Dreaming The Dark: Magic, Sex, And Politics

Dreaming The Dark Magic Sex And Politics Featuring narrative chants songs and rituals Dreaming the Dark has helped many thousands of women use magic spirituality and community to bring about political and social change This anniversary

  • Title: Dreaming The Dark: Magic, Sex, And Politics
  • Author: Starhawk
  • ISBN: 9780807010259
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Featuring narrative, chants, songs, and rituals, Dreaming the Dark has helped many thousands of women use magic, spirituality, and community to bring about political and social change This anniversary edition of the best selling classic includes a new preface reflecting on the fifteen years since the book s original publication.

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    1 thought on “Dreaming The Dark: Magic, Sex, And Politics”

    1. My edition is the old blue one with the white letters and it was part of opening the interior and exterior world for me back in the day. Starhawk's insistence on the integration of sexuality, politics and the personal power some refer to as magic has aged well, as has her vision of what we risk by not understanding and taking responsibility for that integration.She was my first great teacher in the language of consequence, and i have thought of her a lot this year as i look at my own path of clu [...]

    2. This book was amazing. It gave me a lot of great information on groups and organizing while also reminding me how little has changed since the book's publication over thirty years ago.

    3. I've always been skeptical of the whole Wiccah movement. Considering I majored in religion in college, devoting much of my study to contemporary religious issues, I necessarily dealt with the Wiccah phenomenon head-on. A great deal of this skepticism is rooted, I think, in the fact that most of those who are willing to openly write and speak about the practice of Wiccah spend a good deal of their time justifying the practice itself and arguing for its legitimacy, more often than not feeding into [...]

    4. i read this book all day today in 5 minute increments between 20-minute art modelling poses. as a result, i wrote two songs about banks, cars, girl gangs and some things (during the poses. this is what they pay me for). i also experienced, for a second, an intense urge to get "ecofeminist" tattooed somewhere, on my forehead?, and didn't know who to text or how to explain why i had that urge and to acknowledge that it's funny, not serious, in 160 characters, while also sort of being clear about h [...]

    5. After Starhawks legendary "Spiral Dance" I think I was just expecting a little too much out of this one.I read this book many years ago and honestly I don't remember much of it. In fact one of the only things I remember about it was the constant nagging going on in my head "Is this book almost over?!?! It just didn't cut it for me I spent the majority of the time bored to tears hoping I could just make it to the end.

    6. I first read this book when I was 15 or 16. I remembered very little of it. I knew it was about the kind of politics that follow from a neopagan worldview (or, Starhawk's brand of neopaganism).I am so glad that I rediscovered this book! This book is a fantastic statement of the kind of political movements and political bonds that are necessary for truly solving the kinds of problems we face today. Her distinction between power-over and power-from-within is a simple, yet effective conceptual dist [...]

    7. I read this 18 years ago. My main memory is her proposal that the witch hunts were quite a distraction -so the people didn't realize what was going on "behind the scenes" -and didn't revolt. It really struck a chord with me.But just looking at it that was only one chapter. Certainly I liked it enough to buy 3 more books by Starhawk (2 were novels). I like the way she writes, her ideas are explained and presented well -and she's always VERY interesting and outside "the Box".I agree with this revi [...]

    8. One of the important people who made the God/dess movement accessible to women and men in literate explorations of where we came from, what we had become and how to best continue on each our own Path. Seven years after I found this book, I would be on the opposite coast in San Francisco. I attended a seminar she gave at the Earth Day Expo 1990. I danced as one among thousands in her circles under the night sky in later weeks. We healed and were healed. We were blessed.To those who might be searc [...]

    9. Starhawk's classic book is still very relevant to activism today, even if sections are a bit dated or hippy-dippy. inside you'll find her analysis of power-over vs. power-within, tools and activities for groups, discussion of common problems facing collectives, analysis of Marx and others from an eco-feminist perspective, as well as some interesting historical anecdotes from the anti-nuclear movement and others. all of this is in addition to spiritual/magic/witchcraft mythologies which are incor [...]

    10. Very well-written book about self-empowerment as viewed from a witch's perspective. Includes narrative, chants, songs, and rituals to aid in the self-empowerment process. Typically directed towards use by women but can also be very helpful to men who are looking to get more in touch with their emotions and expression of them. Despite the fact that I can be very cynical of anything spiritual such as this, I found it very easy to relate to Starhawk's writing and found myself wanting to read more o [...]

    11. Starhawk re-centers the left fringe in a way that makes it a natural continuation of universal pre-industrial human values. The book will help armchair liberals and radicals not be so arm-chair, and will help others realize that the shit-kickers (whether they themselves realize it or not) are not wackos from outer space but rather people who are fighting the tides of the disillusioning 20th & 21st centuries in technologically advanced consumer cultures bent on self-perpetuation at all costs. [...]

    12. My first Starhawk book plucked it off the library shelves in a dark hour and it was the switch to flip my light back on. Very inspiring. About recognizing and fostering one's own power with and power within (empowerment), rather than reacting from powerlessness into "power over" others. A very hopeful book.

    13. Classic ecofeminist work by Starhawk. She covers all the bases: history (citing Carolyn Merchant and Barbara Ehrenreich) ethics, community, group techniques (crosslink to Joanna Macy), sex and politics, and our power to change the future. Loved it.

    14. For my master degree. Its a very good overview of what it would take to move to an egalitarian society with all kinds of suggestions for how group dynamics can work. And it has a excellent appendix on the root causes for the witch burnings.

    15. This was a very informative and well executed book. I enjoyed Starhawk's perspective on many things, and I appriciate the opportunity to read this one; It is probably one of the better books I have read on the Craft and its firm commitment to equality, our environment, and our community

    16. Starhawk takes magic where it needs to be: into our politics and our empowerment. Doesn't get too woo-woo.

    17. Written in the '80s and so applicable to today's societal situation it's almost eerie. Practical (group activities) and enlightening.

    18. _Dreaming the Dark_ is one of her best books, and still just as relevant today as it was in the 80's, with a good look at how far we've come.

    19. "magic is the art of causing change in accordence with will"is book was the magic that I needed now - somethings are timeless and present at the same time.

    20. I read this book to steel myself for the hierarchical world of law school- and I feel like it did drive home the importance and power of individuals and a different power structure.

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