Surrender at Dawn

Surrender at Dawn Former Navy SEAL Jack Brenner knows he s in trouble the minute Charlotte Whiteside steps into a seedy Thai bar and asks him to help rescue her brother who is being held hostage on a nearby island Jac

  • Title: Surrender at Dawn
  • Author: Laura Griffin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Former Navy SEAL Jack Brenner knows he s in trouble the minute Charlotte Whiteside steps into a seedy Thai bar and asks him to help rescue her brother, who is being held hostage on a nearby island Jack doesn t want to get tangled up in Charlotte s problems or anyone else s, but an obligation to a SEAL teammate prompts him to help her They embark on a nighttime mission thFormer Navy SEAL Jack Brenner knows he s in trouble the minute Charlotte Whiteside steps into a seedy Thai bar and asks him to help rescue her brother, who is being held hostage on a nearby island Jack doesn t want to get tangled up in Charlotte s problems or anyone else s, but an obligation to a SEAL teammate prompts him to help her They embark on a nighttime mission that turns out to be dangerous and passionate than either of them ever imagined.

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    1 thought on “Surrender at Dawn”

    1. Fun and quick read. Always like a good Navy SEAL in the starring role. My only complaint was that it ended much to quickly and not as tidy as I prefer. Suffice it to say, I wanted more -- much more!

    2. Short story that was OK but then after I read Nightfall which I liked better and I started looking into what LG had written. So this and Nightfall introduced me to Laura Griffin's writing which led me to discover the tracer series which is one of my all time favorite series.

    3. This was quick. Really just a teaser, a taste to wet your whistle. I get the feeling "ex-Navy SEAL" Jack and para-legal Charlotte will make an appearance in a future book since the ending leaves the door open. I can sure see them meeting up in the future again.If you're a fan of Laura Griffin then Surrender at Dawn will give you a little Griffin fix and tide you over until her next full length novel Snapped comes out later this year.

    4. This felt like the beginning of a great story. I liked both Jack and Charlotte. I sure hope Griffin is writing a full book about them!As a standalone, it gives a hint of a promising romance, but feels totally unfinished. As a prelude to a longer book (?) it rocks. Either way, my appetite is totally whetted for more. Please say there's more!

    5. very very short read. gives you just enough to get a feel for the author and her voice. I've read LG before and she is a good author but this was just a little too short.

    6. Just a quickie free kindle book. I wonder if the two main characters will show up in a full length novel?

    7. I love Laura Griffin but I didn't love this. The story left you hanging so I do wonder if this is supposed to be a prequel or something.

    8. This was a cool short story, but VERY short-- still the writing was excellant and I'll be checking out more of her books. Ex-SEAL and a woman who needs help click. Fun read!

    9. A nice short read. An ex-navy SEAL helps a young woman find her brother on a dangerous island. Cue Suspense, intrigue, and romance. Now I want to read the second chapter on these two…

    10. This didn't quite cut it for me. I like that it's a short little novella and the writing of the story clearly shows the author's potential, so I'd definitely look at full-length stories from this author. But the downside to this, is that it reads like a prologue for two characters and I'm not sure it ever gets finished in another story later. This could have been an awesome story without the romance, but that's what left me wanting - the fact that the characters never really had enough time to c [...]

    11. This is a short romantic suspense story about a devoted sister who travels to Thailand in search of her brother who has gone missing while on a journalism assignment. Charlotte Whiteside knows her brother is in danger and arrives in Phuket, Thailand with a wad of cash and the name of an American pilot--John Brenner who she's been told to hire to find her brother on a remote island. The search and rescue of Charlotte's brother is deemed dangerous because it is believed he went to this particular [...]

    12. I'm give this book a 3.5 rating. I didn't care for the abrupt start. I found it to be quite confusing at times. The characters were decent though. Despite being a short story that doesn't leave a lot of room for character development, I never once felt a disconnect from them. I also loved the authors voice, and the writing was solid. No complaints there.I did have an issue with the editing, namely the lack of division between scenes. There was a few times where a scene would change in the middle [...]

    13. Surrender at Dawn by Laura Griffin a 2011 Laura Griffin publication. This book was a freebie in the Kindle store and I while I normally check this, I just saw the name Laura Griffin and purchased it without looking into the specifics. As it happens, this book is only about 37 pages long. So, it's a super duper fast read. Charlotte's brother, a journalist, has disappeared. She enlist a friend of a friend, Jack, a former navy seal to help locate him. Jack agrees because of who Charlotte knows but [...]

    14. This is a short novella. John Brenner (Jack) is a pilot and former Navy SEAL. Charlotte Whiteside has come looking for him in Thailand to take her to the island of Ko Aroon to find her missing brother Davy. He is a reporter who told friends he had a hot story but no one has heard from him. Jack and Charlotte went to the island after dark and Jack found a young woman who said she was Davy’s girlfriend. Jack found Davy in another hut and got all of them off the island. From map info he found in [...]

    15. I don't normally read short stories or novellas, but as this was free for Kindle, I grabbed it. Although I agree with all the reviewers saying this ended too abruptly, and therefore was ungratifying, it's not fair to rate it down by more than a star for that, because it IS advertised as a short story, not a fully developed novel. Considering that fact, I think the story and characters were great.Just like so many other reviewers, I'm very interested to pick up something else by this author, whic [...]

    16. Without the romance Surrender at Dawn would have been a great suspense short story, unfortunately as a romantic suspense it’s below average. The characters are good and have potential, but the romance is too rushed (usually that’s the problem with lots of romance short stories) and there’s no resolution. It’s as if Laura Griffin reached the required word count and just stopped writing. Actually, Surrender at Dawn has the feel of a prologue to a full length book or volume one of a seriali [...]

    17. I loved the jump-right-into-it beginning – and even with such a beginning and with such a short story, I still feel like I had enough information to get a good feel for the characters and really connect with them in a short amount of time. However, it also had a jump-right-out-of-it ending which I didn’t appreciate so much as I did for the beginninge ending was rushed and a little cheesyough perhaps a teaser ??? 3 stars.

    18. 3.5*A short story by one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. I wonder if we'll see the two leads in anything else since we don't get a complete resolution to their relationship. I enjoyed this story, although I don't think it's the best way to get a feel for this very talented author. I encourage readers who enjoy RS to pick up one of her full-length novels.

    19. A nice quick read for a train journey etc. but other than that I can't think of anything either positive or negative to add. Other than I'm glad I got it as a freebie download.2 starsIn case I didn’t mention this was a Free Kindle Download at the time (see my blog toodlesbookclub for daily selections of free downloads).

    20. A romantic story about a sister Charlotte Whiteside, who travels to Thailand in search of her brother Davey who has gone missing while on a journalism assignment. Ex navy seal Jake was very abrupt. I didn't like him very much at all. Turns out Davey girlfriend / camera girl was also kidnapped. He rescues both of them. Ok Short story

    21. More! This has to be the setup for a couple that will eventually show up in another book, and I can't wait to read more about what happens to them! One of the few short stories I've read in the romance genre that actually works.

    22. Enjoyed the whole rescue mission along with the action part. The romance was also nicely written. The story length wasn't long but it was well paced. Reading this story was like watching a live-action movie.

    23. First ever Laura Griffin work I ever read As soon as I finished it I immediately stopped by my local book store and picked up 3 of the tracers novels and now 7months later I own them all Simply awesome books that draw you in

    24. I wish this had been a prequel for another book rather than just a stand alone novella because it had a lot of good plot starters in it and the characters were interesting. It just ended however and as far as I can tell no sequel or other book that continues the story of any of the characters.

    25. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the adventure and class this book exhibited. Easy to read, enjoyable. Only con is that it's too short! I would have liked a longer story. There were a few parts where it felt like a transition or ending was too abrupt. Free Kindle book, well worth it.

    26. It's always enjoyable to read a book about a Navy SEAL. Jack and Charlotte form a passionate relationship through the story and with twists and turns keep the reader interested. I read this book quickly, whether due to the content or way it is written I don't know. Worth reading as entertaining

    27. I was completely disappointed that this story ended as soon as it did. I mean I get that it is a novella but still. The story itself is well written, so much so I wanted more. It's quite possible Laura Griffin is my newest fave author to read at the moment.

    28. This was a delightful short story to read. I wish it would have been longer. This short story could defiantly be made into a much longer book. I am thankful I took the time to read it. It left me with a smile upon my face!

    29. Interesting details support the taut drama of the story. Not as satisfying as her full-length novels but a good read nonetheless. First thing I have read of Laura Griffin's will read one of her books.

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