My Former Heart

My Former Heart When she grew up Ruth would say that she could place the day that her mother had decided to go away Cressida Connolly s first novel charts the lives of three generations of Iris s family the mother

  • Title: My Former Heart
  • Author: Cressida Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780007287116
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When she grew up, Ruth would say that she could place the day that her mother had decided to go away Cressida Connolly s first novel charts the lives of three generations of Iris s family, the mother who walked away from her child.

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      207 Cressida Connolly
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    1 thought on “My Former Heart”

    1. I have been trying to think back – what does the title mean? The ‘Epigraph’ at the beginning is a quote from Wordsworth about sitting on the banks with a dear, dear Friend, and “in thy voice I catch the language of my former heart”The novel charts the emotional life and other events of three generations of women, told from each of their perspectives, particularly in small details, but there is no sense of an expanding plot. What does it all mean? Where is it all going – nowhere struc [...]

    2. This book is beautifully written and I did enjoy reading it - it's very easy to put down and come back to later, if that can count as a recommendation - but I was left feeling that I had read a well-written synopsis for a much longer novel, or even a series. The author gallops through the history of three generations without fleshing out the bones of her story. As a result I didn't feel that I knew or could empathise with any of her characters. The blurb says the book "explores the varieties of [...]

    3. Combining the narrative of the lives of several generations of a family, and their inner woe’s of love and loss, this book is deeply engaging. She crafts the language so beautifully that she puts her finger on just exactly how things feel.The big traumas of life, desertion, abortion, infidelity are dealt with in an accepting way which makes all the events that unfold, quite believable, as the characters absorb the various blows that come their way. Life then flows gently along again to a new s [...]

    4. Gentle, absorbing - makes it sound like tissue paper - and yet I was intrigued as to why I kept reading when there was no discernible plot, when the drama was so low key. Towards the end I decided that much of the detail, the description, was recognisable, relatable (not always a factor) because where it failed to be - which it did in the description of Ruth turning the house into a nursery - I quickly became impatient, but the mood of the book seeped into me, as Austen did when I was adolescent [...]

    5. It was well written, felt more like reading a diary or listening to rambling thoughts of your sweet old Grandmother or Aunt. No real plot or excitement, just the story of three generations of women and their lives. Enjoyable in the moment however, I feel it will be a forgetful book; one that I won't truly remember in a month's time other than to say that I didn't hate it.

    6. I really enjoyed this book. It is beautifully written; wonderful descriptions and perceptive observations that made you recognise people, places and things. You are drawn into the lives of each of the three women.

    7. A missed opportunity - Cressida COnnolly writes beautifully, but here she tries to cover too much ground. In writing about three generations of a family she gives glimpses of people we would like to know more about.

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