No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred During a playful talk about fantasies Caitlin s fianc offers to give her a threesome with his best friend Liam who s coming to spend the weekend At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain

  • Title: No Holds Barred
  • Author: Callie Croix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • During a playful talk about fantasies, Caitlin s fianc offers to give her a threesome with his best friend, Liam, who s coming to spend the weekend At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain the thought of sharing her with another man, but once he s planted the idea her imagination runs wild, leaving her deeply aroused yet still unsure about what the implicatioDuring a playful talk about fantasies, Caitlin s fianc offers to give her a threesome with his best friend, Liam, who s coming to spend the weekend At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain the thought of sharing her with another man, but once he s planted the idea her imagination runs wild, leaving her deeply aroused yet still unsure about what the implications could be for her and Nate s relationship.Nathan s watched Cait struggle to hide her attraction to Liam for years He knows she s nervous, but he also knows that by making her most intimate fantasies come true he can bring her to heights of pleasure she s only imagined, and strengthen their bond There s only one way to help her overcome her inhibitions by planning a night of ecstasy she ll never forget

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    1. ADULT BOOK = ADULT REVIEWFrom During a playful talk about fantasies, Caitlin's fiancé offers to give her a threesome with his best friend, Liam, who's coming to spend the weekend. At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain the thought of sharing her with another man, but once he's planted the idea her imagination runs wild, leaving her deeply aroused yet still unsure about what the implications could be for her and Nate's relationship.Nathan's watched Cait struggle to hide her attract [...]

    2. "It’s better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong than to agonize at length and be right too late."- by Marilyn Moats Kennedy –"Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open your heart."- Author unknown –3.5 stars.Caitlin is shocked when her fiancée reveals that he’d like to share her with another man, although she’s been fantasizing about it for quite some time. She doesn’t know if she should be more outraged or hurt when she hears his proposition, an [...]

    3. While having a discussion after dinner, Cait’s fiancé brings up the subject of a threesome. Nathan offers to give her one with no jealousy as long as he is involved and knows about it. This shocks and amazes Cait, but leaves her questioning his purpose. Struggling to understand why he would offer the threesome, she starts to question herself and the trust between them. But the thought is firmly lodged into her mind and she can’t help but fantasize about Liam, Nate’s best friend, being inv [...]

    4. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My reviews don’t contain spoilers.The set up for this book from the book summary is During a playful talk about fantasies, Caitlin's fiancé offers to give her a threesome—with his best friend, Liam, who's coming to spend the weekend. At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain the thought of sharing her with another man, but once he's planted the idea her imagination runs wild, leaving her deeply aroused—ye [...]

    5. Extremely hot. Lovely story with 2 virile alpha males that will make your toes curl. Nate is definitely my favourite :)Its a short book. About 56 pages so its a quick read. Definitely recommend it. It'll make you hot

    6. This was a deliciously short read, would have preferred a little more character depth though. The characters had a lot of potential and deserved more story time!****This book was provided to me as an ARC by Netgalley

    7. This book deserves a 4.2Hmmm I liked this one. I thought it was nice for an erotica and the concept was nice and the author definitely pulled it off. But I don’t know, I guess I don’t think the book was long enough to give it a major in depth review. So, I’m gonna give the book a quick review, that still gives you an idea about what the book was about and whether you should read it or not.No Holds Barred is about… A married couple happily living together, husband’s old friend comes to [...]

    8. Wish there was more of a story to it, but this was really good - There was nothing primal about this threesome - Cait and her fiancé Nathan were talking about a book Cait was reading - about a threesome. He told her that if she wanted to fulfill her fantasy and have one, he would be ok with it. Their closest friend Liam was coming into town for the weekend from overseas, and Cait knew that he would be the one Nathan felt safe enough to do this with. But Cait had her doubts. She felt the desire [...]

    9. Very short story. Seriously very short.First chapter starts off with hero and heroine talking about a previous conversation they had where the heroine said she'd like to have a threesome. Hero is all for it. Heroine, not so much. Worries that it'll change her relationship with her fiance when he tells her the 3rd person in their bed would be his best friend Liam because he doesn't trust anyone else but him to be able to pleasure her.Chapter 2 & 3 are spent with heroine avoiding both Nathan ( [...]

    10. My Review:Whoa, what an incredible erotic read. This very short novella is about an engaged couple, Nathan & Cait. Cait reads erotica featuring menage and Nathan really wants to fulfill this fantasy for her. The perfect opportunity arises when their mutual friend, Liam, comes to visit for the weekend before his assignment heading out to Afghanistan.Cait may be aroused by the idea, but she does NOT want them to have a menage. She worries about what it will do to their relationship. She feels [...]

    11. I wish I could say something poetic like: 'It was potent and erotic like dark chocolate'.It WAS emotional, and it WAS sexy.I did like it.It just never moved me.If you ask me to describe the book, I would say- nicely done, short and to the (erotic) point.But I felt like watching a funny commercial I liked the first time it was shown. You laugh a little to yourself, but mostly it is because you remember the first time and how much fun you had.Authors upon authors choose to write in this direction [...]

    12. 3.5 StarsWhat a hot little book this was! For being a short novel the story line and character development were surprising good. I would have much rather have had a longer story with more of a story line, but Ms. Croix did an excellent job of writing a short and hot erotic menage story. It seems to be prevalent in romance books lately (to me at least) that the guys are super hot, confident, strong willed, and have personalities that you can't help but love, while the women are usually whiny, ins [...]

    13. With short stories sometimes the road to sex doesn't always make sense, but with this story it is easy to see why it would happen so fast as it makes perfect sense.I loved that Nathan gave Cait an option that he thought she would enjoy but be too scared to do on her own and that the option included a person that she would feel safe with. When the action started to happen both guys gave her chance and chance to change her mind and back out if it truly wasn't something she wanted.I also loved the [...]

    14. A nice short erotic interaction between Caitlin, her husband Nathan, and Nate's best friend, Liam. I was surprised at how reluctant Cait was when Nathan approached the topic of a threesome. Even when things had started up with Liam, she still wasn't gung-ho. I was glad when she eventually gave in to the pleasure and realized that Nate really was OK with what they were doing. The sex was very hot, and I wouldn't mind a little reunion between the three once Liam finishes his job overseas.

    15. This was a very sensual, emotional erotic romance, not just sex. The high octane emotions are what made the love scenes, imo. I liked that Caitlin's fears of a menage were realistic and that she acted like a normal woman would when put in this situation. I also really liked the ending. I'm not a fan of menage situations that end unrealistically in a contemporary setting and I loved that there was no doubt that this was a one time thing!

    16. Posted on Talk Supe“I saw the book you’re reading, and if you ever wanted to try it, I’m okay with that, provided it’s some I’d trust with you.”No Holds Barred is an erotic fantasy brought to life when Nathan proposes to his fiancé the opportunity to make one of the fantasies she's been reading about which is to partake in a menage a trois with his best friend, Liam. Although she's shocked at the proposal and initially refuses the offer, Caitlin isn't able to totally dismiss the pro [...]

    17. The book started with pretty powerful words, a conversation between Caitlin and her fiancè Nathan, about his desire to share her with another man. Since before their relationship Nathan has been adventurous about his sex life Caitlin started to fear he was becaming bored. But on the contrary Nathan is every girls dream, ex-military, pays attention to Caitlin reads and because off that realised that deep down she has fantasies about a treesome, so because off that he decided to give a little hel [...]

    18. Caitlin is completely in love with her fiance, Nathan, and she is shocked when he offers to give her a threesome with him and his best friend. Sure, she likes reading dirty menage stories in her books, but has never considered trying one in her real life. Nathan and his friend Liam have shared women in the past, but Cait thought it was just that the past.Once Liam arrives for a visit from the military, Cait is a wreck. At first, she is fearful that Nathan is dissatisfied with their relationship. [...]

    19. No Holds Barred by Callie Croix* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Nathan loves Caitlin and wants to fulfill her ultimate fantasy and bring her pleasure beyond anything she has ever experienced. His best friend is spending the weekend with them and he is the perfect accomplice since the two of them have done this before. Now he just has to show Cait that it’s ok to want Liam and enjoy the experience without the guilt.Caitlin can’t believe that Nat [...]

    20. No Holds Barred by Callie Croix is a short and smutty story of Cait and Nathan, a lucky-and-in-love couple, who are hosting a good friend for a weekend. Cait can't seem to get the idea of a threesome out of her head after Nathan had brought it up in conversation. She's torn between her rational and erotic reactions, and she struggles to keep herself from daydreaming about what, exactly, a threesome wth their friend Liam would be like. Something I found myself enjoying about this short story was [...]

    21. What I learned:- That short can be very sexy! And by short I mean length that still isn't right. Let's go with the number of pages can be few and still be sexy!- That the expected doesn't always have to happen for the sexy times to still be sexy.- That I didn't really understand some of Nathan's rational, but overall it didn't detract from the story (except for a little bit at the end).- That I feel that this story should be part of a larger one. This feels more like one of those freebies that a [...]

    22. There were parts of this story I very much enjoyed, and parts I struggled with. Nathan thinks that his fiance Cait would enjoy a threesome with him and his best friend Liam. I appreciated the fact that, while Cait was turned on by the idea, she struggled with the reality of the possible event. Too many erotic romances have one character suggest a new sexual act and the other is completely in agreement, no hesitation. Cait recognizes the fact that a threesome is not an event to be taken lightly a [...]

    23. I was on a rollercoaster of emotions. I went back and forth from liking to disliking to liking again. I like Caitlin and Nathan and how much they seemed to love one another. Then it got to the point of bringing in Liam and I felt like they were forcing her to do something that she really didn't want to act on. I know that she fantasized about it, but that doesn't mean that she actually wanted to act on it. In the end I realized that this is something that she did want to experience she just was [...]

    24. While this was definitely HOT and STEAMY and (confession time!) I’d probably do the same with handsome military men, I didn’t connect to the characters. Maybe the story was too short . . . I don’t know, honestly. One part I didn’t care for was how Cait was cornered about the threesome. Yes, she thought about it. Hell, I probably would, too, if I had two fine men sitting in my living room, one I was married to. See, I’m already fantasizing. ANYWAY! The way Cait was portrayed as not bein [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book by Callie. I have read many books dealing with threesomes and this one gives you more than hot steamy sex. She adds emotion to it. I greatly appreciate that in the story. Every girl fantasizes about this topic but to see it through Cait's eyes was on point for me. I felt her panic, indecision, desire and acceptance. Questioning whether she could do something so intimate with a third person. I loved both Nate and Liam they were sexually dominate but tender with Cait. Na [...]

    26. Voto 3.5No Holds Barred è una lettura piacevole, piccante e molto leggera. Fin dal principio si sa dove la storia andrà a parare, eppure è stato bello leggere dei dubbi di Cait e delle sue sensazioni in merito al threesome. Callie Croix ha saputo dosare ogni ingrediente alla perfezione, creando un racconto né banale né volgare. Il sesso è piccante al punto giusto. Con Cait, Nate e Liam, ho fatto un bel viaggio caldo, che consiglio a chiunque abbia voglia di qualche ora priva di pretese e r [...]

    27. Short, hot read. Nathan loves his fiancé Cait and would do anything for her. He knows she has fantasized about a threesome and he wants to make it happen for her. He asks his buddy Liam to help make it happen. I loved the fact that Cait considered the consequences to all the relationships before giving into her lust. I liked her much better for it and I loved that it was instigator Nathan that ended up having to do the gut check.

    28. Good erotic read.There is a lot of trust in this story. The ménage was beautifully detailed. The emotion running through all the three of them were refreshing. This was about pleasure and fulfilling a fantasy, but still in the end Nathan and Cait still remained to be in a committed relation.

    29. Good storyI am hoping this book has a sequellol. Good but too short. At one point the characters got a bit confusededitor thinkd the female lead went yes no yes no yes no over deciding whether or not to fulfill her fantasy that it started feeling like a word quota rather than good character development. I look forward to seeing where this author goes. Great potential.

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