Momentum Today is the day my crush David will finally ask me to the Ball California teen Arizona Darley feels the buzz of an exciting day ahead as she rushes to Starbucks to meet David Her David But he s a n

  • Title: Momentum
  • Author: Imogen Rose
  • ISBN: 9780982800232
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Today is the day my crush, David, will finally ask me to the Ball California teen Arizona Darley feels the buzz of an exciting day ahead as she rushes to Starbucks to meet David Her David But he s a no show Crushed, Arizona leaves the coffee shop and walks straight into trouble Her life is turned upside down when she is thrown into the middle of yet another of Raj Today is the day my crush, David, will finally ask me to the Ball California teen Arizona Darley feels the buzz of an exciting day ahead as she rushes to Starbucks to meet David Her David But he s a no show Crushed, Arizona leaves the coffee shop and walks straight into trouble Her life is turned upside down when she is thrown into the middle of yet another of Raj s schemes Wanderers, Sigma W Pi, what is everyone talking about And what s up with Kellan This is the fourth book of the Portal Chronicles, a YA paranormal time travel fantasy Catch the start of Arizona s adventures in Book One, PORTAL.

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    1. OMG, there's a FOURTH??? *sigh* Can't wait!!! I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with these books :) Imogen Rose, U ROCK!!!update: FINISHED!!! A lot has gone on in the past year for Arizona Darley. She has been 'replaced' with herself from another dimension, got herself a hot new boy friend, found out all about paranormals, learned that she is royalty, been kidnaped more than once, and more. Her mother, Olivia, thinks that her dog was the trigger because it is a wanderer.Gertrude has been sent back and, co [...]

    2. Oh Imogen, what can I sayI was so excited about the fourth book coming out and couldn't wait to see how things were going to play out with Arizona/"A" and David/Kellan. I was really hoping that the two girls would get to meet and to escape together; there was so much they could have potentially done together and learned from each other. So, as you can imagine, I was kind of dissappointed that the last three books, which I have loved so much, lead up to this. It was short and, I'll be honest, I s [...]

    3. Each book of the Portal Chronicles has built on the prior book in two ways. First, the story world has gotten more complex. EQUILIBRIUM introduced the Wanderers (barely hinted at near the end of Portal). In Quantum, it was the introduction of the Sigmas. Both books added additional characters, each with their own agendas that influence the lives of the Arizonas (Darley and Stevens). Second, these changes complicate the life of Arizona (one, the other, or both) in some way. Complication equals co [...]

    4. As we continue Arizona's saga, Potomal is continuing the quest for the blueprints for the Portal. Raj is rebuffed at every turn, but is continuing with his attempts. As with the other Portal Chronicle books, it's full of excitement and mayhem. These are super books, and they are young adult, but this Granny LOVES them!

    5. Ah, the 4th book in a series. It is usually really good or really bad (like most book 2 offerings). This one was a little middling for me. Let me say that I absolutely adore Imogen Rose, I'm a big fan of her work and she makes sure I get a preview copy. She has an amazing ability to bring the people and places in her books into my own reality and I sometimes feel like I kinda of know them - if Arizona were to walk by me in the mall, it wouldn't phase me to stop and say hello.This book picks up w [...]

    6. This series has been taunting me for a while, ever since I bought it over a year ago. It sounded so interesting, but unfortunately, it didn't live up to it's hype at all. I did finish the entire series, which ended up being a huge waste of my time. I kept thinking it was going to get better, but sadly, it never did. The writing was unnatural and didn't flow well, especially in the dialogue, and I felt that there were a lot of missed opportunities in the storyline. I'm no writer, but if I were, t [...]

    7. What a wild ride! Raj has joined forces with a faction of Wanderers, led by Potomal, to gain a copy of the blueprints for the portal, thinking that with the help of some Wanderers his kidnapping ploy will be successful this time around. We learn so much more about the Wanderers in this book, I loved this.Stepford Arizona is back, the boys walk lightly around her because she has no memory of the past years events. Olivia is in a coma in this book, so nobody had to deal with her opinions for long. [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book a lot, as I did with the first three in the series. The thing that bothered me the most though was that the whole year of Arizona Stevens in California just vanished. A problem I have is that I keep thinking of all the Arizona's in the different dimensions as completely different people. They are in some ways, but they are all still Arizona I guess. It frustrates me that we pretty much have the "Barbie Arizona" as our main character in this book. I'm really hoping that our Ca [...]

    9. The real Arizona Darley is back and the real Arizona Steven is home, so where's Arizona Stevens-Darley? Momentum is the fourth and second to last book in the Portal Chronicles. It is the most action filled and confusing one yet. The pages just kept turning. I'm really falling in love with the characters, except Ella- she's an annoyance. Arizona D has surprised me throughout this book. She's tougher than I thought. All the characters are developing and growing from book to book. Ill be sad to fin [...]

    10. Typically, the sign of a good book is if you read it in three days. Momentum was not only a good book, but grabbed me from page one. Did it pass the 3 day test? More like the one day test! I could not put this book down! The story is action-packed and full of surprises. We get a new twist to the character of Arizona Darley. While I was at first nervous with the turn of events, I should not have worried. Imogen Rose allows readers to see a new side to the love story between Arizona and Kellan. Th [...]

    11. This book left me a little confused,I wish there was a little more about Arizona Stevens and A little less running from one place to the next.It was rushed,I feel.She is a kick arse author,and I KNOW it could've been what I expected from it.On a good note,it was a Great book regardless,and I love the series.This is time travelingme travel through dimensions as well,others require a portal.It has me very interested still,because I got to like Arizona Stevensarently there are TWO Arizonas.(said in [...]

    12. Happy and a little bummed all at the same time. For me, it kind of feels like there was no conclusion this last story. Ms. Rose usually ties up the story and then sets up the last few pages for the next book. With this one we never reached that point and there was so much still left un-said or un-done. Normally I am all about just going with the flow and seeing what happens, but I've been in love with this series from the get go and I am just so anxious. Not for the end, Lord knows I don't want [...]

    13. I really tried to finish this book but I just couldn't. The writing, which was not great through the whole series, just seemed worse in this one. I was finding it difficult to follow the story as there was a lot of jumping between dimensions and, to be honest, I'd finally had enough of Arizona. If I thought she'd be annoying when she was Arizona Stevens in her Darley life, as Arizona Darley, she was worse. Obviously as I didn't finish I can't comment on too much more. I just felt like this book [...]

    14. As always, this series has kept me wanting more and it looks like I may get my wish. I was thinking back in book 2 and 3 when i thought "what more could happen?", well, now I know. Part of me wishes that Arizona would have figured it out in this book what was going on between her and Kellan, but I guess she will get there sooner than later. I love the relationship that they have and I kept feeling so sad for Kellan that she didn't know where they stood. Imogen has created this world that is so c [...]

    15. So disappointed. I wanted a little more resolution at the end of this one than was there. If there are no plans for another book to resolve things, then this is a terrible book to end on. If there are plans for more, I seriously want some issues worked out and some answers in the next book, or I'm going to be too bored to continue. BLAH.

    16. Another great installment in the Portal series! I thought this would be the last one, but once again, it just ended leaving me wanting more so I'm assuming there's going to be more?!?! Of course I hope so and that's the feeling I got when I finished =) I'm a happy camper and I def reccomend this series!

    17. Hear we go again.Arizona and her family and friends are once again troubled by Raj Sen and his group who want the plans to the Portal. Raj has once again been able to gain some bargaining power when he has gotten Kellan in his clutches. Arizona's Dad has taken over the Sigma W organization has the new King , and has arranged a rescue mission to Kellan back.

    18. I like this series in general. this one was dragged a little bit once and a while, but overall I did like it. I didn't have high expectations of it because I thought it would be more of a filler book at this point in the series. however, it was better than I expected and had some key points that will make the next installment pretty good

    19. I had previously decided that after book three I would not continue to the fourth book but I read it anyways. It was similar to the rest of the books, and was predictable but I enjoyed it more than the third book.

    20. Although I enjoyed this book, I was a bit disapointed as the story line is almost a re-hash of the first book, just set a year later.That said I have enjoyed the series and if there a more to come I will, most likely, purchase and read.

    21. I liked it but it was not as good as the first three. It's getting a little too faity tale for me, but I am still super excited for the next book to come out early next year.

    22. Yes, I definitively love this serie. I was a little sad for Kellan all along in the book. I can't wait to read the fifth book to see that love come back, at least I hope.

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