Hatching Magic

Hatching Magic You never know when magic will hatch Poor Theodora Oglethorpe Her biologist father has gone off to explore the jungles of Laos without her her best friends are away on vacation and a long hot lone

  • Title: Hatching Magic
  • Author: Ann Downer-Hazell
  • ISBN: 9781416924975
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • You never know when magic will hatch Poor Theodora Oglethorpe Her biologist father has gone off to explore the jungles of Laos without her, her best friends are away on vacation, and a long, hot, lonely Boston summer is all she has to look forward to.Poor Gideon Wycca, his pet wyvern, has disappeared through a magic hole in time in search of a place to lay her egg You never know when magic will hatch Poor Theodora Oglethorpe Her biologist father has gone off to explore the jungles of Laos without her, her best friends are away on vacation, and a long, hot, lonely Boston summer is all she has to look forward to.Poor Gideon Wycca, his pet wyvern, has disappeared through a magic hole in time in search of a place to lay her egg Kobold, Gideon s wizard rival, wants nothing than to get his hands on Wycca In a desperate attempt to rescue Wycca from Kovold s evil clutches, Gideon follows her through the magic holed finds himself transported from thirteenth century England to the terryfyingly modern world of Boston, Massachusetts, in the twenty first century.Soon Theodora s involved with a chocohlic baby wyvern, a mysterious wyvern playing card, a couple of desperate wizards and the summer vacation of her life

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      383 Ann Downer-Hazell
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    1 thought on “Hatching Magic”

    1. I actually read the sequel to this first, having picked it up at a used book sale unaware that it was part of a series. I enjoyed that book so much I decided I needed to read the first one. (For the record--the second book did a great job of standing on its own.)As with the other book, I loved the characters in this one. Theodora is easy to relate to and empathize with. She's smart and spunky and realistic. The other characters come to life as well and are distinctive, particularly the Wizard Gi [...]

    2. Wycca is a wyvern, the most catlike of dragons. She belongs to the wizard Gideon, a busy twelfth-century wizard. Wycca is about to lay an egg, and none of the places she's searched so far in the castle have seemed just right. Then, all of the sudden, what does she find in the melon patch--but a Bolt Hole through Time itself. Gideon discovers Wycca is missing. Then he also finds the Bolt Hole. Packing up his trusty familiars and a few spells, he goes through the Hole, certain that his wyvern must [...]

    3. omg this book was soooo goood. although i read it in like 3rd grade, this book is a must read for any fantasy lovers!!!

    4. Hatching Magic was a pretty good book story-wise, but I couldn't really relate to the characters and the book wasn't very descriptive, either.

    5. Picked this up on a whim at one of my favorite used bookstores. It's a cute story about a wyvern just trying to find a safe place to hatch her egg and a young girl who stumbles upon a very magical card! There's also a pair of wizards who are awesome and I would love to have tea with.I'm glad to see it's a series--this book was a complete tale but hinted at so much more behind the scenes Now I'm going to need to hunt down the sequels as well.

    6. I got this advanced reader's copy from my high school librarian for free. Naturally, I was interested because dragons.But it turned out to be a grave disappointment. The pacing/story telling was horrible. This is a book about a young girl and her encounter with a dragon, and yet she doesn't meet the dragon until 3/4 way through the book (even then, she only meets the chick, not the mother). The slow narrative up until the climax was intolerable - I was not intrigued by any of the hiccups along t [...]

    7. I enjoyed this story, although it was obviously written for a young audience. The version I have is a Book Fair edition, sold only in schools, but was in great condition. The story line was a little confusing as it switched back and forth between 3 different groups of people, all of whom are moving towards the same goals (even if they don't know it). The main sets are the wizard from the 13th century and the wizard-to-be from the 21st century. They also happen to be the most likable, although s [...]

    8. Again, another book that was slightly too unrealistic, but who am I to complain? I'm one of the biggest fantasy fiction lovers out there! I have to wonder, though why was the evil wizard Kobold so anxious to get rid of his rival, Gideon? Was he truly vengeful, because of how Gideon beat him out for the position of Sorcerer Royal, or was he working under someone else's bidding? And for what prize? As said by Merlin near the end of the book, "'Think about it, my friend, what is a greater prize eve [...]

    9. I wasn't allowed to read this book when I was a kid because it has tarot cards in it. My cousin owned it, and I tried to sneak it around my Mom, but she confiscated it. Anyway, I remembered the cover 13 years later and tried finding it on the internet. With a quick search of "book with picture of demon hatching from an egg on the cover," I found it!Except it isn't a demon on the cover. It is a wyvern, a cat-like type of dragon. This book is so adorable and clever. I really couldn't put it down. [...]

    10. I'm in the middle of reading this book and so far, I like it. I love how the main character, whos from the 13th century, refers to 21st century things as magical things when they're just ordinary objects such as dishwashers or stove tops. I agree with some of the other reviews saying its confusing and weird but if you like magic and fantasies then you should give this book a chance. It has a Harry potter ring to it with all the spells, enchantments, and items and it has varying ingredients to po [...]

    11. This book was boring, and not all that well written. As Casey says, in another review, it's recommended for kids who read and enjoyed Harry Potter, however, it's really for a younger set of readers. I wanted to like it, as it was written by a local author, and I lived in the area the book took place in, but alas, I never recommended this book to any of the kids that came to the children's library I worked in.

    12. Theodora's father gets to go explore the jungles of Laos and she is left with her nanny, Mikko. Theodora's best friends, her only friends, are off on vacation, leaving Theodora alone for the entire summer. She thinks this will be the worst summer, but it won't be at all.Reasons why I like this book-Reason 1- I couldn't stop reading.Reason 2- I could imagine what was happening.Reason 3- It made me wonder, do dragon's really exist?

    13. I read this book because I wanted to see whether it was something my 10-year-old brother might like.I really enjoyed it. It's fun, full of adventure and doesn't patronise like some children's books seem to. And there are dragons (well, wyverns), which is always a good thing in my opinion.

    14. My daughter loves this book and rereads it regularly even though she is nearly out of high school. She asked me to finally read it, so I did. It was sweet and appealing, and the annoying parts, like interruptions from some unseen editorial commentator, or the abrupt switching back and forth between characters and settings, would not have bothered me as a kid. I would have felt as if I had been included into special magical secrets and absorbed it all up with a free and equal relish. So the weakn [...]

    15. I am honestly disappointed with this story. It had so much potential and the beginning was really interesting, but nothing was happening until 3/4ths of the way in. The end of the book was really good, and the conclusion left me feeling satisfied. I would have liked this a lot more if the story had actually progressed evenly. But overall this was a good story, and I would recommend it to kids in middle school.

    16. In a word, magical! I can't believe I didn't discover this book 15 years ago when it came out, because I would have loved it at that age. But I loved it as an adult too. It's a sweet, lighthearted read, yet also witty and intelligent. And the magical elements are so clever!

    17. Kid liked that is was based on magic and time travel and and his quest. Different views from all the characters was a great strategy for the story too.

    18. In one word: charming :)A nice, light read with delightful characters and a wyvern-loving geek girl as the protagonist. What's not to like? ;)

    19. I think ten-year-old me would have loved and devoured this book, but adult me had a hard time seeing past the flaws in the story telling. The narrative jumps around to the points of view of four main characters: Theodora (Dodo), Gideon and Merlin, Wycca, and Kobold. Sound like too many main characters? It was. While I enjoyed Theodora's (what I came to think of as the main narrative) story-line and enjoyed the secondary adventures and mishaps of Gideon and Merlin, I felt that Kobold and Wycca ha [...]

    20. The book ‘Hatching Magic’ is a very fabulous fantasy book. The book is mainly about people and a wyvern from the 13th century that came to the 21st century. The main character, Theodora Ogelthorps, is obsessed with wyverns. The other protagonist, who is a wizard, loses his pregnant wyvern after she travels through a time portal to the 21st century. The wizard's opponent, a demon from the 13th century, discovers that the wyvern is missing and follows the wizard and his wyvern through the time [...]

    21. I read this book to my daughter. She could read it herself, but still enjoys sharing a story with Dad. A wizard from Medieval England visits modern-day Boston looking for his lost Wyvern (a dragon-like creature). He receives unexpected help from a 20th century wizard he meets in Harvard Square. Meanwhile, a young girl, stuck at home while her Dad is out of town on a research field trip, has the adventure of her life.This is a great fit for my daughter, who is still a relative newcomer to the wor [...]

    22. Hatching MagicBy: Mason Frey This book takes place in Boston in 2002. The main characters are: Merlin, the wizard of Harvard Square, Gideon, a wizard from the 1200's, Kobold, Gideon's enemy, Wycca, Gideon's wyvern, Theodora Oglethorpe, a young wyvern fanatic, and Mikko, the Oglethorpe's housekeeper and Theodora's friend. In this book Gideon's pet wyvern, Wycca, accidentally stumbles through a bolt-hole (a portal to another Where and When) while searching for a nest for her egg and ends up in the [...]

    23. I first read this book in middle school, and I really enjoyed it, although some part of me was craving a little more "magic" (I had just finished reading Eragon, so that had something to do with it)Theodora is a character that I related to, as she desperately wanted some magic in her life and used video games and fantasy movies as a way to imitate that. Re-reading now, she can sometimes come off as a bit of a brat, but she is always aware of how she is acting and reacts appropriately when the mo [...]

    24. This story is about a wyvern named Wycca who goes goes into a bolt hole trying to find a good place to lay her egg and ends up in 20th century Boston. Her owner Gideon has to find her before his nemesis Kobold or else Wycca can be used against him, so he goes in the bolt hole after her. It is also about a girl named Theodora Oglethorpe (also called dodo) who loves her wyvern trading cards. Little does she know that wyverns, wizards, and magic are all real and the card that she finds is a real ma [...]

    25. This review is long time coming. The years have passed quickly and I'll tell to you my story of "Hatching Magic".I was but a child, Theodora's age no less or more. And indeed, I loved dragons and magic as much as she, if not moreso. As a gift for good grades at a student led conference, my parents bought me a book at the book fair. It was the BEST event of the school year.I came home that night with a beautiful little book with a wyvern on the cover and inside, a cute little bookmark of dragonl [...]

    26. "Hatching Magic" by Ann Downer is a very good book. It had a complex story line that you probably understand unless you read the entire book from beginning to end. I liked this because it show many different points of view on the same plot. All the characters had different opinions on the same matter. The four different points in this book were Gideon, Kobald, Theodora, and Wycca. Wycca is Gideon's pet wyvern who went missing by going some magic hole in time. In my opinion, I have one problem wi [...]

    27. Theodora feels she is old enough to go with her father on his summer research assignment; however, once again she is left at home with her nanny, Mikko. What makes this time even worse than the others is the fact that her friends have all left for the summer, and Theodora has yet to collect the cards to get her into the Wyvernkeeper's Circle. But then Theodora finds a wyvern trump stuck to the bottom of her shoe, and Theodora's summer changes drastically.In another time and another realm, Gideon [...]

    28. I love magic, and I loved this book. I happen to know there is a sequel, and I can't wait to read it. Considering the fact that in "Hatching Magic" Wycca, the wyvern, travels through time from the 1200s to 2002, I assume that Theodora will travel from 2002 back to the 1200s. Theodora helps Gideon (Wycca's master from 1200 who follows her, trying to find Wycca) and a professor named Merlin, who, as well as Gideon, is a wizard, find Wycca. Also, in the first book, it hints that Theodora's mother w [...]

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