The Little Endless Storybook

The Little Endless Storybook Once Upon a TimeLittle Delirium was lost Her protector and favorite puppy Barnabas searched the waking world for his tiny princess to no avail Now Barnabas must travel to the strange and unlikely rea

  • Title: The Little Endless Storybook
  • Author: Jill Thompson Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781401204280
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once Upon a TimeLittle Delirium was lost Her protector and favorite puppy Barnabas searched the waking world for his tiny princess to no avail Now, Barnabas must travel to the strange and unlikely realms of each of the Endless to see if Delirium s siblings have seen their missing sisterFor years fans have demanded to see of Jill Thompson s Little Endless, theOnce Upon a TimeLittle Delirium was lost Her protector and favorite puppy Barnabas searched the waking world for his tiny princess to no avail Now, Barnabas must travel to the strange and unlikely realms of each of the Endless to see if Delirium s siblings have seen their missing sisterFor years fans have demanded to see of Jill Thompson s Little Endless, the diminutive versions of the characters from Neil Gaiman s award winning SANDMAN series, and now their dreams are answered.This special edition hardcover features Jill Thompson s original sketches and the secret history of the Little Endless.

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    1. Two word: Cuteness overload. Apparently, Jill Thompson's diminutive editions of Morpheus and Death that first appeared in The Parliament of Rooks had a huge following. I heard that lots of fans demanded to see all the Endless in their "chibi" goodness, and Thompson granted all their wishes in this little storybook.Obviously it's a kid's book--they didn't even mention Death's name!--so it would be a tad criminal to point out its lack of depth concomitant with the graphic novel series. That also e [...]

    2. A wonderfully-illustrated and very cute storybook for children, or teen goths who are more attracted to the 'look' of Jill Thompson's work on The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman than appreciative of the philosphy, mythology and fable embedded in one of the greatest, most profound and sophisticated fantasy graphic-novel series' ever created.

    3. Being that the characters are Gaiman's Endless I expected this to be a comic not a kids book. Not at all what I had anticipated.

    4. "Once upon a time, in an ice-cream-colored realm, there lived a tiny princess named Delirium"And so starts the very endearing story of the youngest of Gaiman's The Endless who thought that she has "losted" her puppy Barnabas or as she is now calling him: "Mr. Losty MacLosty". If you're a Deliriophile, this will rock your candy-colored inside-out boat made of popsicle sticks as you try out words that are "particularly crispy on the tongue, like twinkle and citrus." Barnabas started searching for [...]

    5. It might seem a little too much to give 5 stars to a children's picture book, but why not? I love the story, I think it's super cute and I love any opportunity I have of seeing the Endless all together.The illustrations are so beautiful, I wish there were hundreds more like this book. I also wish I had a kid, because this would allow me to introduce him to Sandman. I love children's books and this one is a must have if you like art and are a fan of Sandman.

    6. very adorable and enjoyable! I love the little versions of the Endless as interpreted by Jill Thompson. :) I'm definitely wanting to see more of this!

    7. While I much prefer Gaiman's Endless, Jill THompson's version of the Endless are adorable. The artwork is beyond cute, the story is simple and easy to follow. A good read for those who might be too young for Gaiman's stories.

    8. What can I say? This book was so cute and made me smile alot. :) It's just adorable with just enough references for the fans to recognize from the original Sandman series!

    9. Несподівано вималювався сезон дрібнофанатського читання - мене переслідують сиквели, вбоквели та розширення світів. Оця крихітка - чудово намальована книжка-картинка про те, як маленька принцеса загубилася, і дуже відповідальний песик героїчно шукає хазяйку у королівств [...]

    10. História curiosa: três anos atrás fui numa leitura de contos pelo Gaiman, em Londres. Do lado de fora havia um casal sentado conversando. Reconheci na hora o homem: Dave Mckean, capista de Sandman. Cheio de vergonha fui lá e pedi um autografo. Tenho um Sandman desenhado por ele. Mas me arrependo de não ter um autografo da mulher que reconheci o visual mas não o nome: Jill Thompson, uma das melhores ilustradoras da série Sandman.A primeira vez que eu li as histórias da Jill Thompson eu as [...]

    11. One of the most brilliant things that Neil Gaiman ever produced was the Endless, a ruling family of embodied forces -- Dream, Despair, Desire, Delirium, Destruction, Destiny and Death.But have you ever imagined what they would look like as chibi figures?Me neither. But apparently Jill Thomas has, which resulted in charmingly oddball picture books aimed at children, starring teeny pumpkin-headed versions of the Endless we know and love (or, in some cases, hate). Obviously "The Little Endless Stor [...]

    12. coisinha mais fofa do mundo. Pequeno Sandman da vontade de por num potinho e carregar por ai. Ja quero pelúcias e chaveiros ❤❤❤

    13. Sendo uma fã incondicional de tudo o que tem a ver com Sandman, eu conhecia o nome da Jill Thompson e já tinha visto suas versões dos Pequenos Perpétuos. Estive várias vezes a ponto de encomendar esses dois volumes em inglês. Felizmente, a Panini relançou ambos com pouco menos de um mês de diferença e eu não tive dúvidas em fazê-lo se juntar a minha coleção.Em Os Pequenos Perpétuos, a princesa Delírio se perdeu e Barnabás, seu cão guardião, sai a procurá-la pelos reinos dos i [...]

    14. Siapapun yg sudah mengenal seri Sandman-nya Neil Gaiman, pasti sudah akrab dengan "The Endless". Jill Thompson, salah seorang illustrator seri Sandman, mengembangkan cerita dan karakter tujuh kakak-beradik The Endless ini dalam sebuah buku terpisah: The Little Endless Storybook.Di buku ini, para Endless digambarkan masih bocah, dengan gaya Manga. Kisahnya berawal dengan terpisahnya Delirium, si bungsu dari The Endless, dari anjing pengawalnya, Barnabas, yg juga masih seekor 'puppy'. Berlanjut de [...]

    15. This is based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman characters/graphic novels , and there are, supposedly, a lot of inside jokes if you’re familiar with the series (which I’m not, really – I’ve only read one of them). Jill Thompson has taken the dark characters and morphed them into little, sunny, chibi versions of themselves (their personalities have gone all childlike as well). It’s a little weird to see them all looking so cute. This particular story is about how Delirium and her guardian dog, [...]

    16. OK, let me see if I remember them allThe Endless: Death, Dream, Destiny, Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium :-)Once upon a time, Neil Gaiman created a graphic novel called Sandman, which was about Dream in the above list.When Gaiman left Sandman to pursue his writing carreer, it was decided at DC/Vertigo, that no other writer would write any new stories of the Endless of course that didn't last long and the Endless started popping up in other DC and Vertigo books before long.Dream, however, [...]

    17. What an endless family Barnabas lost his master, Lady Delirium. In order to find her, he come to her older brother, Destruction, whom like to paint. and he looked like a girl to me. but she wasn't with him, so barnabas went to her other brother, Destiny, a grim reaper minus his schyte. but he said, delirium is not lost, maybe she's with her sister, Despair. So barnabas went to asked her, but the squat sister told him, that her younger sister wasn't with her either. Then Barnabas went to her mast [...]

    18. The same person who is trying to promote my reading of graphic novels by giving me those set in the Buffy universe also gave me this little picture book set in Neil Gaiman's Sandman universe. It's a cute little tale that follows little Delirium through getting lost and being found by her dog companion who goes through the effort of talking to Delirium's six siblings (also younger in age for this book) along the way. There isn't any particular need for familiarity with these characters from the S [...]

    19. I have always thought the Little Endless were adorable (I've owned a mini Delirium for years) and it was nice to finally find a copy of the story books. They are definitely storybooks and not comics, but that's ok. The art is really lovely. I honestly can't say if they'd make sense as proper children's books, while very much in the style of kids books I think they are more aimed at grown ups who've read the comics than kids. That said I'm sure there are many kids out there whose parents have rea [...]

    20. The Endless from Neil Gaimans Sandman series feature in one of the most adorable and cute storybooks I've ever read. Deliriums gone missing and it's up to her dog, Barnabas, to make sure she is found again.Barnabas goes on a quest to find Deliriums siblings. Destruction, Desire, Destiny, Dream, Despair and Death. Has any one seen his little princess?The pictures are beautiful watercolours and the text reminds of children books. Except that Barnabas' lines are quite grown up from time to time.

    21. Thompson's delightful little adventure through the realms of the Endless to reunite Delerium and her puppy Barnabous is highly entertaining and absolutely adorable! It really doesn't get much cuter than the chibi versions of the Endless, and I'm really glad that Jill thompson took her accidental sketches into an entire book (now two). Sure, the plotline is a little trite and childish, but it's actually pretty good as a proper children's story (even though I'm sure that the actual audience is adu [...]

    22. Since my niece was born just over a year now, I decided includ more children's books on my bookshelf. Some of this type of books I have fresh in my memory of the time when I read stories to children from an orphanage in my town, for example Guess How much I love you and Old Pig and I remember how the children were fascinated with the illustrations So, as a Neil Gailman's fan I couldn't be more happy with this book! The Endless are presented in the most sweet way and all the things that make us l [...]

    23. I am still slowly making my way through Vol. 1 of Absolute Sandman so when my boyfriend handed me the little endless storybook i was immediately drawn to dream and death in minature form. The drawings are "awww" worthy and the story is really fun. Barnabas the puppy is a great character and I loved the conclusion. I won't spoil anything, but the Thing was my favorite part. Please find a copy and read at your earliest convenience.

    24. Ok so the story isn't exactly Dickens or anything, but this book is a great way for me to share characters that I love and have read about for years with my two year old. It will be a long time before he's ready for the really adult content of the actual Sandman series, but with this I can feel like I'm sharing part of my life with him that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. I will definitely be buying the second book in this series for us to share.

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