Wrack and Rune

Wrack and Rune Wrack and Rune is the third book in the Professor Peter Shandy series A farm worker dies a horrific death by being exposed to quicklime There was only lime on the farm so it is a murder Also the Horse

  • Title: Wrack and Rune
  • Author: Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780380619115
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wrack and Rune is the third book in the Professor Peter Shandy series A farm worker dies a horrific death by being exposed to quicklime There was only lime on the farm so it is a murder Also the Horsefalls Hilda and Henny are being subjected to cruel pranks or vandalism Soon a rune stone is found with Viking antiquities buried around it Other acts occur a potentiWrack and Rune is the third book in the Professor Peter Shandy series A farm worker dies a horrific death by being exposed to quicklime There was only lime on the farm so it is a murder Also the Horsefalls Hilda and Henny are being subjected to cruel pranks or vandalism Soon a rune stone is found with Viking antiquities buried around it Other acts occur a potentially deadly bicycle accident and a messy explosion.

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    1. Charlotte MacLeod is a Canadian I very much enjoy. She might be considered in the ‘cozy’ genre, although the brutality of some deaths and curse words overshoot its range. I deem her a classic mystery writer. If not plotted as thickly with puzzles as other legends; the lead character is definitely gifted with a deductive eye for detail. Intelligence amasses to the resolution of mysteries; not happenstance. Storylines are very original, delightfully peculiar, and her mastery of language is awe [...]

    2. I simply can’t get enough of the late Charlotte MacLeod’s Peter Shandy series! In the third installment, Peter Shandy, professor of agrology at Balaclava Agricultural College in Massachusetts, investigates the improbable death of Spurge Lumpkin, the dimwitted farmhand for 105-year-old Hilda Horsefall and her 82-year-old nephew. Soon he’s looking into a string of accidents at the Horsefall farm that locals attribute to a curse from a newly found rune stone and Shandy attributes to a conspir [...]

    3. I started reading the first chapters of this book at the end of another Peter Shandy e-book, and got interested enough to go to the bookshelves and find my old copy of it to reread the entire thing. Since I've run out of Madoc Rhys books, I've gone back to rereading Shandy. This one has a particularly grisly murder to start it off, and a slightly complicated plot - there are so many villains to suspect. The reaction of President Svenson and his uncle to the 'discovery' of a runestone is especial [...]

    4. Survey prize | Not as much fun as its predecessor, but still worth keeping with the series | I just didn't enjoy this as much as the previous book, because there were so many distinctly unpleasant characters, and because there was less farce. The known characters were still good to spend time with, however, and the solution was more creative than it at first appeared that it would be.

    5. Fast paced, funny (and a bit messy) story about a runestone found near Balaclava College. I love President Svenson and his wife. Love the goofy wordplay between Peter Shandy and his Helen.

    6. I have recently made a sort of a rule for myself to not write reviews of books when the author has passed away because I don't really see the usefulness of such a review except to help other readers to decide to read or not read that book but, of course, it can not provide any feedback to the author. Prior to now I have reviewed a couple of Charlotte MacLeod/Alisa Craig's "Madoc Rhys" series which I have enjoyed and having seen all the glowing reviews for the "Peter Shandy" series I thought I sh [...]

    7. I didn’t admire this book nearly as much as the first in the series, Rest Ye Merry, but for a diehard Peter Shandy fan like myself, it was still a pleasurable read. MacLeod is a funny writer; witty and with a wonderful sense of the absurd. Here, though, I found the discovery of an ancient Viking runestone, and the behaviour of Balaclava College President Svenson and his Uncle Sven, to be too over-the-top to believe. I think, too, that because the book wasn’t set within the Balaclava College [...]

    8. Upon rereading this third mystery in the Professor Peter Shandy series (after "Rest You Merry" and "The Luck Runs Out", my two favorites), I remember how Charlotte MacLeod, delightfully quirky though she was, could get a little too whimsical at times (for my taste). I liked it, but not my favorite entry in the series - I guess I prefer the books set on the campus of Balaclava College, a small agricultural college in rural Massachusetts.Most of the action this time takes place out on the Horsefal [...]

    9. Cronkite Swope is interviewing Hilda Horsefall for her 105th birthday. She happens to mention a runestone on the farm. She is taking Cronkite to see the runestone when they hear a lot of yelling. Cronkite runs to see what is happening and he finds the old hired hand has been killed by quicklime. THe Horsefalls do not keep quicklime on the farm. Peter Shandy is called in to try to find out how this could happen. This is the first of many serious pranks. The college of Balaclava becomes involved. [...]

    10. On a struggling farm in Balaclava County, Hilda Horsefall is preparing to celebrate her 105th birthday when their simple farmhand is killed by quicklime. It can't be an accident, because the Horsefalls don't stock quicklime. To local newsman Cronkite Swope this is the perfect opportunity to invent a Norse Curse, triggered by the disturbance of a runestone on the Horsefall farm. Curiosity-seekers from all over converge on the farm in stampede mode. Peter Shandy and Balaclava College rush to the r [...]

    11. #3 in the Peter Shandy mystery series.When 105-year-old Hilda Horsefall tells young reporter Cronkite Swope of a stone carved with Norse runes that once sat in the nearby woods, the writer starts salivating at the thought of breaking the news that Vikings once marauded through their sleepy Massachusetts countryside. But while he's jotting down notes, a scream rings out, and Cronkite finds an even bigger story. A farmhand has been burned to death by quicklime, and Cronkite gets an exclusive scoop [...]

    12. More shenanigans in Balaclava County with the males taking the lead and the ladies taking a back seat this time, although they come through in the end with the reason behind the pranks. Ms. MacLeod does a bang-up job of thinking up malicious pranks that can occur on a farm, some of which are truly horrific. Cronkite Swope, Miss Hilda and Henny Horsefall plus Sven Svenson, the president's uncle, are introduced in this book to add hilarity at both ends of the age scale while Peter and Tim and Pres [...]

    13. Once again, the author has provided an interesting somewhat humorous mystery. But like the others in this series the real strength lies in her characters. In this book we learn more about the main characters from the previous 2 (Prof. & Mrs. Shandy, President & Mrs. Svenson, Prof. Ames, and Mrs. Lomax) as well as some new characters. The author introduces a young reporter, Cronkite Swope, Roy and Laurie Ames, 82-year old Henny Horsefall, 105-year old Hilda Horsefall, and 102-year old Sve [...]

    14. Another great book by Charlotte Macleod. It started off a little bit slower than some of her others, but picked up fine and was thoroughly entertaining. I'm struck by how interbred everyone living there for a couple of generations is. Seems everyone is related to everyone else, except at the college. I really wish President Svenson would have a larger role in these stories, he's my favorite supporting character.The ebook was formatted well with just a handful of spelling errors.

    15. Who’s behind the pranks plaguing the Horsefeld Farm? The pranks have escalated to the extent that an elderly farm hand dies and Peter Shandy is called in to solve the problems. The scenes with President Swenson and the rune stone are a cause for aching ribs---and the archeologists are icing on the cake.

    16. I can’t express how much I enjoy Charlotte MacLeod’s stories. She creates characters that invite you into their quiet life while they hunt for who did it. Her style makes me think of Georgette Heyer's mysteries and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries.

    17. This series is always so fun and enjoyable. Good mystery, interesting characters, just enough silliness to keep it light.

    18. Peter Shandy has to solve another mystery--this time involving a Norse rune, a murdered handyman and shady land deals.

    19. This is lighthearted for a murder mystery set at an agricultural college and the surrounding area. It's part of a series written by Charlotte MacLeod.

    20. This one gave me quite a few chuckles. The Valkyrie imagery was inspired. The multitude of quirky characters at Balaclava Agricultural College had to inspire many more of these novels.

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