Hoshin Engi Volume 1: Beginnings

Hoshin Engi Volume Beginnings When his clan is wiped out by a beautiful demon young Taikobo finds himself in charge of the mysterious Hoshin Project Its mission find all immortals living in the human world and seal them away fore

  • Title: Hoshin Engi Volume 1: Beginnings
  • Author: Ryū Fujisaki Tomo Kimura
  • ISBN: 9781421513621
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • When his clan is wiped out by a beautiful demon, young Taikobo finds himself in charge of the mysterious Hoshin Project Its mission find all immortals living in the human world and seal them away forever But who do you trust and whose side are you really on when you ve been trained to hunt demons by a demon.

    • ò Hoshin Engi Volume 1: Beginnings || ☆ PDF Read by ä Ryū Fujisaki Tomo Kimura
      293 Ryū Fujisaki Tomo Kimura
    • thumbnail Title: ò Hoshin Engi Volume 1: Beginnings || ☆ PDF Read by ä Ryū Fujisaki Tomo Kimura
      Posted by:Ryū Fujisaki Tomo Kimura
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    1 thought on “Hoshin Engi Volume 1: Beginnings”

    1. Awalnya ga niat ngoleksi komik ini tapi karena ada yang jual murah, 6K dengan kondisi kolpri, siapa yang tahan? Haha XDOke, masuk ke cerita. World buildingnya digambarkan dengan baik, dan cukup ribet. Saya sempet puyeng dan sempat beberapa kali maju mundur untuk melanjutkan membaca. Istilah-istilahnya banyak banget, untungnya ada catatan kaki yang sangat membantu.Untuk gambarnya, kalo pada masanya (terbit pertama kali tahun 96) termasuk bagus dan cukup proporsional. Cuma karena saya terbiasa mel [...]

    2. Unique artwork, interesting story line, total crack, and good characterization. The setting was in old Chinese period, the three kingdom period if my memory serves me right. This manga was the one that made me aware that there were three kingdoms stories. It was mixed with the evil fox story. Oh, even this was supposed to be old period story, there were robotic weapons here and there. Don't forget, this is shonen manga, expect fantasy and fuck logic. Oh, and the main source of crack here was the [...]

    3. I'm in the process of re-reading up to volume 9, since I have volumes 10-13 on order. If you've never read the original tale "The Creation of the Gods", one of China's most famous adventure novels, this would be a good simplified place to start. It has all the story of the Chinese novel, but told with a science-fantasy makeover!

    4. Saw the Anime first and liked the series. The Manga isn't *bad* but there starts to be too many characters to keep track of. I liked the Anime more as it was "refined" down.

    5. Rereading Houshin Engi for the first time in over fifteen (?) years, as I'm excited for the anime reboot coming next year! Alas, nostalgia! Rose-tinted glasses! This was not quite as good as I'd remembered back in high school.2.75 stars.While Taikoubou is easily one of the smartest protagonists in all of Weekly Shounen Jump (not a difficult task, really, being a magazine that tends to more tightly embrace the "stupid, but earnest" protagonist model), he's also one of the laziest. Unfortunately, [...]

    6. Another manga about Chinese classic literature. The anime is being rebooted and will be aired this fall. I had read this back then when I was still in middle school and one of those memorable title in my early years even though I can't really remember the detail, hence rereading.All I can remember is how CRUEL Daji/Daki/the fox demon was.

    7. Fengshen Yanyi als MangaDas Fengshen Yanyi ist ein chinesischer Roman aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, in dem es um den Untergang der Shang-Dynastie geht. Verführt durch den Fuchsgeist Daji wandelt sich König Zhou zu einem mordenden Tyrannen, der nur durch eine Koalition von Taoistenzauberern, Helden, Halbgöttern und anderen Wesen unter der Führung König Wus besiegt werden kann.Im Manga wurde die Geschichte auf Basis der japanischen Form dieses alten Romans nacherzählt; so wird aus König Zhou der [...]

    8. This is a manga I have always seen on store shelves but passed to read other more popular shonen titles growing up (Bleach, Naruto, etc). The story is based on the ancient Chinese epic Fengshen Yanyi, which falls in the same sphere of ancient Chinese epics as the popular Journey to the West (see Dragon Ball and Saiyuki). The world mixes a sort of science-fiction Chinese tinted steampunk in a fantasy world of youkai demons and Dao gods. I really enjoyed the character design. It's typical shonen d [...]

    9. Ignoring the art (I'm not much of a fan of it), I'm going to get right to the point of why I rated this book so low. I usually don't DNF books, but I just couldn't continue reading this. I was so bored, it took me a while to just read 50 pages, which usually takes me only a few minutes to read with mangas. I've only read 65 pages and I'm like, that's it. Maybe this picks up in the next few volumes or later on in this volume, but I don't want to waste my time reading a novel or a manga that I'm n [...]

    10. Here's a nice surprise: a manga adaptation of a classic Chinese fantasy epic. There's a lot to enjoy here for casual and hardcore manga fans. Kids looking to graduate beyond Dragon Ball Z will love this!

    11. Kind of a slow start. Lots of terminology to learn. Interested to see if series picks up since premise sounds good.

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