The Secret of Ashona

The Secret of Ashona Erec Rex might still become king but the closer he gets the dangerous his tasks become Given his romance brewing with Bethany the discovery that his siblings are secretly king and queen of the Fairy

  • Title: The Secret of Ashona
  • Author: Kaza Kingsley James Ng
  • ISBN: 9781416979920
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Erec Rex might still become king but the closer he gets, the dangerous his tasks become.Given his romance brewing with Bethany, the discovery that his siblings are secretly king and queen of the Fairy world, and the knowledge that the Stain brothers are growing and underhanded, Erec Rex isn t exactly in an ideal state of mind to face his next two tasks He wErec Rex might still become king but the closer he gets, the dangerous his tasks become.Given his romance brewing with Bethany, the discovery that his siblings are secretly king and queen of the Fairy world, and the knowledge that the Stain brothers are growing and underhanded, Erec Rex isn t exactly in an ideal state of mind to face his next two tasks He will need to lean on his friends than ever to complete what could be the most terrifying challenge he has ever faced.

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      441 Kaza Kingsley James Ng
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    1 thought on “The Secret of Ashona”

    1. I had so much fun writing this book. I can't wait until it's out on the shelves in February!After I finished writing Book Four, The Three Furies, I wondered how I would be able to top it with the next book. (For those of you who have read the ending of The Three Furies, you know what I mean!) But when Book Five, The Secret of Ashona, took me over - it just seemed to write itself. I was as surprised as you will be! And I so look forward to hearing what you all think of it when it's out!

    2. Wow, that was fun. Kingsley has really out done herself. Everything flowed together perfectly and every little detail had a purpose. Every thing came together like clockwork, it was kind of beautiful. However there are a few reasons I only gave it 4 stars. Although it had a definite place in the plot, Erec's SECOND death seemed a bit over-board. During the section of the book where Erec was a ghost, I didn't really care for him as much as I had before. Him dying twice almost seemed ridiculous.Th [...]

    3. Kaza reports that this book seemed to take over and write itself. I fully agree with her assessment. I picked up the Kindle editing and read it in one sitting. In the story, Erec is again challenged like nothing before. His quests are becoming more dangerous, not only to himself, but to his friends. I won't provide any spoilers, but the first quest occupies much of the book, with the second coming quickly, but no less dangerous, in the last few chapters. By now, it is clear that Erec has the pot [...]

    4. LOVEE THE BOOK!I liked how Erec was on Baskania's side in this book. It kind of showed the book at a different angle.The cover is wrong!!!! Erec has a Justin Bieber haircut on the cover!!! His hair is supposed to have curly hair. And Bethany's hair is supposed to be brown!!!!I didn't like how Erec started to view things from Baskania's perspective when he was pretending to work for Baskania. It upset me that Erec began to call him the Shadow Prince.I loved Spartacus Kilroy! His personality was s [...]

    5. Erec has hardly had a chance to recover from his last quest when life starts getting crazy again. Unsurprisingly, it seems the Furies still have his soul, and those without souls are claimed by Tarvos of the Underworld for his golem army. And getting his soul back will be no easy matter, for his is one of the three thousand souls keeping the Furies out of Tartarus . . .After such an incredible ride last book, I found myself putting this one down several times out of sheer frustration. Erec has d [...]

    6. So it has been a while since I read this book and recently decided on a read through on the series. I haven't bought any new books in a while and decided that since I was restarting the series I would see if there were some new ones, since his adventures are far from over. After searching around a lot I am severely disappointed, Kaza seems to have given up on this series and it seems writing all together. A year ago she commented and said that she was still working on the book, nothing since the [...]

    7. Even after 5 books, I still love how Kaza Kingsley uses Erec's visions of the future to create doubt in his mind just to have it work out completely differently than he thinks. This book is well paced with several nice surprise twists and an ending that no fan would complain about. Can't wait till the next one.

    8. Another great addition to this wonderful series. It was very entertaining, and you find out more stuff about Erec's past. There was, however, a lot of Erec on his own, without Bethany or Jack, or even Jam.

    9. This story needs serious revision and editing. Kingsley spendstoo much time on irrelevant things and does not resolve conflictsor questions.The ending is very disappointing.

    10. Technically, I would rate this book 4.5 stars, but since this is one of my favorite series, I rounded it up. It was pretty good, not going to lie. But of course, I had a few nit picky comments to make against it, which explains the 0.5 stars missing. I'm really picky, sorry, but that's just the way it works. First of all, I have to address the Spartacus issue. Don't get me wrong, I liked him since he first showed up after the first book. But in this book, he was around so much that he drowned ou [...]

    11. I am excited for the Erec Rex series to end (although there are still 3 more books). The overall story is interesting and Erec is likeable, but I am most excited to see how everything resolves itself. One of the biggest downsides to this series is how slowly the mysteries are unveiled. Where are Erec's siblings?! How on Earth are they going to ever do their quests to become king/queen if they only get to start after Erec is finished (or if sooner, he will at least have a huge head start)? What i [...]

    12. This is Kaza kingsley's fifth book in her series. I believe this is a good series to enjoy but not a razzle dazzle book. I still loved it and can't wait for the next one.However, being yanked out of his with out his best friend, Bethany, isn't enough. He has to have challenges like nothing before. His life has become more and more dangerous also to his friends and family as well. It's about Eric Rex and he finds him self in these strange land that aren't so new any more. Erec has to become the n [...]

    13. I really did like this edition to the Erec Rex series. In my opinion, it is the best so far. It was definitely full of action--you won't be bored reading this one. However, the downfall to that was that there was so much going on, I sometimes had trouble keeping track of everything. As soon as one task was finished, Erec was zooming on to the next thing on his list. I also would have liked to see more character development--there was a lot of Erec dealing with the same problems and doubts throug [...]

    14. This series has really been a pretty big disappointment. I thought it started out okay but it just hasn't grown the way it should. There was definitely too much time between this book and the last and that is part of the problem. This whole book felt rushed. I think she really tried to have Erec do too much. The characters really don't have a chance to develop fully and anytime Erec has a problem there is conveniently some new person, device, etc. that can solve his problems. Having an invisible [...]

    15. ถือว่าอืดสุดๆ สำหรับเล่มนี้ คือสำหรับหนังสือที่มีภาคต่อถึงแปดเล่มเราก็คาดหวังว่าจะได้อ่านอะไรที่มันดูกว้างไกล ออกไปมากกว่านี้ แต่เล่มนี้เหมือนทุกอย่างอยู่กับที่ไม่ค่อยได [...]

    16. 4.5 starsI thought the book met my expectations but just barely. The way the visions came true was clever but I didn't quite approve of the character changes that were shown in Erec. He seemed to me to have better judgement in previous books and this seemed to decline in The Secret of Ashona. This would have been fine if the reason had been implicit which could have been one of many outlined in the book but one wasn't focused on enough to account for this change.

    17. I gotta admit i wish erec didn't choose her but eh some cool stuff in this one but i Disliked the ending and it feels like things are getting repetitive :/ and somewhat Predictable but it is a good book and book series it does reminds me of harry potter in the send that it could be a thriving book series/movie but i do recommend this book and series so have fun

    18. I love the Erec Rex series and was eager to read this newest edition into it. Overall, it was great though I found myself overly nervous and mad about occurrences in the first third of the book. Luckily, things worked out and I enjoyed this adventure!

    19. I couldn't wait to start reading this book and was very happy with it when I finished. It was exciting and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

    20. I liked it so much! I recommend it for 4-6 graders, there is some thick stuff. While I appreciate witty solutions, I am often able to see much better ones. But it was fabulous

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