Ragnarok, Volume 1

Ragnarok Volume The winds of fate are blowing through the realm of Midgard Ragnarok the prophesized fall of the gods is at hand Fenris Fenrir knows Ragnarok must happen She is on a desperate search to find the rein

  • Title: Ragnarok, Volume 1
  • Author: Myung-Jin Lee
  • ISBN: 9781931514736
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The winds of fate are blowing through the realm of Midgard Ragnarok, the prophesized fall of the gods, is at hand Fenris Fenrir knows Ragnarok must happen She is on a desperate search to find the reincarnation of Balder, with whose help she can change the world But if the Valkyries find him first, her quest may be over before it even begins.

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    • ✓ Ragnarok, Volume 1 || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Myung-Jin Lee
      255 Myung-Jin Lee
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Ragnarok, Volume 1 || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Myung-Jin Lee
      Posted by:Myung-Jin Lee
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    1 thought on “Ragnarok, Volume 1”

    1. When I first read these comics (roughly 6-7) years ago, it was one of my favorite series. It was a great mix of Norse Mythology, Final Fantasy like design and just really fun characters. So imagine my horror to discover that the series of which I invested time and money into was put in an indefinite hiatus so the writer could work on the art for game that was based on this series.Re-reading this series now as an adult, a few things stick out to me that didn't before. Mainly how rushed and basic [...]

    2. Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Let’s talk about a very old manga that has graced my husband's bookshelf since our middle school days. Ragnarok, Volume 1 by Myung-Jin Lee was the first manga he ever managed to convince my mother-in-law was appropriately priced despite the book’s real lack of words in the traditional sense.So, for a manga that’s been tucked away between multiple volumes of Black Cat and Trigun for the past almost twenty years, how is it?Its…pretty good. I mean. I enjoy [...]

    3. It is alright to read to past time. It isn't close to the game I know and love, but it probably isn't supposed to. It's just not the same after you played the game. However, this graphic novel is pretty average and the drawings aren't that bad. Nothing much I can really say about this book.

    4. Olin joskus lukioaikoina ihan hulluna tähän sarjaan. Luin sen varmaan kolmesti ja surin sitä, että tarina jäi kesken. Kauheaa tajuta, etten ole enää yhtä ihastunut sarjaan. Minua ärsyttävät etenkin kaikkien naisten vaatteet. Miksi on niin, että aarteenmetsästäjä/varas Lydia on järkevämmin pukeutunut kuin Iris, Sara ja Fenris, jotka ovat mahtavia velhoja ja sotureita? Saran vaatteet ovat kauniita ja typeriä, Iriksen ja Fenriksen (etenkin Iriksen) taas rumia ja typeriä. Mutta on [...]

    5. At first, I found the story extremely scrappy and silly. I didn't like the character design at all plus I didn't like any of the characters, and I just hated both the composition of the sound effects and the skimpy clothing on the female characters. I was able to tell the characters apart but the wordless fighting pictures seemed dull and unclear to me - and there were too many of them. Therefore I found the beginning of this book very annoying and unpleasant. I was just about to drop the whole [...]

    6. I know I'm doing it wrong, but I tend to skip past most of the pictures, even in a graphic novel. (Yes, I also consider most songs inserted into movies to be filler that I'd rather just fast forward through.) I get that the pictures are part of the format, but unless I really concentrate, I'll blow past them without even realizing it.The previous paragraph does, in fact, relate to this review.I almost gave this book just two stars and said "well, that's a series I'm done with," but the last chap [...]

    7. I was initially curious about this title because of the connection to Norse mythology. Sadly, the element of Norse mythology is tenuous (at best). Probably the best one-line description of Ragnarok is from a reviewer's quote on the back of the book: "mewhere between OH MY GODDESS and Marvel's THOR".That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed it -- and I would have absolutely loved it as a teenager. It is in the typical style with great artwork and an interesting story. Swords, sorcery, and monsters what mo [...]

    8. Rereading the first two volumes, I find myself skipping lots of scenes. Weird. This is one of those mangas I was addicted before. PAST TENSE. I think it lost its appeal. Its a good thing I didn't get to buy all volumes. And i don't know, maybe I'm too harsh but the drawing style isn't that good IMO. (No offense to the mangaka and I'm not really that great artist but it just my honest opinion). And on the plot, basing this on Norse Mythology is brilliant, although not original. When I was reading [...]

    9. This book frustrated me.There were long-hard to read names and the illustrations of people were poor.The way the author draws character's faces irritated me. There wasnt a great story line to go to and it was hard to follow.Although one thing that was neat, was the fight scenes. They were very explicit and creative. It kept me flipping the pages. If I could only keep interested in the story itself.

    10. The world of Midgard is controlled by warrior gods and goddesses, but a beautiful warlock named Fenris threatens to shift power to the humans (through her cunning and excellent fighting skills). Lots of swordfighting and harnessing of special powers between skilled opponents, and a little comic relief thrown in. The first book introduces a bounty hunter named Chaos, who is no doubt the "chosen one." Predictable but fun.

    11. Want to find out more ? Just visit the New-Brunwick Public Library catalogue ! (Canada) nbpl.entrsidynix/clien

    12. Vol 1-10I notice as I'm reading this that there was a theme to this Gods yay the kind I like in my Manga's like this but to bad it hasn't started but up since 2004 I really want to know what happens in the end

    13. I liked this graphic novel, this is the first time I have read it, I will continue the series, I like the story and characters.

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