Schopenhauer's Telescope

Schopenhauer s Telescope The haunting novel Schopenhauer s Telescope is one of the most unusual novels of the yearThe effect is pulse quickening and horrific as though we ve been force marched through a theme park of grotesq

  • Title: Schopenhauer's Telescope
  • Author: Gerard Donovan
  • ISBN: 9781582433103
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • The haunting novel Schopenhauer s Telescope is one of the most unusual novels of the yearThe effect is pulse quickening and horrific, as though we ve been force marched through a theme park of grotesque monsters Newsday In an unnamed European village, in the middle of a civil war, one man digs while another watches over him Slowly, they begin to talk Over theThe haunting novel Schopenhauer s Telescope is one of the most unusual novels of the yearThe effect is pulse quickening and horrific, as though we ve been force marched through a theme park of grotesque monsters Newsday In an unnamed European village, in the middle of a civil war, one man digs while another watches over him Slowly, they begin to talk Over the course of the afternoon, as the snow falls and truckloads of villagers are corralled in the next field, we discover why they are there not just who they are but also how sinister events in the country have led them to be separated by a deepening grave, and why the history of civilization is inseparable from the history of mass violence Beautifully written, with a poet s eye for detail coupled with a chilling and compelling narrative drive, Schopenhauer s Telescope is current in the best sense no thin allegory of today s conflicts, but a remarkable attempt to make art out of the brutality of life.

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      233 Gerard Donovan
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    1 thought on “Schopenhauer's Telescope”

    1. I loved this book, even though it seemed rather opaque at first. After all, how can one man digging a hole while another watches possibly prove to be more than an extended exercise in absurdism. Yet, this book reaches into moral and philosophical corners I could not have envisioned. A great deal of contemporary fiction is so predictable, but even when I could discern the character's path, I could not anticipate fully its import or heft. Take some time to savor it.

    2. Dit boek zal eindigen in mijn top 10 van dit jaar en zeker ook hoog scoren in mijn boeken top 100 allertijden. Indrukwekkend en uitstekend geschreven. Ik ga snel op zoek naar andere boeken van deze schrijver.

    3. Ein Nachmittag in einem Dorf irgendwo im winterlichen Europa. Ein Mann gräbt auf einem Feld ein großes Loch, ein anderer wacht über ihn. Der Schnee fällt, Soldaten marschieren vorbei, Lastwagen karren Dorfbewohner an den Waldrand. Während rings umher ein Bürgerkrieg tobt, beginnen die beiden Männer miteinander zu reden Der aufsehenerregende Debütroman von Gerard Donovan erzählt von Gut und Böse, von Kälte und Gewalt und von den Abgründen, die sich seit Jahrhunderten zwischen den Mens [...]

    4. De telescoop van Schopenhauer is mijn kennismaking met Gerard Donovan. Een prachtig, indrukwekkend boek dat naarmate de tijd verstrijkt steeds beter lijkt te worden. Goede wijn moet ook rijpen.Zie mijn recensie: jkleest/2017/10/telescoop-

    5. Donovan's debut novel, long-listed for the Booker, is set in a field somewhere in Europe, on a wintry day during a war. One character, identified only as the Teacher, is watching the other character, the Baker, dig a hole the size of a mass grave - a Sisyphean task given the rate at which snow is falling. Over the course of the day, the two have a philosophical dialogue about genocide and war, the nature of evil and the reliability and usefulness of recorded history, and we learn a little more - [...]

    6. I wanted to give this book a higher score - I felt like I should like it more than I actually did. It was well written, and there were some interesting changes in narrative, but I just wasn't that drawn in by it. I didn't find the philosophical exploration of what evil might be to be that well done.

    7. Amateurish mess. I guess the main story is not that bad an idea (althogh a bit too movie-like), but the book just doesn't work; or else I don't get it. The dialogue is an incoherent mix of irrelevant trivia and the characters are so badly drawn they come across as schizophrenic.I give it two stars because at least it is different, readable, and the chapters are short, which I liked.

    8. Schopenhauer's TelescopeGerard Donovan (Scribner)Schopenhauer's Telescope is Gerard Donovan's first novel. Best keep your own 'scope trained for more of this author's work because it is burgeoning with promise. Schopenhauer's Telescope presents a conversation between two men. One is digging a large hole in the ground in the frozen Northern European ground. The other is watching him. The cold snow-laced wind intensifies as the afternoon wears on into dusk and the hole grows larger. We learn that [...]

    9. A long philosophical ramble, set somewhere in the former Yugoslavia I would guess, between two men, one digging what we assume is his own grave, the other a teacher. The suspense, such as it is, centers on who will die (almost everyone) and who will survive (surprising), but really the heart of this novel is its search for meaning in an interchange of ideas. The teacher and the baker (no actual names) talk about damned near everything. Schopenhauer's Telescope, by the way, views the present situ [...]

    10. This was a great book, and featured some of the most interesting dialogue I have ever read. It has been a year since I have read it, but I still think about it often. The Baker character is incredibly apathetic like Capt Spock only hateful!

    11. In an unnamed European village, in the middle of a civil war, one man digs while another watches over him. Slowly, they begin to talk…d boy do they talk. There are some very philosophical discussions. There are also some digressions, such as a fairy tale and lots of talk on Genghis Khan , but if you are patient and work through those, the story is well worth it. The author's prose is so beautiful and descriptive - i felt as though I was standing there in the cold whilst the hole was being dug. [...]

    12. A fascinating read. The nail biting back story is about two men in a field in the middle of an unnamed civil war - one digging a hole, the other watching. They begin to talk, and the conversation is in turns personal, in turn historical, and in most cases, philosophical. I was really interested in the back-story, and some of the philosophical turns were incredibly irritating, as they went on for too long. I skipped a lot of the book because of this, but nevertheless enjoyed it somewhat. The feel [...]

    13. An interesting book of philosophical discussion using a generic story as its vehicle. Always a good way into researching figures such as Schopenhauer. Clear prose and clever ideas - worth the read.

    14. Story progression/development: 5Characterization: 5Conflict: 3.5Conclusion: 4Additional Thoughts: I've never read a book more captivating than this one. Told only through the two characters of the Baker and the Teacher, it captures the essence of war and its casualties and also the tolls it takes on two very different people who represent two very different outlooks on the value of human life. I think what I found most striking is the fact that the entire story is centered around the digging of [...]

    15. Wonderful book. Reading the other reviews has me sad that a large majority failed to see the two philosophies at work that were inherently built into the characters of the Teacher and the Baker. The narration jumps from the memories of the Baker and the real time interactions with the Teacher which I found refreshing. Upon reading the book again I found even more depth and meaning and I strongly recommend anyone who owns the book to enjoy a trip from cover to cover again.

    16. Muy buena historia, te intriga desde inicios y con el pasar de las páginas se va desentrañando pequeños guiños de la macabra historia detrás de esos dos personajes y su larga charla.Aunque siento que se me quedaron muchas cosas en el tintero, merece una segunda relectura para, ahora sabiendo lo que pasó, disfrutar mejor el enfrentamiento intelectual.

    17. Eerie but very good!The author is clearly erudite and well read and finds a fascinating way to spin a yarn as well as some philosophy and history well-woven into the mix. It's a book that keeps you on your toes.My favorite chapter is the one about 'holes' and now that I have finished the book I believe I will return to that one to read again.

    18. Good. Maybe a bit long in the tooth as the author offers a series of ways to engage, seemingly based on different philosophical lines of inquiry. It turns into a bit of a intellectual dance, which was fun, but I soon tired of all the banter. This is the criticism of the 'teacher' in the book: he was constantly speaking because "silence is failure in the classroom."

    19. This book is amazing, it's a beautiful chilling and perpetually interesting story with an ending that is entirely satisfying. The plot is deep and often dark it is complex enough to maintain your fascination and yet simple enough not to lose you along the way. With no hesitation at all I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

    20. A novel based mainly on a duologue requires a great effort from the author to keep interested he reader. And although Gerard Donovan managed to keep me interested to read until the end, I admit that I skipped some parts which seemed superfluous. The twist at the end which explains why two men are in a snowy field digging a grave is quite good

    21. An interesting attempt to define what evil is and how to deal with it with out being morally corrupt. It also deals with Schopenhauers statement that the only way to judge actions is to look back trough time and trying to understand their impact.

    22. Got this book at a library sale. Didn't expect to like it but surprisingly enjoyed it. Thought the court scene lost it's way a bit but the ending was good. Liked revisiting some philosophy - it's been a while.

    23. A thought provoking book. The premise and the nature of the characters leads you to look past right and wrong. You start to consider what is ethical ? What makes a traitor a traitor? Is it wrong to betray others to preserve your own life?

    24. I thought this was going to be a long philosophical take on war and the evil of men, but it was very easy to get into. Gerard Donovan's various methods of storytelling made it a very enjoyable read.

    25. Een kunstwerkje! Een boek dat zwaar lijkt maar dit helemaal niet is . Er is veel lichtvoetigheid en humor die hand in hand gaan met ernst. Een opmerkelijk boek.

    26. Very history intensive but thankfully only the interesting aspects. Amazing to see an entire story written around two unnamed men and a hole in the ground in an unnamed country.

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