Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

Mountaineering The Freedom of the Hills The latest edition of the classic guide to mountaineering describes fundamental climbing skills discusses rock snow and ice climbing techniques recommends clothing and equipment gives advice on safe

  • Title: Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
  • Author: The Mountaineers Club Kris Fulsaas Steven M. Cox
  • ISBN: 9780898868289
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • The latest edition of the classic guide to mountaineering describes fundamental climbing skills discusses rock, snow, and ice climbing techniques recommends clothing and equipment gives advice on safety and first aid and includes a new section on waterfall ice and mixed climbing Simultaneous.

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      494 The Mountaineers Club Kris Fulsaas Steven M. Cox
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    1 thought on “Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills”

    1. If you are not a climber and/or are not interested in ever being a climber, then, for the love of God, do NOT buy this book. You will be bored to tears! But if you love the outdoors and backpacking into the high country or would like to improve your skills climbing rocks/ice/glaciers/whatever, then this book is fantastic. Written by a team of professional climbers and continuously revised, this book covers every aspect of climbing, from setting up camp, choosing the right gear, advanced climbing [...]

    2. The one and only bible of mountaineering. Reading this monster requires a huge investment of time, energy, and patience. It is not only long, but too fucking verbose and the intonation is boring.Having said that, I am extremely happy that I went though it. I now have the theoretical basics to do about anything on the mountains on this planet. In practice, however, it's a different story. The book will open your eyes and make you aware of the many skills you need to not die out there. It takes se [...]

    3. This reference book is to mountaineering (or just camping and hiking) as Joy of Cooking is to the cooking world. A must have for any outdoorsman (or woman).

    4. The latest edition of the classic guide to mountaineering describes fundamental climbing skills; discusses rock, snow, and ice climbing techniques; recommends clothing and equipment; gives advice on safety and first aid; and includes a new section on waterfall ice and mixed climbing. Simultaneous.

    5. Freedom of the hills is packed with knowledge and skills that are helpful in order to survive in the mountains. As a mountaineer I am always pushing to increase my skills and knowledge in order to climb more difficult mountains. I initially started out with an older edition of this book and purchased the new one as soon as I saw it. The book covers anything from basic knowledge of gear to more advanced skills and techniques. I found that this book is very thorough and is very fair in what it tea [...]

    6. What can you say about a book that is six decades in the making, evolving and written by a whole group of experts from various parts of the sport?It is simply the best text book for mountaineers. It includes quite a bit of alpine climbing and very good basic rock climbing advice. Lots of excellent illustrations. I see the changes in the last 3 or so editions, but they are only modest improvements. I happen to have editions dating back to the original "Mountaineers Handbook" (Superior 1948). This [...]

    7. Saying that this is the "Bible of Mountaineering" is an understatement. A more accurate comparison would be to say that this is the Bible plus everything that has ever been written on religion since that time, neatly summarized into less than 600 pages.Anyone willing to put in the time will benefit from reading this book.If only textbooks were this insightful when I was in school -- 5 stars.

    8. I am seriously reading this book for my WTC course with the Sierra Club. Just started reading about navigation & how to use a compass. Besides supporting the Sierra Club I suggest supporting the Mountaineer's Books. My sister works there & they publish great hiking, mountaineering, & camping guides.

    9. Hands down the best book on Mountaineering I have read. The only other titles that rival it are the Mountaineers Outdoor Expert guides for the specific activity you are training for. Make sure you pick up a current edition. The first edition, published in 1961 is worth browsing for entertainment but maybe not for lifesaving tips on the mountain. I read the 7th edition.

    10. The essential mountaineering handbook. A concise (600+ pages!) text book for the basic knowledge necessary for backpacking and climbing mountains off the grid. Reading it once is not enough. Practicing the concepts in the field will be the only way to digest the material. You will use it as a reference guide again and again, countless times.

    11. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills is nothing else but a must for any mountaineer. It is rightly considered the Bible of mountaineering and contains all the information that you would ever want to know about mountain climbing.The book is especially easy to read considering the subjects covered. The many pictures are definitely a help and while outdoors experience is really the only way to learn mountaineering, the book is really well written. I especially like the sections on planning trip [...]

    12. In the grand tradition of The Compleat Walker, this is a wide-ranging field guide to challenges and techniques for mountain travel. The book assumes that you're going climbing (and not just hiking), but if that's not you, you can skip the middle chapters on technical climbing. The chapters on equipment, shelter, navigation, snow travel, leadership, safety, and first aid were all practical and applicable, and the chapters on geology, snow, and weather were excellent introductions to the mountain [...]

    13. It's pretty cool to have this book handy in ebook format while killing time in morraine camp at 5,000m and consulting the glacier! I wish it had more specific technical information, but I suppose that's why it lists other books as reference.

    14. Read this back in college. Covered the mountaineering basics of the late '60, early 70's. It is still a classic.

    15. I've owned a copy of this book for several years now, and finally decided to give it a front to back read-through. At the moment I'm enrolled in a wilderness guide training program in Finland, and had recommended this book to several other students; so I felt I owed it to both them and myself to give it a look with a critical eye.For the last 50 years, this book has been considered the bible of climbing and mountaineering, it covers all aspects of outdoor life, with an emphasis on mountaineering [...]

    16. This tome is a mountaineering beast.It eloquently breaks down all of the bookish, academic aspects of outdoor survival and navigation that you could possibly need prior to genuine outdoor experience -- but academics only take us so far. True absorption of its contents can only come in combination of a solid factual base (this book's contribution) with practice.This is a book I'll be diving head-first into, casually perusing, and rereading for years. It's one that I'll probably never read every w [...]

    17. I'll be reading this one for years, looks like. I'm having one of those moments when I look around and realize I'm surrounded by the products of a single source, an author, an artist, or in this case, a publisher. The Mountaineers are a seattle based outdoors organization that, among many other things, published awesome books. This book is a long term loan from my climbing buddy, who is obviously trying to groom me into a competent climbing partner. The freedom of the hills is a bible of mountai [...]

    18. I got my copy of Edition 3 in the mid 1970's, amid the "clean climbing" mountaineering revolution that swept Yosemite and other popular climbing centers. Having Mount Rainier in my backyard exert it's almost magnetic pull on me, I knew I needed to learn the state of the climbing art. This book was it Tools, technique, practical advice, the whole show, and it served me well. My copy as well as my ice tools from that time are now looking seriously antique (possibly myself as well) but this book, a [...]

    19. My Dad used to say to me "Mountaineering is like backpacking with less margin for error". Of course the reality is that there are additional skills, concepts, and so on that you absolutely need to know before hauling yourself onto a rock face or summiting glaciers. This book contains all of that , the accumulated wealth of knowledge based on the experience of more than 40 of the world's best mountaineers. Git ya'self several copies, sleep with one as a pillow in the hopes that the information wi [...]

    20. I read this book cover-to-cover when I was taking a mountaineers course a long time ago. Since then I've used it as a reference book and recommended it to anyone interested in the wide variety of mountain/backcountry interests. For me it's a must have and I continue to return and re-read sections. I recommend purchasing the latest edition - my edition is earlier and some techniques, technology, etc. have evolved. If you are not sure about buying it new - check it out from the library for a test [...]

    21. This textbook is the Bible of basic mountaineering, written by the experienced climbers of the Seattle Mountaineers Club, a volunteer organization devoted to alpine exploration and stewardship of the pristine outdoors. This guide explains fundamentals of all types of basic alpine climbing (rock, snow, and ice), belaying, rappelling, safety, route finding, how to use equipment, how to tie knots, and rescue. (My comments are on the 5th edition, but I am certain that the 7th edition improves instru [...]

    22. An excellent book that gives advice & a working knowledge of techniques that you should be aware of before venturing into the hills.Starting with clothing & camping, working through knots, belays & general rope techniques to rescues, first aid and a section about geology & weather.This is more than a ramblers guide, it is aimed at the climber & mountaineer but if more were aware of its contents, mountain rescue may not be as busy.I whole heartedly recommend this book, its an [...]

    23. If you are an outdoors-enthusiast, this book should be your Bible. It covers everything from mammals you may encounter while on the trail, to coniditioning for your hike or climb and how to use gear such as crampons, ice axe, etc. As hikers, we all know that we should never go into the wilderness without carrying the 10 Essentials. Well, this book should also be in your pack. I recommend it to every hiker/climber I know.

    24. Although long and a bit tedious, this book is THE bible on climbing and mountaineering knowledge, so if you're planning to summit Mount Rainier or engage in any other climbing, mountaineering, or hiking expedition, you might want to study this book. Keep in mind that the chapters do not necessarily need to be read in sequential order as they tend not to depend on reading previous chapters, so pick and choose the parts you'd like to read first =)

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