The Doll Collection

The Doll Collection Murders that look like accidents Accidents that look like murders A psychological thriller I am Gloria Be kind to me and I ll be your friend Be cruel to me betray me or sneak on me and you ll join my

  • Title: The Doll Collection
  • Author: Joanna Stephen-Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murders that look like accidents Accidents that look like murders.A psychological thriller.I am Gloria Be kind to me and I ll be your friend Be cruel to me, betray me or sneak on me and you ll join my doll collection.

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    1 thought on “The Doll Collection”

    1. The image on this cover is what drew me to this book, I am not someone who goes for books because they have pretty or interesting covers but the cover of this book made me stop and read the synopsis and I am glad I did as this was one of the best books I read on my kindle last year.The main character of this novel is Gloria and the reader quickly learns that Gloria is pure evil, her collection of dolls that sit on her windowsill are more sinister than what appears to the naked eye. The purpose b [...]

    2. I expected a higher body count in this book, but still enjoyed it. The Author wrote the characters well and kept me hooked for the majority of the book I despised Gloria, although I have since read many reviews where others have felt sympathetic toward her, I don't share this view and was willing for her to get her just desserts. I'll be keeping an eye out for future works from Joanna Stephen-Ward

    3. I feel rather at odds with the over reviewers! I found that the book didn't live up to the thrilling blurb. A majority of Gloria's advertised victims aren't greatly described. The only time I felt empathy for any character in this novel is in the beginning (view spoiler)[when Gloria overhears Garry insulting her on the phone. Given the brief information offered to the reader it seemed rather rude, uncalled for and very damaging to anyone's self esteem. When Gloria goes on to kill him, as a reade [...]

    4. AmazingThis is the second time i have read this book and it's really brilliant.Thankfully there is not many people like Gloria in the world

    5. I have just finished reading about a monster, a psychopath so cunning and violent that this person was evicted from the family at age 16.Joanna Stephen-Ward's well-written and beautifully paced - fortunately fictional- book kept me, literally in some places, breathless. I wanted to scrabble through the plot to find out when this psychopath would strike next and whom or what would be killed, but had to clam down and stay with it so I wouldn't miss anything. There are not many novelists who can fo [...]

    6. Me feel pity for a serial killer? I never thought I would, but Gloria in this novel, got my sympathy. Not all the time, or even most of the time, but often enough for me to wonder about myself.Her thoughts such as, 'I wish I was a fox. Vixens don't have to worry about attracting males. The right smell does it. I wish all I had to do was wear the right perfume.' and 'I wish I wasn't me.' 'I wish I'd been on holiday when my brother drowned,' had me feeling desperately sorry for this girl.Wrongly t [...]

    7. Outstanding I really enjoyed this book from the first chapter and each chapter got better and better all the way through. I was surprised by Glorias fate, don't want to say too much I do not want to spoil it, I just had the impression she was going to be collecting more dolls on her travels, well that's where the twist and turns come I. It suddenly took on another direction unexpectedly. Not that it was a bad thing in fact the opposite to be honest, if it hadn't have taken another direction it c [...]

    8. AddictiveCouldn't put this book down, Gloria is twisted and menacing and I couldn't wait to find out if she got justice for what she'd done. Great read despite a few grammatical errors.

    9. The Doll Collection is a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of a woman murderer and sociopath, uncaught and clever enough to avoid any typical mystery slips or formats. The horror of her personality and the way she seemed to be a pitiable and industrious person was sporadically funny. Stephen-Ward, though, reveals Gloria's need to manipulate her housemate Maurice so that he doesn't dump her like the man she murdered, and while revealing her malice towards women. This is done skillfully during two-faced s [...]

    10. The Doll Collection is a well written thriller with the main character Gloria, a manipulative psychopath already skilled in the art of murder. When Maurice, a fairly shy and naive man, advertises for a lodger to help make the rent, he ends up with more than he bargained for when he starts sharing a house with Gloria. The book mainly follows the story of Gloria, Maurice, their neighbours and the scheming father and son who own the real estate agency that has been hounding Maurice for some time.Fo [...]

    11. This is a humdinger of a psycho-thriller that reminded me of "The Collector" by John Fowles and "The Moviegoer" by Walker Percy. The pure evil of the main character, Gloria, is never in doubt. With each person she kills, she adds another doll to the collection on her windowsill--hence the title. Reading this book is an exercise in mountin dread, as Gloria increasingly takes over the life of everyone she meets through her manipulative maneuvers. It's interesting that the polite British sense of d [...]

    12. I wish I could rate this 5 starsI wish I could rate this book five stars, and for the cleverness of the plotline I could. However, the poor spelling of simple words such as 'dining' (dinning) and terrible grammar throughout completely ruined the whole reading experience for me. I can't believe this book wasn't subjected to being proofread before being published and the irritation of this bleached any and all enjoyment I would have received from devouring an edited version of the book. A massive [...]

    13. “L-O-V-E. L . . . loathsome, O . . . obese, V . . . vicious or vile, vile is a more suitable word for her, I think, E . . . elephant? No, elephants are nice, egotist, no – evil. E equals evil.” – The Doll CollectionA gripping psychological thriller that had me wanting to warn the hapless Maurice at every turn about what he’d got himself into. Though Maurice is the protagonist in the story, the manipulating and conniving Gloria is the centre of attention, but then she wouldn’t have it [...]

    14. got this free on my kindle. It was ok. Since it was free I shouldn't complain. I did not like Gloria at all. Granted she didn't have the best life but a more hateful negative person you will never find. Had some sympathy for Maurice but he was very spinless.

    15. Very good! Loved it and can see Cathy Bates as Gloria if it was made into a film! A 77p kindle ebook.

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