Patchwork Winner of the Penguin Prize for African Writing fiction Destined from birth to inhabit two very different worlds that of her father the wealthy Joseph Sakavungo and that of her mother his mist

  • Title: Patchwork
  • Author: Ellen Banda-Aaku
  • ISBN: 9780143527534
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the Penguin Prize for African Writing 2010 fiction Destined from birth to inhabit two very different worlds that of her father, the wealthy Joseph Sakavungo, and that of her mother, his mistress this emotive tale takes us to the heart of a young girl s attempts to come to terms with her own identity and fashion a future for herself from the patchwork of thWinner of the Penguin Prize for African Writing 2010 fiction Destined from birth to inhabit two very different worlds that of her father, the wealthy Joseph Sakavungo, and that of her mother, his mistress this emotive tale takes us to the heart of a young girl s attempts to come to terms with her own identity and fashion a future for herself from the patchwork of the life she was born into Beautifully constructed, warm and wise, this is a novel that will transport the reader to a world in which we can all become of the sum of our parts.

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      227 Ellen Banda-Aaku
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    1 thought on “Patchwork”

    1. This little book is excellent, but don’t be fooled by the brief page count; it takes more time than you might expect.Pumpkin is a 9-year-old girl growing up between two households, competing for her father’s attention, dealing with her mother’s alcoholism and her stepmother’s disregard. And because she’s growing up in Zambia in the 1970s, there’s some violence from across the border as well. Then, flash forward to her as a grown woman: she thinks she’s made peace with her parents, [...]

    2. Set in Zambia, “Patchwork” tells the poignant story of Pumpkin, a bastard child who grows up to become an emotionally tormented woman. The novel opens in the 1970s when Pumpkin is a 9-year-old girl. Her father is a wealthy businessman with a family of his own; her mother is an alcoholic who believes that someday Pumpkin’s father will marry her. Because of her mother’s drinking problem, her father eventually takes Pumpkin to live with his family, a decision that his wife does not handle w [...]

    3. This is the author's first adult novel, though she has written several short stories and poems - for both children and adults. The first part has nine-year old Pumpkin (as she is known) by everyone as the main character; in the second part she is a mother herself. To me the first part works; the second not so well. Maybe it is because the mis-perceptions of a child are easier to accept than those of an adult.

    4. this was a quick read - it could have been longer. ;) i'm used to thick books. i really enjoyed the story and it was one of those books that i found hard to put down. i love reading about other cultures and what makes people tick. i love the name of the book - as it clearly comes through in the story. there were quite a few mistakes in the book, which wasn't cool, but at least i enjoyed the story. not a prize awarding book, but all in all worth reading.

    5. This book is well written and gives a good picture of life in Zambia across social classes. The story is not an uplifting one, none of the characters are at all likeable and the author doesn't resolve the dilemmas by the end of the book.So why did I read it (apart from just because I wanted a book from Zambia for my World Tour)?Because it really is good, a page-turner, just not one to make you laugh.

    6. I read a book called Poppadom Preach at around about the same time as I read this novel, Patchwork, by Ellen Banda-Aaku. They're both very similar; first person narrations by neglected children suffering at the hands of their parents. However, where Poppadom Preach uses a heavy dose of black humour to illuminate the story, Patchwork follows a much more traditional path. In other words, you'll be filing this under Heavy Going.Set in Zambia in the 1970s - 80s, 9 year old Pumpkin is an unwilling ac [...]

    7. This is a quick entertaining read. Told from the perspective of a pre-adolescent girl, the first half of the book was really strong.My problem with the book starts about 70% in when the narrator makes a time jump. While I am comfortable with light narrative from a 9 year old, a 31 year old’s perspective needs to delve more into characters. We don’t get to know anything about her husband other than ‘he’s not like her father’, the relationship with her mother is not explored deeper we do [...]

    8. One of the most brutally honest depictions of a character I've ever read. Aaku is an excellent writer with an insightful understanding of the Human Condition. Definitely five star worthy.

    9. Patchwork is set in Zambia and is a two part story of Pezo "Pumpkin" Sakavungo and her relationships in a Zambia affected by an independence struggle from neighbouring Rhodesia and internal society issues like xenophobia and poverty. On one hand, it's her dysfunctional childhood story from when she's about 9 and then on the other it's her grown up story when she's 31.Ellen Banda-Aaku is relatively unknown in literary circles in Kampala so it was a privilege reading her 2011 book which won the Pe [...]

    10. This book started as an interesting expose into the mind of a young, emotionally complex girl born from an affair between a desperate, damaged alcoholic and a rich, selfish womanizer. However the story began brushing over critical plot lines and ended in a puzzling manner. I was rather unimpressed and disappointed in the book.

    11. A good vacation read set in Lusaka, Zambia in the late 70s. Good character development and fun insights on growing up in a split family, and some insights on Zambian politics and Zambia's place in the freedom struggle in neighboring Zimbabwe in the late 70s.

    12. Entertaining. Interesting story.Not a bad read. I enjoyed the writing style, it was pretty light. I wish it had gone a little longer and developed the story further

    13. I enjoyed this book. Seldom do you read about the African middle class and their experiences. It reminded me of Tayari Jones' Silver Sparrow. Similar story, different continent.

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