Conviction of a Witch

Conviction of a Witch The Savannah Coven Series Book The Good Finding out she was a witch was difficult for Willyn Brousseau than any of the nine women in her newfound coven She s a mother a healer and wears a cross ar

  • Title: Conviction of a Witch
  • Author: Suza Kates
  • ISBN: 9780984592999
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Savannah Coven Series Book 2 The Good Finding out she was a witch was difficult for Willyn Brousseau than any of the nine women in her newfound coven She s a mother, a healer, and wears a cross around her neck to proudly declare her religion Though she and her friends are just learning to master their power, Willyn s time is up It s her turn to stand against eThe Savannah Coven Series Book 2 The Good Finding out she was a witch was difficult for Willyn Brousseau than any of the nine women in her newfound coven She s a mother, a healer, and wears a cross around her neck to proudly declare her religion Though she and her friends are just learning to master their power, Willyn s time is up It s her turn to stand against evil and pass her individual trial What else could go possibly wrong The Bad Dare Forster is well acquainted with the prophecy, the demon, and the coven s magic It s precisely why he s come to the island near Savannah He s a witch bearing a grudge, but he also has a plan He just needs one of the nine to make it happen The Undeniable Willyn and Dare come together like flint and brimstone, rejecting the desire that sparks between them He s no good for her, and she s his sworn enemy Both will be tested in ways they can t imagine and hope that love will save them, body and soul.

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      303 Suza Kates
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    1 thought on “Conviction of a Witch”

    1. One of my passions are books about witches and I really enjoy Suza books. I love the concept of 9 witches, each one being the main character having a task to perform having their own book. Even though Conviction of a Witch showcases Willyn you still get to know each one of the others better. Not only are her main characters strong women, you can't help falling in love with the sexy guys. Willyn was not the only one to fall in love with Dare. Suza is going to really have to work hard to come up w [...]

    2. Suza Kates-"Conviction of a Witch"Willyn Brousseau is one of nine witches from her coven, and she has been chosen to complete her individual trial and help stop the demon Bastraal from being resurrected. Willyn must figure out what her task will be from her dreams in order to complete her trial, or the prophecy will not be completed and Bastraal will rule over mankind. Willyn has also been having awful dreams of a witch being burned at the stake, and a demon preacher asking the witch in Willyn's [...]

    3. I was introduced to this series with book one (Whisper of a Witch) without knowing anything about this author. I was very pleased with the overall story and book, so I made sure to purchase book two right away!This story picks up three months after book one, and continues on with the next witch's trial. This time the story focuses on Willyn, who is the coven's good girl. To balance out the goodness of her nature, the love interest is a bad boy but ladies, who doesn't love the bad boy! At times h [...]

    4. Conviction of a Witch is the second book in the Savannah Coven series. I read the first instalment a while back and enjoyed it. Basically there are nine witches that were drawn to Savannah (well technically eight were drawn to the home of the one witch already living there) to discover that they were part of the Nine who will have to keep some nasty witches from bringing a super Demon backfrom Hell. in the first book we met Shauni a witch who has the ability to speak with animals (watch out Ceas [...]

    5. When Willyn, the healer, felt the call to the Savannah Coven she not only uprooted her life but also that of her son. She had more at stake than her sister witches; the evil Amara could harm her child. Dare Forster, also a witch with the ability to influence people’s thoughts, was aware of the prophecy, he knew the witches were on the island and came to find a mate. The first meeting of Willyn and Dare was not love-at-first sight. Willyn had a challenge to complete and Dare had no interest in [...]

    6. I really like this series so far. When I started I was skeptical because of the heavy church theme. However, it turned out okay. Religion just happened to be a huge part of Willyn's life and how it tied to the story line was perfect. Dare and Willyn's relationship was pretty obvious I thought. But I still loved the story it created. I can't wait to start the next book in the series.

    7. After reading Whisper of a Witch, I quickly downloaded the next 2 books of the series. Suza has a way of getting you connected to the characters and you really want to find out what happens. Her style of writing is fresh and easy to keep up with.

    8. As the second book in this series, I feel that even more came together in this book than the first. A new witch in the coven is picked for her "trial" and faces different challenges - not just the evil, but dealing with her beliefs.

    9. I enjoyed this book a lot. :) It's not your usual paranormal twilight-ish romance and that's a GOOD thing. It's got funny characters and a good romance One of my favorite books this summer!PS I did get this as an ARC but it didn't affect my opinion! :)

    10. As good, if not better than the last. I'm reading through these faster than Suza can write them. As of finishing this book, Suza has become one of my favorite authors.

    11. By the time we get to book 2, we now have a better understanding that each witch has a very serious trial to face; one that means life or death for many more people than just the witches themselves. They have just begun their training to become the strong witches they are destined to be, but have a long way to go. Unfortunately, Willyn doesn't get to train long before she has to face her trial. Along with her trial, she has to deal with her conflict between her religious beliefs and her destiny. [...]

    12. After reading the first book in this series, I was immediately hooked on Suza Kates' books. I love anything to do with witches, and I bought this book and her third book (Binding of a Witch) after finishing the first book. I simply flew through all three books. This one particularly spoke to me. I won't give the story awayy that the witch in question was also a Christian. I struggle with my spirituality, especially since I was raised as an evangelical Christian, but I feel myself drawn to magic [...]

    13. Each book in this series just gets better than the last. This book is based around a coven of nine women all who are witches but eight who did not know it until they felt a calling to move to Savannah and learned what and who they are. This book is Willyn and Dares story. Willyn is the healer in their group and Dare is the bad boy Witch with a interesting back story. The attraction between these two only goes to prove that opposites attract. Each trial gets harder and it seems with each individu [...]

    14. Willyn, the healer, religious believer and mother must face the evil black magic. It is her turn to protect the coven and face Dale Forster, a man she dislikes. Willyn must locate the book, hidden hundreds of years ago. The clues given to her in nightmares are not enough to lead her in the right direction. But, a wall hanging holds secrets and the clues to find the book. As Willyn struggles with doing what is needed to protect the coven, she falls for the bad boy Dale. Every body secrets come ou [...]

    15. I'm starting to really dig this series. All the characters are finally coming together for me. I really like these women and their interactions together. Great jom Ms. Kates. you've reeled me in.

    16. Nine women have received a calling to drop what they are doing and go to Savannah for unknown reasons. Upon arrival they find out that they are White Witches and must each pass a challenge issued by the spirit world. If any of them fail their challenge, the Black Witch Ronja and her followers will be able to resurrect a daemon who will lay waste to mankind.Willyn is the second witch to be called. Not only must she survive the evils thrown at her by Ronja, she must also deal with Dare, a male war [...]

    17. AmazingI love this series its amazing! And the author has ana amazing talent! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!

    18. I won a copy of book 2 in this series from Good Reads and decided to track down a copy of book 1 to read first.Conviction of the Witch is the second book in Suza Kates developing Savannah Coven Series.Early in the Savannah Coven series we are introduced to nine very different young women. Eight of whom are drawn to drop everything in their lives to join the ninth at an amazing island home near Savannah, Georgia. All the women are witches and all will we be tested before the coven faces an immine [...]

    19. Got this book from a Giveaway. Thanks again.Wasn't sure what to expect, never having read a book by this author before. Overall I liked it but would have liked a bit more about the coven's magic and a bit less about the romancing for my personal taste. I liked where Suza Kates went with the storyline and liked the back-and-forth relationship between the main character Willyn and Dare Forster. I hope in subsequent books in the series more is explained about the item Willyn was to find in her tri [...]

    20. I am actually more like 3 1/2 stars on this one, but since it is not an option I went with the 3. If I had read this book on its own I would actually be all for 4 stars, but the only issue is the book basically follows the exact same plot line as the first Savannah Coven installment. I am all for a woman coming into her own and finding her own way while still finding love in the man who is oh-so-wrong for her but turns out to be oh-so-right. The only problem is when it happens twice. I am a fan [...]

    21. I was surprised that I enjoyed book 1 (whisper of a witch) as much as I did And was hoping to be surprised again. Unfortunately, this book was almost identical in plot to the first book. I think I would have enjoyed it much better without the love interest aspect (seriously, if the Amara wants to defeat this coven, just get a witch to swoon over you for a week and then she's all yours) ugh.

    22. I really like the two books. It is definitely a formula book so far. Meaning you find your magic and meet a man and fall in love. Book 3 is looking to be the same. So I sort of feel as if I'm reading the same book over again with different people. But now I want to know what happens at the end so I'll probably keep reading.

    23. I liked this one better than the 1st entry in the series, but still not anywhere near the quality (obviously this may just be preference) of some of my favorite series. If you liked the first book, I think you will enjoy this one.

    24. I started this book right after the first one, and I enjoyed the fact that it picked up so closely thereafter. I, again, liked this story, and it had a few less-expected moments than the first. I liked the main character, even if her naïveté seemed a bit overworked.

    25. Liking the series enough to buy the next book. This one felt less complete than the last one, though. Still a fluffy entertainment quick read. But more surface than the last one, somehow. Not sure why.

    26. The reason I give this one such a poor rating was because I pretty much finished it today just to get it over with. I normally love books to do with witches and the paranormal, but I just couldn't seem to get into this book for some odd reason. So sorry, but this read wasn't for me.

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