cared about the characters and what they were experiencing. I couldn't put the book down because I had to see how it ended. On the other hand, I spent much of the book feeling like I'd missed some vital piece of information. It was like getting dumped into a play during the second act. I would have loved to know more ab [...]

    12. This story follows the adventures of Cabbage, an apprentice to Wizard Flaxfield, Perry, a roffle, from the Deep World, and Bee, a young girl whose powerful magic is stolen and creates a wild kind of magic that goes on a destructive path that threatens to kill everyone, including her. When the wizard, Flaxfield loses his magic, it is up to Cabbage and Perry to help Bee and stop Slowin and his hungry beetle army and return balance to the world. When I first began reading Fireborn, I almost did not [...]

    13. Fireborn was really hard for me to rate. It was also really hard for me to come to terms with how I felt about it.The story as a whole was both disjointed and united. Think of a quill, the way you have different sections that make no sense on their own until you step back and look at the entire piece. That's how I felt about this book.There was constant head jumping (or character jumping) and I never got used to it because it had no predictable pattern. Sometimes the 12 yr old characters sounded [...]

    14. I need to be able to give a six star rating. I read a Toby Forward book and I never want to read anything by anyone else. I loved Dragonborn, but Fireborn is just as good, if not better. Normally, I don't like prequels, but this time it works. You get to know people that you loved or hated in Dragonborn, but in an entirely new way. Getting to meet Flaxfield was a joy and, even knowing what would happen, I loved meeting Bee. Cabbage and Perry were my favorites, though. Although, Flaxfold was amaz [...]

    15. Fireborn was a particularly interesting book that offered fantasy, conflict, darkness, and light all at the same time. In reading about Bee and the other characters, I was definitely intrigued, being easily drawn into reading more. Still, I was a bit concerned with the mature scenes. I kept thinking that the book needed a parental advisory label.The author did an amazing job with creating this magical world, as well as with distinguishing its peculiar characters. For those who enjoy a good Harry [...]

    16. I didn't actually finish this book. Really, I didn't get very far at all.You see, I had read the previous book and I really didn't get it. But when my mom got this from the library for me I was like, Oh well, let's just give this a try! But within the first, like, two chapters I was SO confused. There were two different characters who met five different other characters and there was no backstory and everything was jumping around like a kangaroo. Maybe I gave up too fast, but I don't think the r [...]

    17. This book is one of my son's favorite books and he asked me to read it. I can see why he liked it. First, the subject matter-fantasy and magic - is what he loves. Second, the book is written very well. Third, I thought. the storyline and characters were creative. And the beetles are nasty and creepy. The book is long, 400+ pages, but the chapters are short which makes it easy for kids like my son who don't love to read, to feel like they can finish a book a little at a time. My son isn't crazy a [...]

    18. This was an odd book. Because I didn't read the first one in the series, it was a little hard to get into. I had trouble following the story at first. The author skips around with characters and the language isodd. ButI also found I couldn't put the book down. The characters are really well rounded and believable. It's actually an interesting story and I know I'm going to have to go back and read the first one now so I know better what's going on.

    19. I really didn't enjoy that book and the principal reason is the author's style. There are so many point of views in that book that you just can't read it without having a big headache. So many characters are meeting and they clearly have no need to be there.Though, the author created a nice universe about magic and have a beautiful way to talk about it. I liked the stories about magic and the way you should/shouldn't use it.

    20. I borrowed a copy from NetGalley for review.I thought this was good. However the constant changing from different characters point of view kind of made the story seem a bit jumpy. I liked the story and plot that Bee and the other characters were attempting to stop the evil wizard from trying to use magic to destroy everything. But at times it felt like something was missing.

    21. Better than the first book.The second book of the series rivals the first with the way it closed the gaps in the story line. Readers have the back story and understand what was going on in the first and now anxiously await to see what happens back in the present with the main character Sam.

    22. It just wasn't as good as the previous book, and it neither held together or had engaging characterization. Frustrating. It was as if the author relied on genuinely horrifying horror elements to carry the story along.

    23. I really liked what this book has brought to the series as it is thus far. It was really great to get the background stories on some of the characters in the first book!I love the author's style and the way consequence and effect are explored :)

    24. I loved the ending of how not everything has a happy ending, and Flame has to change her name and chooses December. This to me shows that she is done with her fire powers because not only did she choose a new name, but a name that is the opposite of fire

    25. It was okay. Once again, it barely had anything to do with dragons. I forced myself to read it, however, and near the end the adventure began to pick up and I thought it might be enjoyable, but then it was over. I didn't really like this book very much.

    26. Inventive story and world. A lot of things just happened for no reason though. And the ending just sort of happened and didn't resolve anything. I won't read any more in this series.

    27. I just can't get into this book for some reason. The book is paced really slow for a middle-grade reader.

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