The Centaur in the Garden

The Centaur in the Garden In The Garden of Delights a Tunisian restaurant in Sao Paulo Guedali Tartakovsky celebrates his th birthday that splendid age of newfound maturity and comprehension It is only now that Guedali is

  • Title: The Centaur in the Garden
  • Author: Moacyr Scliar Ilan Stavans Margaret A. Neves
  • ISBN: 9780299187842
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Garden of Delights, a Tunisian restaurant in Sao Paulo, Guedali Tartakovsky celebrates his 38th birthday that splendid age of newfound maturity and comprehension It is only now that Guedali is able to revel in memories of glorious times past Born a centaur a mythical creature half horse, half human Guedali describes his family s flight from Russia to Brazil atIn The Garden of Delights, a Tunisian restaurant in Sao Paulo, Guedali Tartakovsky celebrates his 38th birthday that splendid age of newfound maturity and comprehension It is only now that Guedali is able to revel in memories of glorious times past Born a centaur a mythical creature half horse, half human Guedali describes his family s flight from Russia to Brazil at the turn of the century, the shock of his birth, the loving care of his parents and his sisters, the mounting resentment of his brother, and his extraordinary experiences being raised as a Jew Torn between his deep attachment to his family and his natural instincts to roam wild, Guedali searches for a place where his startling duality is accepted and embraced He joins a traveling circus, only to be discovered in an intimate encounter with the lion tamer Guedali finds himself on the run again, and meets his life companion a centauress Together they embark on a journey to create a place where the human and the wild can live in peaceful coexistence.

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      126 Moacyr Scliar Ilan Stavans Margaret A. Neves
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    1. Mình đọc Centaur in the Garden trong một thời điểm mà cuộc đời tưởng như không thể buồn chán hơn nữa.Hóa ra nó còn có thể buồn chán hơn nữa.

    2. Livro 2°/Out//49°/2016Título: O centauro no jardimPrimeira edição: 1980 (Nova Fronteira)Autor: Moacyr Scliar (Brasil)Editora: Cia das LetrasPáginas: 240Minha classificação: ⭐️⭐️⭐️__________________________________________________Este pequeno livro pode ser chamado o livro da dualidade e da volta às origens.É nesse dilema existencial e nessa trajetória rumo ao redescobrir-se de Guedali, personagem principal dessa narrativa: nascido centauro se vê desde cedo obrigado a vive [...]

    3. Wow, what a book! Impressed by Max And The Cats A Novel, I decided to read another, a little more substantial novel by this author. And this is really a great book - about a Jewish centaur and a centauress, yet realistic as few other books. I guess that's why they call it magical realism. Written from the Guedali's (the centaur's) perspective, this is a very touching book and one gets to go through his moods and emotions with him, but also turns angry towards some of the things he does. But in t [...]

    4. I LOVED this book--inventive, unique, poignant. But most distinctive is the first-person narrative voice. Pulled me right in, always warm and believable, the political/social/religious themes lightly inserted into the narrative. Must read more by Scliar. And very interested to learn of the controversy with Martel's LIfe of Pi! How do writers get their ideas? Well, sometimes from each other. But if they do, they damn well should give full and flowing credit as well!!

    5. While reading "The Centaur in the Garden," I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at times. The story's conflicting emotional effect was unsettling but it's also, in part, what made this a brilliant and thought-provoking work. This tale of a Jewish boy born a centaur on his family's farm in Brazil was the archetypal story of the hero's journey a la Campbell's monomyth, but that in no way made it predictable. Quite the contrary, I was surprised every step of the way, never knowing what to expect n [...]

    6. Một chú nhân mã yêu đọc sách và yêu chạy bộ: Chỉ cần thế thui cũng đủ hấp dẫn mình rồi.Chú nhân mã đó sinh ra trong một gia đình Do Thái, lớn lên trong sự chăm sóc yêu thương đặc biệt của gia đình. Cậu vẫn cảm thấy cô đơn. Cậu không giống như những người khác trong gia đình. Có ai ngờ rằng cậu cũng tìm thấy một cô nhân mã xinh đẹp. Mình nghĩ tới đây chắc là họ sống hạnh phúc [...]

    7. We first heard of Moacyr Scliar when the NY Times published his obituary. I started with this book, and found it both a challenge and an inspiration.At face value, it is a bizzare story. A baby is born to a couple, Jews living in South America. The baby is a centaur -- quite a challenge! Scliar is up to the challenge to the author to tell a story that is believable (given the premise) and meaningful.So the hitch for me in the meaningful part. I'm sure this is a strange and beautiful parable! I h [...]

    8. This is a fascinating allegory by an author who is very well known in Brazil. He is of eastern European Jewish extraction, and combines Latin American magical realism with the shtetl culture of eastern Europe. The Centaur in the Garden covers everything, from Freud to Marx to the role of the outsider (Jew) in Latin American culture, to mythology. Should be required reading for every college literature student.

    9. Bizarro (o que neste caso é um elogio, não uma crítica), envolvente, gostoso de ler. Meu primeiro e certamente não o último deste autor. Ainda bem que me emprestaram, porque eu nunca teria escolhido sozinha (oi, Leticia!).

    10. This story surprised me, which is to say I really enjoyed it. The modern day setting of a Centaur coming of age is almost comical, however, how he and the reader come to realize his identity is innocent and very touching.

    11. i read this after reading life of pi, written by yann martel but criticized for being too much like moacyr scliar's book max and the cats. regardless of the comparison, the centaur in the garden is fantastic, especially if you've ever felt different, and haven't we all?

    12. Uma delícia ler Scliar enquanto descubro Porto Alegre. Ótima história, personagens humanos (!) e bem desenvolvidos, situações fantásticas perfeitamente plausíveis. Foda.

    13. Thanks to you, I was able to awaken my, at that moment, sleeping passion for reading. You've opened my eyes to the world of letters, fantasies and truths. Thank you Moacyr, you were my first love.

    14. It's long been my contention that Brazilian fiction is about 40 years ahead of American fiction, and this book seems to prove it. First published in Brazil in 1980, it feels like it could be published in the U.S. right now. This is the story of Guedali, a boy born on the plains of southern Brazil with a centaur's body, and how he makes his way in the world. It's not really about being a centaur, of course, but about being ashamed of the body you were born with and wishing you could change yourse [...]

    15. One of the very first novels, and books, that I ever read, back in my youth. Somehow it helped to bring to life the reader I was going to be.Scliar's one of the greatest brazilian writers of the past century.Thank you.

    16. Tendo lido outras coisas muito melhores do Scliar (como o sensacional "Leopardos de Kafka") e tendo ouvido tão bem desse, eu tô meio desapontado. Mas longe de ser um livro ruim.

    17. Guedalis Geburt geht einher mit Alpträumen vom überlebten Pogrom im heimatlichen Schtetl der Eltern, weitab von der brasilianischen Provinz und dem verbissenen Versuch eine landwirtschaftliche Existenz aufzubauen. Die Bilder der Reiterhorden schlagen sich im, die Mutter traumatisierenden, Körper Guedalis nieder: er wird als Zentaur geboren. Dieses Anders-sein lässt ihn abseits von Altersgenossen und nur im Kreise der Familie groß werden. Sein Weg in die Gesellschaft ist ein verdeckter; geme [...]

    18. I was a philosophy-lit double major who took quite a few electives in South American literature, and I enjoyed Life of Pi, so you'd think I'd appreciate a book like this. I really didn't. It's mostly because the protagonist is such a self-centered ass. The end of the book gives a very obvious "alternate, realistic explanation" as to why that is, but it still doesn't justify the protagonist abandoning his entire family, especially his kids, to go have an affair with a "sphinx" in Morocco because [...]

    19. It's very rare for a book to get 5 stars from me. I'd heard of this author and this book and, getting ready to revisit Argentina, decided to read it. It's the story of a child born to a Russian, Jewish immigrant family; they are living in a rural farming community that was started (in reality) by Baron Hirsh to support Jews fleeing from pograms. However, for most of the immigrants the reality of farming (having come from totally urban lives) was beyond them and they left for the cities. Guedeli, [...]

    20. Magical fiction about a Jewish centaur. Set in Brazil, memoirs from Russia, and ironic humor from our centaur hero.I was most impressed about how casually the author writes about such an absurd but cleverly allegorical situation. We get to trace the centaur's life from his shame filled childhood, to him joining the circus, and finally to him and his wife becoming a part of the banal Jewish Brazillian upper class. I was really enchanted by the identity issues of the centaur and enjoyed the irony [...]

    21. For some unknown reason, I read this book in German. It was one of my first stabs at magical realism, and I probably would have gotten more out of it if I'd read it in English. I enjoyed it enough to recommend it to my Dad. Never heard what he thought of it.

    22. Another just OK book, I think it got lost in translation. Very complicated story Written in the tradition of magic realism, is probably much better in its native Portuguese. I might give this book another try in a few years.

    23. I've really enjoyed reading this fable that takes place in present days Brazil. It's about a man that was born as a "centaure" in a "normal" Brazilian family. After reading this book I am really interested in reading others from this imaginative writer whose name I wasn't even familiar with

    24. I've never read a book that talks about penis so much in all my life! This story is entertaining, although the last chapter kind of undercuts the whole thing. It's interesting because it makes you feel defensive about what you've read. The end reminded me of Life of Pi, although it's not the same.

    25. I read this book (unfortunately) in English for my Portuguese-language book club. I wonder how different it may have been had I read it in its original language. Overall, the book captures and keeps your attention. However, I wasn't too impressed with the ending.

    26. Greatest Jewish writer in Brazil.A Russian family emigrates to Brazil in the '20's to live on a farm. They give birth to a baby boy, who happens to be a centaur.

    27. I read this in about a day. It is good, though magical realism is not my favorite genre. Easy, enjoyable, interesting and unusual.

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