Tartok The Ice Beast

Tartok The Ice Beast One Boy s journey to help his village becomes a quest to save the kingdom First came the mysterious attacks Then the ice began to crack and break away The great ice plains are in great danger Unless h

  • Title: Tartok The Ice Beast
  • Author: Adam Blade Ezra Tucker
  • ISBN: 9780439024570
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Boy s journey to help his village becomes a quest to save the kingdom.First came the mysterious attacks Then the ice began to crack and break away The great ice plains are in great danger Unless help comes quickly, even the farthest reaches of the kingdom will not be spared from Malvel s evil plans.Tom must stop the Tartok the Ice Beast and soon But the journey wilOne Boy s journey to help his village becomes a quest to save the kingdom.First came the mysterious attacks Then the ice began to crack and break away The great ice plains are in great danger Unless help comes quickly, even the farthest reaches of the kingdom will not be spared from Malvel s evil plans.Tom must stop the Tartok the Ice Beast and soon But the journey will not be easy Tartok is not the only threat on the ice The Beast Quest has never brought Tom so far north, and the frozen plains are full of peril

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    • Free Read [Travel Book] ✓ Tartok The Ice Beast - by Adam Blade Ezra Tucker ↠
      424 Adam Blade Ezra Tucker
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    1 thought on “Tartok The Ice Beast”

    1. That's decided. If I have a baby girl (not that my girlfriend is pregnant) I shall not read this book or the last three. Why? Because this book shall teach her that women are frail and cannot take care of themselves and boys/men have to take care of them. By Týr's wooden arm. This book has women as a cliche. Is like I write four books and all of them Jews would be good at money, black people would win a physical contest, an asian good at math or a white guy well never exceeding at nothing but n [...]

    2. This beast Quest was different to all the others I have read. It made me very interested and I just wanted to keep reading. Highly Recommended!

    3. I wanted FR-like, D&D-like stories for my young ones, but these are too monster/npc-of-the-week for me.

    4. It was enjoyable but considering I read it only 1 year ago (i'm 11) and I can't remember as much as the other books tells me that it was not one of my favourites

    5. Jake's Review: Mom can I tell you all about this book -- sure baby go ahead. For sake of time, space and well quite frankly way too many spoilers, I will not type out what he said. Basically, I didn't have to read the book because he told me the whole story -- now if he could just remember this much detail when he does his school reading. I love these books mom, you are going to buy me the rest (Yup, I will - since I have purchased the first 5 already. I really am a sucker when he asks for books [...]

    6. Tartok the Ice Beast, alternately titled Nanook the Snow Monster, is the fifth installment of the Beast Quest series and the penultimate installment of the original six-book series.Once again, Tom and Elenna, Beast Quest's two implausibly competent and responsible preteens are on a quest to save a mythical Beast from enslavement by the wizard Malvel. This time, they are seeking a yeti (that is never referred to as such) in Avantia's most implausible landscape, the arctic region.As usual, the boo [...]

    7. This is a fairly new paperback series for kids in about 3rd grade. The books are about a land called Avantia where an evil wizard, Malvel, put an evil spell on six Beasts – fire dragon, sea serpent, mountain giant, night horse, ice beast, and winged flame. Each book focuses on one beast and how Tom and Elenna try to free the beast from the evil spell and thus saving the people of Avantia. I think this is a great fantasy series for kids just beginning to read chapter books, especially boys.

    8. Are you looking for a series with a little more zip than Magic Tree House? Looking for an adventure series like Secrets of Droon with a little more bite? BeastQuest is the series for you. Tartok is a dangerous ice beast due to an enchantment by the evil Malvel. Can Tom save the frozen plains by removing the necklace from the ice beast to end the enchantment? Plenty of spine-tingling episodes throughout the pages.

    9. Grade/interest level:3-8Reading level: Genre: FictionMain Characters: Setting: Ice mountainPOV: First-ThirdThis book is about a girl and a boy who are being chased by an ice beast. The ice beast is scary a lot of villagers. The two kids Tom, and Elenna. Try to fight the beast. In the end they end up slaying the beast. Then there is a new challenge find out what the new challenge is when you read the book.

    10. This book, and the others in the series, are definitely aimed at the younger set. My nine year old son really enjoys them. However, I find them to be a fit on the formulaic side, probably not surprising given the size of them (lest then 100 pages in each case). Still if you want a quick read then they aren't bad. One word of caution, has a complete list of all the titles in the series but those for the first six are inaccurate.

    11. I thought this book was very good. It had lots of action and adventures for example they go and look for the monster to slay it. My opinion was a good book and very thrilling and exciting some parts scared my sister but I thought they were good parts. I won't say what they are but i will say they are good. This is an exciting book.

    12. Gosh, I dunno what’s scarier, slipping through a freezing lake of ice or freak'n TARTOK trying to smash, slash and tear me apart with her hands! Tom’s adventure is certainly one of survival horror this time, which makes it stand out a little more from all the other Beast Quest books. (Ones that I've read anyway.) It was pretty awesome. I can definitely recommend it to other Beast Quest fans.~

    13. MehI wasn't all that impressed with this one, but the kid was. It should go without saying, at this point, that the author has a very strictly-adhered to formula that each book follows. And while it may start to bore the adults, the kids seem to very much like that. Either way, mine is enthralled with these books, so I'm happy.

    14. La formula dei singoli volumi della serie non varia molto da una storia all'altra e in questo caso in particolare il ritorno all'ambientazione "montagna del nord" è già stata usata,anche se questa volta l'elemento principe è la neve,ma nel complesso c'è bisogno di più novità.

    15. I think having a wooden shield that protects you from fire, lets you breathe underwater, works as a parachute, lets you be more skillful and fast in combat and lets you go into very cold places is really weird.

    16. One of our second grade students introduced this book to me . It was in his book box. I am surprised I really enjoyed reading it. If you are stuck on sugarsweet stuff this will be a great change of genre. Boys and girls in 2nd grade and higher like these series

    17. The Beast Quest Series is interesting, but it is repetitive and after a few books you sort of know what's going to happen next. I find the book very simple and a easy reader for kids. I think it is very descriptive but I will only give it a 3.

    18. Ryan's review: Amazing! I liked the part where Tartok saved Elenna.Mom's comments: Good story. Long way into the book before Tartok was actually seen or confronted.

    19. While tediously repetitive for me, this series has captured the heart of my son. He loves these books.

    20. Still a fun series. I am hoping the next book will have more beast, less talk. The battles seem to be getting shorter. It would be nice if they added another permanent character as well.

    21. While there still blood in my vein's i'll finish book six & never read these books ever again! Holy Jasus! Same story in every book!

    22. Book 5 of 6. Not much to say, it's exactly the same book as 1, 2, 3, and 4, but change the name and type of beast and the landscape. These are getting old (from an adult perspective).

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