Understanding Caste: From Buddha To Ambedkar And Beyond

Understanding Caste From Buddha To Ambedkar And Beyond None

  • Title: Understanding Caste: From Buddha To Ambedkar And Beyond
  • Author: Gail Omvedt
  • ISBN: 9788125041757
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
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    India s Caste System dummies Many Westerners have heard of India s caste system, but a thorough understanding of its ins and outs is still relatively uncommon The following sections reveal the Bengalis have no understanding of caste Bengalis have no understanding of caste Dalit writer activist Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd points to Bengal s continuing tendency to unsee identity politics and its Understanding The Caste System In India A Second Look From the feudal period to the modern times there has been a change in the definition of caste Lets look at the different interpretations. Understanding Caste Understanding Caste has ratings and reviews ChunniSeth said In this brilliant deconstruction of Hinduism, Omvedt presents fluid, powerful essays On Understanding Caste Economic and Political Weekly On Understanding Caste T N Madan HISTORICAL and sociological works on the Indian caste system by Western scholars have made their appearance with monotonous Understanding Of The Caste System In India UK Essays There is a vast literature on Caste system in India with a long and diverse background This chapter aims to review some of the relevant lit We need a better understanding of intra caste inequalities While average figures for the broad caste groups confirm to the received wisdom, with upper castes being most well off and STs being the worst off, intra caste or The Dalit Bahujan Guide to Understanding Caste in Hindu The Dalit Bahujan Guide to Understanding Caste in Hindu Scripture caste denial and Islamophobia, With this understanding of religious basis for caste, Caste system in India Understanding Caste and Class in Contemporary India by Dr Co sponsored by the Department of Asian Studies and the Hari Sharma Foundation Dr Teltumbde argues that caste and class is a duality which has killed a potential

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    1. In this brilliant deconstruction of Hinduism, Omvedt presents fluid, powerful essays on the various voices of dissent in India that have challenged the seemingly axiomatic understanding of India as Hindustan, the land of hinduism. Hinduism then emerges as a hotpotch of hastily put down ideas, often inspired by the European romantic understanding of the customs of the land, designed to appropriate all the milieu traditions of the geographical entity that is India today, which itself is a very mod [...]

    2. This book provides a bird view on Hinduism, where it analyses the roots from the BCE to current era. The formation and hierarchy of caste system and how it affects the Indian society at various stages is very well narrated. And at each stages in history how the oppressed community liberates itself from the dominated caste is very well deciphered. I would recommend this book to who are interested to know about the real background of the current Indian society. This book stands along with Dalits a [...]

    3. The book's title is misleading. It is more a history of anti-caste social movements rather than the history of caste itself.Having that disclaimer in mind, this book gives a short but comprehensive history of anti-caste social movements starting from the so-called Asuras to buddhism to contemporary politics (from Ambedkar all the way up to Kanshi Ram and Mayawati). Since the book is not concerned about the question of hinduism or caste in hinduism itself, it neither tries to come up with any the [...]

    4. This is an amazing account and introduction to the anti-caste movement, the divisions and the various radical movements across Indian histories and gives a good account of the anti-capitalist, anti-caste, feminist movements in India. With the rise of Brahmanism, Hindutva and Brahmin hegemony in India, and the uncritical acceptance of historical falsities as the "true history" of this nation - this book is an indispensable introduction to anti-Hindu movements and exposes the myth of a unified Hin [...]

    5. Excellent work on gathering most of the predominant parts in the History of Hinduism. The truth behind Hinduism as a religion, The Rama story, The Sita story was interesting from what schools have taught us. This book clearly reveals the works of Anti-Case movements and hidden history of these movements. A must read to understand caste as it is.

    6. Gail Omvedt has done a brilliant job in understanding caste, caste movement in India ; tried to enlarge scope of viewing caste system and struggle by analysing the subject from various perspective. If you are interested in understanding history of caste movements in India, this book is a must read. While giving her thesis on this main subject, she also touches various interrelated issues and provide contemporary understanding. eg - 1) how Hinduism has been taken as a for-granted concept, it's th [...]

    7. The book is a collection of inter-connected essays. Dr. Omvedt analyses the complex nature of the caste system in India. She explains the origin of the caste system, how it has evolved into a convoluted idea, how politicians and political parties have exploited it, etc. She begins with the narrative of Hinduism and Buddhism before the Aryans came to India. She takes us through the ages of the past and discusses Bhakti movement, hegemonic rise of Brahmanism, patriarchal rise of Hinduism, the move [...]

    8. stellar work, a fundamental reading that takes you on this emancipatory journey and helps in critical unlearning. highly recommended piece especially if one is interested in the role played by caste and the tremendous literary neglect that dalit and depressed class writers have been put through

    9. It describes what is hinduism and how lower castes and dalits are ignored from the time immemorial and regular dalit's movement to gain position in society.It is a very good read, giving an insight on the history of India from the lower caste/dalit's point of view.

    10. Gail Omvedt is a sensible writer, who understands the real-time struggles faced by people belongs to the depressed classes.

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