Love Potions

Love Potions When aromatherapist Sukie starts using her cottage garden to provide raw ingredients for her products she thinks she s hit on a good way of saving money while offering her clients a way of de stressi

  • Title: Love Potions
  • Author: Christina Jones
  • ISBN: 9780749937355
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • When aromatherapist Sukie starts using her cottage garden to provide raw ingredients for her products, she thinks she s hit on a good way of saving money while offering her clients a way of de stressing and relaxation However, Sukie discovers that her new improved lotions and potions are making her massages distinctly magical.

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    1 thought on “Love Potions”

    1. This is my first Christina Jones book, and it has left me wondering what took me so long! Love Potions is a truly delightful story and a wonderful read.Christina Jones tranports her readers into the lives of several larger than life characters in the deceptively sleepy village of Bagley-cum-Russet. Before you realise it's even happened you care about what happens to everyone of these characters. The tone of this story from start to finish is warm and funny. Actually, that's an understatement, be [...]

    2. It was kind of boring. The idea of the story is great and it could have been so much better. For this ~300 pages it's too less story. Derry, the male "protagonist", was nearly not there. From time to time with a few scenes he was there but mainly he was not. I couldn't really believe that they raelly have fallen in love.All in all: Could have been worse & better.

    3. An interesting and slightly kooky tale of romance with some magical realism thrown in there, so much so I might even be tempted to try it myself! The story is very well-written and structured, and she is great at describing the village and the seasons, one of my very favourite things. “ without a breath of wind, the air filled with birdsong, and blossoms fluttering against the blue of the sky, petals gently swirling around her as she wandered, like pastel confetti” – what a perfect spring [...]

    4. A fun and light-hearted read full of quirky characters, lovely English villages, and lots of magic from a overgrown cottage garden, with a few love triangles thrown in for good measure!

    5. This is probably the silliest book I have ever read, but having said that I did want to finish it! Such stupid names for the characters and such an improbable story too.

    6. Sommernachtszauber- Christina JonesErschienen: 2008Verlag: GoldmannSeiten: 378Preis: 7,95 EuroKlappentextKomisch, turbulent und zauberhaft romantisch – das ganz normale Chaos der LiebeAls Sukie Ambrose einen nackten Mann in ihrem Bett vorfindet, ist sie ein wenig irritiert. Wurden ihre heimlichen Wünsche endlich erhört? Leider stellt sich heraus, dass Derry ein Mitbringsel ihrer attraktiven Mitbewohnerin ist und eigentlich für sie tabu. Aber seit Sukie Duftöle mischt und verkauft, geschehe [...]

    7. Since I don't seem to be having much luck with books that I have actively bought to read and then struggled to get into, I've gone back to the Random Number Generator and it chose #32, which is this one: a chick-lit romance. We will see how I get on with it-----------------------------------------------2.5 stars.I'm really picky with my chick-lit. I like authors like Paige Toon and Belinda Jones who focus a good 80-90% of the story on the main characters and their romance. This was probably 30%, [...]

    8. Who knew love with a little magic could be so sweet? Christina Jones's book is another in her series about mad villages where magic is possible. In Love Potions, Sukie, an aroma therapist who was mentioned in the previous book, Seeing Stars, is the main heroine of the story. She comes across a naked man in her bad upon her return from an aromatherapy convention. Come morning, she finds out this hunk of a man belongs to Milla, her glamorous room mate, therefore making him unavailable to her. When [...]

    9. Dieses Buch habe ich nach dem ersten Kapitel abgebrochen. Ich wollte mal was anderes probieren und meine Erwartungen habe sich (leider) erfüllt.Es ist einfach nur ein simpler Groschenroman. Dummchen findet nach Geschäftsreise (Aromatherapie-Kurs!!!) schlafenden nackten!!! Mann in ihrem Bett vor. Geht's bitte noch schlimmer? Ja.Kleine Kostprobe: Sie trat mit abgewandtem Blick zurück, für den Fall, dass er splitternackt war. War er nicht. Zumindest nicht ganz. Er hatte es geschafft, ausgewasch [...]

    10. While I quite enjoyed the reading experience in that it was very light and therefore summery despite the autumnal setting, I can't give it more than 2 stars. The plot was extremely predictable and the characters did not seem very real to me. Also, it was a bit on the soppy side at times, even for chick lit. I did like all the descriptions of village life and Cora's garden, though, and do not regret picking this up. It was, well, OK - which is what 3 stars are for me - enjoyable, yet lacking in s [...]

    11. I have enjoyed reading quite a few of Christina Jones books, with her quirky characters set in Fiddlesticks. For some reason though it took me a long time to get into this one. I tried reading it back in 2012, and put it down! Tried again this year and finished it. It is pleasant and along the same lines as her others but it just didnt have the same spark! I will read more by this author though, as they are always an enjoyable read.

    12. Chick lit isn't usually my thing. However this was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it a go. It was adorable! I throughly enjoyed reading about Sukie and the rest of the gangs anticsI would consider reading more by Christina Jones, and I think I will look out for more of her books at charity shops and such. Read this if you want a bit of fluff in between serious reads.

    13. This was a merry, frothy read with a nice warm ending and a punch the air moment for downtrodden housewife Joss (much deserved).I enjoyed the main character Sukie and Derry K was gorgeous but and it's an honest but. I'd honestly have liked to have a bit more on Derry on the page. But I certainly couldn't complain with a full cast of madcap supporting characters it's a jam packed cosy read.

    14. So I've finally read up this seriesa gentle, mildly humourous story with a slightly old-fashioned romantic feel. The character of Sukie was less likable at first than some of the others I've read and she is a little wishy-washyher need to go to the awful shack pub didn't make sense other than to fit the plot, but overall I've found these books likable.

    15. Of course I am going to be biased and say I love this book, so I will! Christina again dreams up the characters you know you want to meet and makes them so real you think you know them. In my case I do.Of all the books by Christina Jones this one holds a very special place in my heart and just looking at the cover makes me smile.

    16. This was the first book I read by this author - some years ago now, and it remains one of my favourites written by her. It captured my imagination because I am interested in aromatherapy myself, and use essential oils.ough no where near as much as the heroine in the story! An amusing fun read and generally uplifting story.

    17. hmmm I liked the premise and the story and all. But I felt it was just a bit too messy for my liking, the story wasn't tight enough, maybe because it delved a bit too deeply into the stories of relatively more minor characters. And I guess the writing was passable only while the first ten chapters or so was quite trying to read though. A pretty average book on the whole.

    18. Really good. So warm and lovely. No more lonely souls. Oh I want the camomile and jasmine potiondistressed. to think that derry used a potion on her was so sweet. Cheers to u christina jones. I'll be reading more of u

    19. An enjoyable read by an accomplished author. It needed much more of Derry on the page however and there was a surfeit of characters.

    20. Ok, it's not rocket science - but reasonable chic lit which has a few laughs and is an easy read. Increase the rating if you like chic lit :)

    21. Relatable characters. I love how it ended, and particularly enjoyed Joss stealing Marvin's thunder.

    22. Yet another book set in the quaint English countryside around Berkshire. The characters are delightful and the mix of magic and romance well handled.

    23. I have just finished this book and like a few of the other sweetly slushy romance books I've read, it's another mediocre read that I enjoyed but wouldn't pick up again.

    24. this book got me right from the start! fairy tale ending. a bit hard to believe but who cares?! and I don't mind waking up with a gorgeous naked guy in my bed. haha.

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