Howard W. Hunter

Howard W Hunter Rare insights into the life of Howard W Hunter

  • Title: Howard W. Hunter
  • Author: Eleanor Knowles
  • ISBN: 9780875798622
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rare insights into the life of Howard W Hunter.

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      339 Eleanor Knowles
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    1. I need to find another biography; I really don't love this one. The biographies of Presidents Hinckley and Monson were so inspiring and heartwarming. I've read a third of this, and I feel like his life is being trivialized. The included quotes are dull or unflattering or both. Where are the spiritual experiences? Perhaps the biographer didn't have access to that information; I don't know, but I don't want to read any more of it.

    2. A real good biography, probably because President Hunter kept a diary as a youngster and a very good journal as an adult. It is good to find a general authority who was not a spiritual standout in his childhood. Although his father came from Mormon pioneer stock, he was not a member and so Howard grew up in a part member family. In Boise, where he spent most of his growing up time, there was not even a branch of the church until 1903, some five years before his birth. His father finally allowed [...]

    3. President Howard W. Hunter signed my mission call during his all-too-brief presidency of the LDS Church, and I've long admired and respected this great man. This book is a well-written look into his life up until just before his presidency, and provides a look into his life full of service, hard work, and gospel teachings.

    4. I never knew much about President Hunter, I thought he was the frail apostle who fell over during his conference talk. This book was an amazing insight to a choice individual. Great lessons, on determination, persevering, and the power to keep on going. I was uplifted and inspired to see all that he did. I felt like I had lost a good friend after I read this book.

    5. I have been studying President Hunter's teachings in Relief Society this year, so it was interesting to read more about his life. What a wonderful example he was! It was fun to also read direct quotes from diaries that he kept throughout his life and I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

    6. I really enjoy biographies, particularly of great leaders. President Howard W. Hunter was the Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1994 to 1995. He was called as an Apostle in 1959. This is the story of his life, much of it told from his own words and journals. Howard w. Hunter was a remarkable and humble man. His life began as very ordinary. He was born in Boise in 1907. He loved music, he loved to learn, he loved to travel, he worked hard. He played in band in a ship [...]

    7. This was a good informative biography of Howard W Hunter. I was able to glean many insights into the formation of the man and his character.

    8. I love reading about the prophets and their lives. This was no different. I especially like learning about their childhood, courtship, and early marriage years. Howard W. Hunter was a kind, intelligent, and hard working man. His history is interesting in that his father was not a member of the church until later in his life, and yet Howard was always faithful. A few other interesting tidbits:* I thought it interesting that he was so musically talented (he had his own band), and then he walked aw [...]

    9. I really enjoyed reading this biography about President Howard W. Hunter. It ends before he becomes president of the church, but covers most of his life, including the memorable incident where he fell backward while delivering a conference talk, and also when a guy held a supposed "bomb" to his head, just before President Hunter addressed an audience at the Marriott Center. There is so much to emulate about this man's life, which is different in many ways from many other presidents of the LDS Ch [...]

    10. I've had this book on my shelf for years (since before President Hunter died!) and finally got around to reading it. I loved learning more about President Hunter's past, especially his law career and early family life in the Los Angeles area. I also appreciated learning more about the way President Hunter dealt with his wife's many long-term health challenges and later, with his own health trials. If only we could all develop the faith, grace, and cheerful meekness of this good man! Besides all [...]

    11. Really enjoyed this book. Of course, he's from Idaho, so it was fun for me to read about his early years. It was so fun to read about this prophet and know he was just a normal person who did great things. Would have liked more detail about certain events, like the Jerusalem Center. Knowing how big a project that was in his life, I would have liked her to not gloss over it. Also, it ended before he became the prophet, which was sort of a let-down. Would have been nice to see that part of his lif [...]

    12. An interesting biography about a prophet of the Mormon church. Well researched with enough personal anecdotes to keep it moving.The biggest issue is organizational; it followed themes rather than chronology, which would be fine, except it skipped over things or mentioned them too early, making for a confusing read at times. I would've liked to hear a little more about HIM as an apostle/prophet, rather than just what he did (talked a lot about his kindness/gentleness, but that was about it)Loved [...]

    13. President Howard W. Hunter was a remarkable man! I enjoyed reading about his life and experiences, and his testimony and teachings. The only thing I didn't care for is how the book was formatted. It was separated into categories (serving as bishop, work in the Middle East, president of the twelve, etc), not in chronological order of his life. It caused for some confusion as you would read about this thing happening in his life (working on the Jerusalem Center, for example) and suddenly he would [...]

    14. I loved reading about President Hunter! He was an amazing man!!! I want to read more talks by him, and did you know:1. He fainted in the middle of a talk and got back up and finished it!2. that someone at BYU rushed him and said he had a bomb at the beginning of a talk and some students took him down and President Hunter finished his talk3. that his dad was not LDS and then not active and not sealed to his mom until he was a general authority4. that after his wife passed that he married someone [...]

    15. President Hunter was a great leader, example, teacher and family man. I enjoyed the stories. For example: car accident, his 1st temple recommend interview (not realizing that tithing would be necessary), his donating to the building fund, skunks, falling backwards during his conference address, the bomb threat while he was speaking, and more. There were a number of references to the Thursday morning temple meetings with the 12 and the First Presidency, then lunch in the temple.

    16. I had no idea what his younger years were like, what an amazing life he had. That was great to read and learn about. He was very well traveled, that was fun and interesting to read about. He was lucky to travel when he did and able to visit so many countries.The only disappointment was the ending, it was too sudden and without the week he was made President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    17. This was a book that definitely left me with a very good feelinge best feeling I ever had reading any book. And it's been a real long time since I read something that made me feel near this good, so I was surprised. (I can't say it was always exciting and never slightly boring, or that I think the writing was the best; that's not what I mean.) My standard for 5 stars has been given a challenging reminder; it might be a while before I'll give any book 5 stars again.

    18. I enjoyed reading this book again and remembering all the great things he did with his life. I am thankful for great leaders who show me how I can live the gospel every day. I remember how I always enjoyed hearing him speak. This book shows why he was such a great man. He was full of love and service.

    19. What an amazing man!Very fascinating to gain insight into the life of a prophet of God. He worked hard before being called as an apostle, but worked much harder after the call! What an example of dedication and faith!

    20. What a man to follow. One of my daughters ran to meet with him before he got from his wheelchair to his auto in Illinois when he was there for a dedication. As long ago as that was it still brings silent tears to her eyes when it is mentioned. This book shares so much of his life to us all.

    21. Insightful book of a great prophetLearned he was color blind. Father was not a Mormon while growing up. Accomplished so many things in his life time. Includes several talks at the end of the book.

    22. I love reading about the lives of the prophets. I learned a lot aboaut President Hunter, and love him for his kind and gentle personality and his encouragement to all of us to know the Savior better, and to be kinder to each other.

    23. I learned what a truly amazing person President Hunter is and grew to love him so much by reading about his life. It made me want to be a better person and gave me hope that I could make it through the struggles of life.

    24. I liked the way it presented the subject matter in a very down home sort of way. He was an ordinary guy who lived an extraordinary life, making good decisions most of the time. I was able to relate to his story although I didn't make all the good moves he made.

    25. Wow. It was great to learn about such an amazing man. I love how it focused on not just one aspect of his life, but gave you insights about family and childhood, career and also his work for the church. I never knew much about him before, and now I'm glad that I read this book.

    26. I enjoyed learning more about Howard W. Hunter, particularly his early life. He was such an amazing leader. I wish the book had been updated to include his short term as President of the Church. It ends in early 1994.

    27. There were many fun stories in this biography-- but my favorite was the advice an 80 year old Elder Hunter gave at his birthday party.Some places were a little slow reading, but there was so much to be admired about Elder Hunter that it was worth it.

    28. A great look at President Hunter's life before he was sustained as president. It was interesting that he didn't have what one thinks of as the "lineage" before he was called. He was just a great guy with an amazing testimony.

    29. I learned so many interesting things about President Hunter from this book. Such as: He is the only prophet who did not go on a mission. He never paid tithing before he got married - didn't understand what a full-tithe meant. He played in a band on a ship.

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